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In need of comfort

For over a year things had been slowing down in our sex life. My wife Ann is a good looking red head with nice firm 38D cup boobs and slender hips.  After living in the city we decided to move to her hometown and although we made new friends quickly, things in the sex department were just in the basic flirting stages, as most were cousins or she knew them when growing up. Ann knew a few of the guys wanted to fuck her but they were hesitant because of me, and there was no way they were going to try anything in the open as the group all knew each other. There was the odd occasion though, when after a few drinks at a party one or two of the guys would get the courage up enough to grab a feel of her tits (she never wore a bra) rub her ass or rub their cocks against her while dancing, but for some strange reason most of the guys felt they could only fuck another man’s woman if her hubby was fucking their wife, which they would never allow.

About three months after we moved in I noticed Dave coming around the house more often, he would drop by on the excuse of wanting to chat or drop something off. It was during these visits he and the wife began flirting in front of me, he would often rub her ass and feel her tits but it went no further, as his wife was a bit of a prude and she was Ann’s cousin after all. He never did attempt to take it further, he would just carry on by grabbing her around the waist, I would encourage him by telling him to feel how nice her tits were, and she would jokingly tell him to stop while rubbing her bum into his crouch. These games progressed to him rubbing her crouch and when she wore a skirt or dress he would lift the back up and slide his hand to her panty cover cunt or around the front of her body and cup her breast while I sat there and told him how nice she is to fuck. But he never did take it further than this, in front of me, that is.

It was not until Mo’s wife died about 3 years after we move to the town that things changed. He was much older than both of us, I would say he was around 67 or 68 and he had just lost his second wife. We would often drop in to visit him and my wife had said how lonely it must be for him, he had told her how things had changed so much for him especially his sex life. It was on one of our visits that she got up and gave him a hug and I noticed his hand drop to her bum as he gave it a good squeeze, then as they parted I could see a massive bulge in the front of his paints, later as we walked home she told me how she could feel his dick against her leg as they hugged and how big if felt.  She said it was well known around town that Mo had a large dick she said her girl friends told her that when he was a teenager the girls would line up to go out with him, she had heard this also from her older brother, he said the guys all call him donkey dick. When I asked around I was told that in fact his dick was the biggest around and it was at least 10″ soft so it was no surprise to me when she asked when we talked about it later, if I minded, if she let him fuck her as she needed to feel a big cock deep inside her again. We discussed how we would go about it and decided to visit him and bring up the subject again and tell him how she felt.

The next evening while Ann got ready to drop in and see him I suggested she wear her cotton dress that buttons in the front and not to bother wearing panties. We had a few glasses of wine before leaving at around 9:30 and headed out to Mos’ place. When we entered he hugged her and this time he put his hand on her ass and gave it good squeeze rubbing it in front of me, it must have been at this point he noticed she was not wearing any underwear as he just smiled then got some glasses and a bottle of whiskey out of the cupboard and poured us each a drink, a large one for Ann and two small ones for each of us then after a few more drinks Ann excused herself saying she needed to go for a pee. Mo’s place was a small bungalow with a washroom and bedroom off the main living area. When she returned we both noticed that she had left a few buttons undone on the dress, exposing her tits when she bent over, every few min she would bend forward facing Mo and holding on to his arm she would bend forward and laugh letting him look down her top to give him a show of her tits.

It was Ann that brought up the subject explaining how we felt about him having needs and how she would like to help if he was OK with it, and that she would let him fuck her. On hearing this, he looked at me in disbelief. I said I was OK with it, then I told Ann to let Mo see it was OK with us. Going over she bent down so he could see down the front of her dress and gave him a kiss, at this he slid his hand up under the hem at the back of her dress and felt her bum, later she told me it that he was actually running his finger over her cunt lips. When they parted he said, I don’t believe this but, if it’s OK with you, then he would be more than happy to service her but not in front of you. I said OK, and we had a few more drinks with her sitting on his knee.

Sitting there, she undid the top buttons on her dress down to her waist and he began sliding the dress open, then he cupped and rubbed her tits, and began squeezing them roughly, he pinched her nipples while looking directly at me and saying how nice they were, when I did not say anything he undid the remaining buttons on her dress, moved his hand down from her tits sliding one between her legs and began rubbing her fiery red bush, she in turn opened her legs wider so I could watch as he first slid one finger and then a second finger into her cunt. After about five min both of them got up ignoring me and went into his bedroom closing the door, leaving me sitting at the table. About half an hour of listing to her moans and his grunts I left and walked home by myself.

At about 3:30 Ann came home removed her dress and climbed into bed waking me up to tell me how good he had felt and how big his dick was, and how must have been at least 14 inches long and about as thick around as a bear bottle. She told me get down and to lick her out and taste what a real mans cum was like. She said how it was so long since she had felt so full as I lay there licking his cum out of her, and how he wanted to fuck her every night from now on. She said his dick was so big she could only take it with her on top so she had control of how deep it would go, then she said she would no longer be letting me have sex with her as she had t save herself for Mo and that I had to fix up the spare room downstairs for his visits.

It was three weeks later when she told me she was going to get ready for his first visit to our house and they would be fucking in the new room I had renovated for them, then she said I should go run her a bubble bath for her, as she wanted to be nice and clean for him when he fucked her, getting out of the bath she walked naked into the room and put on her makeup, the long silk nightgown, and matching silk dressing robe that I bought her for our honeymoon. I was told to entertain Mo and get him a drinks when he arrived. God, did she look gorgeous when she came out of the room. Ann went to take her place on his knee as he slid his hand up under the hem of her outfit and lifting them at the back he began rubbing her naked bum before he let her sit down.

He was fondling her tits as he told me to get their drinks, and about an hour later he said he was taking her down stairs to fuck her in my house. Lifting her off his knee he got up, slid her dressing robe and nightgown off her shoulders letting them fall to the floor. He then took her hand and they went down to the bedroom telling me to stay upstairs. While they were downstairs unbeknownst to them, I stripped off my cloths, went out the back door around to the front of the house and watched through the downstairs bedroom window as Ann moved herself over Mo’s massive dick and slid slowly down onto it. I watched for about 30 minutes as she slowly rode his cock all the time playing with myself ,  after shooting my load I wen back inside and then to bed, It was well after 3:30 when he left the house, after satisfying him and herself she came into the room and getting into the bed she opened her legs straddling my face she dropped down and told me he was done for the night and to clean her up. After licking and swallowing his cum from her cunt she removed herself and went to the downstairs room to sleep.

I’m 19 and love to write about my fantasies and the things I get up to. I have really just started writing and hope someday to publish a book. At this time am not sure what it will be about but I think it would be a fun thing to do. I hope you like my stories and drop me a e-mail if you want. I think it would be cool to hear from anyone who reads my stories.

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