Summer Of Cougars Part Two

After spending that evening with Judy she explained the club she was in. To the outside world it was just a social club for friends. They did yoga, or went out to a club or just stayed in, drank wine and bragged about their young lovers.
She said that membership was by invite only. There were three pre-requisites that had to be met before you could be invited. You had to be over forty years old. You have to be close friends with one member of the group and lastly you have to have had at least two lovers under the age of twenty-five since turning forty. Judy said she was invited after having sex with two of her daughters boyfriends. There were only five members in the group.
She kissed me and told me that she would tell all the other members of the group about me and I would not want for sex this summer.
As luck would have it I was working for a landscape company that had the contract for many of the biggest homes in the town. I was usually left to myself doing gardening and lawn trimmings and shrub cutting that sort of thing. It just so happened that I was assigned to do three days of pruning and shaping at the home of Camilla. Camilla was the person who had invited Judy into the group, and its oldest member. She was sixty-five and a retired University Professor. She was married to a local judge and they lived very well. She was the first one Judy told about me.
The first day I was there nothing much happened, as she said in a brief, flirty email, her husband was leaving the next day for a three day trip and we would be able to play then.
But the first day I noticed her in an upstairs bedroom watching me as I sat under a tree and had my lunch. She undid the blouse she wore and pulled her bra down, bit her lower lip and rubbed her nipple as I watched.
I smiled back and pulled my semi hard dick out and began jerking it as we watched each other play with ourselves. She was a very thin woman, tall, modest breasts but still well shaped. Her hair was short, silver and highlighted her long thin face and grey-green eyes. She could easily be mistaken for fifty or younger. A life of luxury had helped her keep her looks.
Suddenly she flinched and quickly redressed and walked away from the window. I tucked myself back in and finished my lunch. I saw her husband come to the window and look out and down at me. He must be pushing seventy, balding, belly hanging out, thick glasses.
After lunch he came out and sat by the pool which was surrounded by a huge stone patio with a short stone wall all around it and began reading the paper as he drank what was probably very expensive liquor. Camilla came out about a half hour later dressed in tights, an off the shoulder sweatshirt and an expose sports bra strap. She rolled out a yoga mat and began a forty-five minute routine. Making sure her ass was pointed to me for most of it.
I just smiled and waited for the next day.
When it came, I watched as his silver Mercedes pulled out of the driveway about ten in the morning. I could see the sky becoming cloudy. I thought it would be a good excuse if it rained as to why I was behind in my landscaping duties after spending an afternoon fucking Camilla.
Shortly after Camilla came out on the stone patio and went through her yoga routine again. This time she was clearly wearing no panties. The bra was still there though.
I kept working where I could watch this limber cougar bend and stretch. My dick was getting hard just thinking about tapping that hot mature ass. She was beginning to wrap up her routine and rolling up her mat as I came up to the stone fence and began preparing to do some work on the planter in front of it. I wanted her to make the first move.
I began by kneeling by the pot and preparing to open a bag of soil when I looked up and saw her standing at the railing drinking a bottle of water and wiping her neck with a towel.
“So you are Judy’s friend?”
I stood up and looked up at her. “Yes, I am.” I dropped the bag of dirt. “What can I do for you?”
She downed the rest of her water and left the empty bottle on the rail.
“Come up here,” she ordered. It was a clear she was going to be in control of this tryst. It was fine with me, I take orders well.
“Follow me!” she barked. I did as I was told. She led me over to the pool and walked up onto the diving board. She stripped off her tights and tossed them on the ground. She had a nice little ribbon of pubic hair right where it was sexiest and a nice muscular ass. She then pulled her top off exposing the black and pink bra, which came off as quickly and she stood there hands on her hips and let me take in her statuesque beauty.
“You like my body?” She smiled and let her arms drop to her sides. “does it excite you?”
“Very much.”
“Good,” she dove into the pool and floated on her back as I stood watching, waiting for my orders so to speak.
“Come closer young man,” She drifted on the water, the sun reflecting and shining off her wet skin and hair. I stood at the edge of the pool. “Take off your clothes and come for a swim, you must be in need of cleaning off after a morning in the sun working so hard. She back stroked to the other edge of the pool. I pulled off my boots and stripped out of all my sweaty clothes and jumped into the pool. As I came up for air she was climbing out. She stood with water dripping off her naked body watching me as I swam towards her.
“Stop!” she yelled. “ I want you to do ten laps, end to end. Make sure your nice and cooled off.”
The pool was quite warm but refreshing as I did ten ends in the big pool. By the time I was done She sat at the edge with her feet in the water. She motioned me over with a finger. I smiled and swam over.
“I hope you’re ready to please.” she said coldly. I just smiled and asked where I should start. She leaned back on her hands and spread her legs.
“Start eating, boy.” I began licking her pussy hard and deep as I grabbed her breasts. They were much more firm than I expected, clearly they were fake. Her twat was small and I easily put my whole mouth over it and let my tongue probe deep into her sex. She slid off her elbows and was flat on her back, her feet still in the water as I sucked on her clit. She was not like any woman I had been with before, she did not swear, she did not use slang. Her years in the education system were evident. She even seemed to climax with refinement.
After one quiet, but large wimpering orgasm I put her heels up on the edge and spread them as wide as they would go and her arms fell out straight at her sides. She pushed with her heels into my face as I went back at eating her pussy. This time hard and rough until she squirted into my throat.
After orgasm number two she put both feet against my shoulders and pushed me back.
“Get out of the pool and go sit on the big lounger,” she directed me out of the pool and to a large two person lounge chair. She could not take her eyes off my full erection sticking out in front of me.
“It is so nice to be with a gentleman whom does not need a little pill to have an erection for me,” she said matter of factly. “Sit right in the middle of the chair, lean back,” she pointed to where she wanted me. She then knelt over top of me and lowered herself on me, pressing her palms into my shoulders as she began a classic back and forth hip movement, letting the feel of my dick inside flood her with pleasure.
“Tell me Missus Landry, are those breasts real?” I gave them a good solid squeeze. She smiled and started quickening her pace.
“No, they are not.” She leaned back putting one hand behind her between my legs, the other holding on to the back of my neck. She arched her back and threw her head back.
“Not at all,” I clasped my hands behind her back and pulled her hard when she thrust down on my dick, she came for a third time. This time I followed her, sending surge after surge of come deep into her tight, soaking wet pussy.
We both jumped into the pool to get cooled off again and clean up. After a few minutes it began to rain. Instead of us getting out of the pool we stayed in. I pushed her up against the wall of the pool where the jet was, making sure it was blasting away at her from the front as I spread her legs and stuck my re-hardened dick into her. Squeezing her tits from behind I banged her to another orgasm with the help of the jets. Then for a second time I filled her with come as the rain cooled the water in the pool.
At five o clock I packed up my tools and went home. We did it all again the next day, and the next. After that her husband returned. I finished up the yard and went on my way.
The next time I saw Judy she told me Camilla had bragged in explicit detail about how I fucked her by the pool.

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