Mom’s Tan Lines

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Since I’m new to this site, I think it best to post a little background info . My Dad died suddenly when I was younger and my Mom and I had to make a huge adjustment in our lives. Dad was heavily in debt as his business had been failing for several years.  The bottom line is my Mom had to sell the house with the pool in the suburbs and we moved into a small 2 bedroom apartment in town. My Mom was forced to get a job after being out of the workforce for 20 plus years. I worked part time and continued my education.

On Memorial Day weekend Mom and I were invited to the company picnic with her friend Sharon. Mom and Sharon sat around the pool soaking up the sun (not to mention more than several rum and cokes). Like so many people on holidays, Mom wound up overdoing it with the sun and the liquor.  All day I had been checking out Sharon and Mom’s boobs as they were lying on their stomach with their tops undone. It seemed the more they drank the more boobs got exposed. This was the first time I could remember seeing My Mom’s nipple and it was a strange turn on for me!

When we got home that night, Mom was the first in the shower.  I had to fight the desire to open the door in hopes of seeing her nude. After her shower, she actually called me into the bathroom. Mom was sitting on the edge of the tub with a towel wrapped loosely around her.

“I think I got way too much sun today,” she said with her eyes about half closed.  “Be a sweetheart and run some lotion on my back and shoulders,” she asked.

“Sure Mom, not a problem,” I answered with a lump in my throat.

As I rubbed lotion on her neck and back, she lowered the towel a little. As I continued to rub, the towel fell even lower. I took a peak over Mom’s shoulder and her eyes were closed and I could see her breasts and both nipples peaking out from the loose towel.  The sight of her milky white boobs and her now suntanned neck and shoulders was a real turn-on.  I could feel a stirring in my shorts and I couldn’t believe this was happening. I began to rub her shoulders and the top of her neck and chest. The more I rubbed, the better it got. I lowered my hands and actually touched her nipple several times with the tip of my finger.  Mom moaned softly and shrugged her shoulders at which point she looked down and saw that the towel was down almost to her belly button and her nipples were hard.

“Oh Ronnie, I thinks that enough,” she whispered as she pulled the towel up and giggled! Mom gathered up her clothes and walked out. I couldn’t wait to get my shower and I enjoyed a glorious hot soapy orgasm as I stroked my hard cock thinking of my Mom’s boobs.

Sharing that tiny apartment with my Mom over the next few years was incredible!


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