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Christiane and the Beach Balls

A few years back I decided to spend my vacation in Fort Lauderdale; well actually some miles south of that city. It was there that I met Mark, a guy that had everything. He was handsome, intelligent and witty. We hit it off right away, and hit the sack together soon after. Fucking became the plan of the day with us.

One day we decided to go fuck on the beach. You heard right. We didn’t decide to go swimming, or looking for shells, or play skim the rock off of a wave. We just had the overwhelming desire to spread our juices all over some sand. Taking just a bottle of wine and a blanket we hiked to a section of beach that was quiet and empty. We sat for a few minutes and sucked some wine from the bottle until we felt relaxed and spacey. Then we pulled of our swimming suits, and attacked each other.

We grabbed each other, and decided to see who could topple whom onto the blanket first. We were tight against each other, actually wrestling a bit, when a sudden attack on my asshole by his right middle finger caught me off guard, and gave him the opportunity to push me over. He was right on top of me, of course, and we rolled together on and then off the blanket. I’ve got to admit that I love strong arms around me, and I also love physical horseplay. We grunted like professional wrestlers. My aim was to get a hand on his cock, and distract him somewhat. Well his dick had certainly gotten big enough, and I managed to get some fingers around it, and squeeze as hard as I could.
“I give up,” he shrieked, and we both rolled apart laughing. What a wonderful way to spend a day, two nude people on a beach with all afternoon to play with each other’s bodies.
“Be a doggie,” I commanded, and Mark got down on all fours on the blanket. I’m telling you that seeing a guy in doggie position with a big cock sticking out horizontally is a maximum turn on. He wiggled to and fro, making his dick shake around, and that really made my juices flow. I lay down and scooted up between his thighs. A rigid, bobbling prick was a few inches above me, and two jostling balls were even closer to my face. If you haven’t tried this view of the world, I highly recommend it. I knew that I wanted to suck on some part of his sexual apparatus, but where should I start. Being sort of a laid back, lazy gal, I decided to send my mouth to the closest part of his anatomy.

“Squat a bit, Rover,” I commanded, and doggie responded immediately, lowering his dangling jewels to the point where I could slurp them up. Ah this is what I will hereafter think of when someone mentions beach balls. I feel sorry for straight guys, because they don’t know what a joy it is to have a set of balls to lick. The heat made them really dangle, and I got as much of them in my mouth as I could. My tongue gently pushed them around in my mouth, savoring their warmth and salty taste. Mind you my hands were not idle. They had been issued marching orders to examine any orifices they might find. It didn’t take long for them to find a very small opening not six inches away from the sucked on balls. One finger assumed the point position, and tentatively searched the rim around the opening. I could tell that doggie was getting excited as he began issuing those little pants and grunts that we humans make when we are in heat.

Deciding there were no enemies in the cave, one of my fingers entered the anal kingdom. Nice and warm in here, came back word from within. I was blissfully happy just sucking and fingering. My own sex factory was really beginning to churn though, and my pleasure patch was beginning to clamor for attention. Realizing that one hand was still idle, I sent it south to the forbidden triangle. It feels so much alike having one finger in an asshole, and one in a pussy that the sensations tend to blend.

Suddenly doggie pulled away.
“I want some of you,” he grunted, and he did an about face upside down flip that ended with him making a precision facial landing on my twat. Indeed I had only an instant to remove my finger from my fun zone, before his mouth encompassed it. Well, of course his amusement park was still above my face, but now facing the other direction. My mouth went back to balls, and my fingers to asshole. My idle left hand went up to his now drooling cock and encircled it. Push-pull; push-pull. Guys really have a nice toy to play with. I certainly love playing with them; I can really get off on the thought that my stroking is radically increasing his sexual excitement.

Mark was mouthing the area around my pussy. He would suck in parts of my crotch and pubes, and tug at them. A hand was around my right butt cheek, and was lightly rubbing the flesh between my puss and my asshole. That’s a really sexually sensitive area for me, and I began to twist with pleasure as he worked me over. Meanwhile I moved under him so that my mouth was under his penile drool. How smoothly the unbroken strand of precum fell into my mouth. I squeezed and pulled his cock to bring more precum out of his piss hole. More of the sweet liquid descended into my gaping mouth, and settled on my tongue. Mark’s ass was clenching as he began to hump my hand. His balls were moving too much for me to keep in my mouth so I turned all of my attention to his hand humping. I spit in my hand and then put it back loosely around his cock. I wanted my hand to feel like he had his cock deep into a woman’s sex hole. His leg muscles and butt muscles clenched more as he humped. One of my fingers was deeply into his ass, and I could feel his anus clamping down on it is he fucked away.

He could feel that his fucking of my hand was bringing him close to orgasm, so he suddenly knelt upright, and then stood. I knew what he wanted. I stood, and then bent way over with my hands on my knees. He knelt behind me and started to kiss my crotch, moving his mouth slowly up to my asshole. One of my hands left my knee and its fingers moved to my treasure trove, and I stroked as he licked and sucked. I really like to play with myself; I jill at least once a day, and so I love it when I can rub my clit with someone else sexing me at the same time. I then decided that I was going to bring myself off while he was rimming me. I wouldn’t tell him though. I rubbed my nice warm puss until it was so excited that I couldn’t stand the tension. Mark’s tongue was now buried in my ass, and the feel of it started heat waves flowing throughout my body. I’m going to have a silent orgasm I thought. The pure sex in me flowed beyond the point of no return. I felt my lower body convulse inside, and I stifled the reflex to cry out. I turned all of the outward bound energy back into me, and found that I was now even more turned on.

“Fuck me, Mark,” I pleaded. Within seconds I was spread-eagled on the ground with Mark’s smooth, athletic body planted on top of me. “Fuck my body, Mark,” I yelled, and then we started one of our favorite sex plays. I spread my arms and legs as far out as they would go, and held my body rigid. I was a female body, and he was fucking it. My only motion was to wiggle my pubic area to stimulate his cock. He leaned over me, and started driving his cock in as hard as he could. My role was to make loud grunts each time that he bottomed out into my pussy pit. “Ugh, Ugh, Ugh,” I went as he fucked Christiane’s prostrate body. I saw the sexual feeling fill his face as his eyes glazed over and he totally lost himself fucking me. My “ugh”s became more passionate as he beat his way into me. Finally he arrived at the point of release, and withdrew, moving up to my tits where he blew a powerful white load onto my breasts and face. My hands were rapidly stroking my pussy again as I brought myself off for the second time while licking the cum that had settled on my lips. He then used his hands to spread the cum all over my titties and face.

About this time we noted a buzzing sound and looked up to see three small airplanes nearing us. One plane was leading the other two by about a half of a mile. Mark leapt to his feet still alive with sensual pleasure and trotted down the beach, his still hard prick waving back and forth. He got in the path of the lead plane, and waved his arms at it yelling “I’ve been fucking on the beach, and loving every …”. I don’t know how the sentence was going to end because the marijuana bale dropped from the plane crushed him before he could finish it.

All in all a day with its high points and low points, but most of it brings back fond memories.

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