Ida Gets Wet – Part Two

Ida Gets Wet – Part 2

As they pulled out of the parking spot, Ida asked Art, “Did you get pictures of me talking to the truckers?”

“Yep,” said Art, “I used the steering wheel to steady the camera and zoomed way in. I could see how hard your nipples were. What were y’all doing when you just stood there and none of you were talking?”

“I was actually lost in thought, wondering what you were thinking,” said Ida, “and imagining your erection dripping. Then I was musing that I’d never known that truckers could be so polite and nice. Did I stay that way for long?”

“Long enough that they were looking at each other wondering what you were doing, and then back at you again… I guess 30 seconds or so. I was amazed that you stayed.”

“Wow, I really gave them a good look,” said Ida.

“But nothing like what I expect they’ll see when we catch up to them,” laughed Art.

As they pulled onto the ramp, Art said, “That took care of my fantasy. Now it’s time for yours.” Ida knew what he was talking about. For a long time she had been having what’s called “sexsleep.” It was akin to sleepwalking, but Ida masturbated in her sleep and didn’t wake up when she came. When Art first told her about it, she was disbelieving, but after she looked it up on the web, and found out it was real, she started thinking, “Well maybe I did…my legs and butt muscles are sore sometimes in the mornings.” Art told her that as she came, she would cry out things like “He can see me!” and “They’re watching me.” He knew that masturbating for truckers was a long held fantasy for Ida, though she had yet to act it out. Until today.

As Brent and Jake walked to their truck, they discussed what had happened. “Damn, that was hot,” said Brent, “and she just stood there letting us watch her.”

“She must have been super aroused by stopping to talk to us. I could smell her,” said Jake, “and I caught her staring at my stiffy.”

“Yeah, I smelled her too,”  said Brent, “and did you catch that she had a little drip of juice running down her leg? God, that was sexy.”

“Yeah, well she wasn’t the only one dripping,” answered Jake as they climbed back into the rig. It was Jake’s turn to drive. As he cranked the truck, he said, “I’m gonna go slow and hope they catch up. Maybe from the car, she’d be brave enough to show us a little more.”

As they were catching up to the Atlas truck, Art thought a minute. “Ida, would you get my bed pillow from the back seat and put it under you? It would raise you up so they could see better. I know it’s not really comfortable to do it for long, but I’m guessing you won’t take long. Besides, you’ve already soaked that other pillowcase.” The spot on the pillowcase had indeed grown to almost 4 inches around and was bugging her. It felt wet and cold with the AC blowing. So Ida agreed, even though it would put pressure on the backs of her thighs.

“Well, if I’m gonna do it at all, they might as well have the best view I can give them,” she said.
When Art and Ida flashed truckers, they often teased just a bit by passing slowly with her legs on the dash, but her muff mostly covered. They would then gradually show more and more if the driver were interested. This time though, Ida was aching to come. And she already knew they would be interested. She said, “I’m going to start out laying back with my legs spread. After they get a nice look at my twat, I’ll start rubbing.”
Art could see the Atlas truck up ahead. He slowed for a moment to let a couple of faster cars in the left lane clear through. But luckily, Ida had chosen well. The rural area they were in was light with traffic, as it was a weekday, so as they approached the truck, the rearview was empty. His plan was to hang back letting the driver look at Ida in his mirror first before pacing next to the cab.
As they neared the range of Jake’s side mirror, Ida laid her seat back and spread her legs wide. The pillow under her ass made her hips and pussy thrust upward lewdly. Often Ida couldn’t smell herself, even when Art could, but she realized that now, even she could strongly smell her scent of arousal in the car. She saw that Jake had his window down and she was glad. She wanted to watch his face as he looked at her. She hadn’t told Art about seeing his erection, but she would later. She also noticed a huge side window on the sleeper. “I hope Brent’s up there watching as well,” she thought. Their polite words and actions made her want them to be the ones to fulfill her fantasy.
Jake saw their car in the mirror as it approached the rear of the trailer. He said “Brent, hop up in the sleeper, I think she’s showing.” Brent moved up quickly and opened the side window. Jake’s last rig had a sleeper that always felt stuffy, so he had paid extra for an oversize window that had a slider.

“Yeah, she’s showing,” said Jake excitedly, as Ida came into view. “Her lips are huge! Damn, what a woman!”He heard the sound of Brent’s zipper and knew his buddy would be wanking. Jake wouldn’t join in while driving. He was afraid of losing control of the rig. He hoped his turn would come later. All the same he unzipped his shorts and pulled himself free. He was already leaking again.
Even lying down, Ida could see the grin on Jake’s face in the mirror as he hungrily looked at her. As wet as she was, that look made her even wetter. She could feel her juices running down into her “pucker” as Art called her little bunghole. After a staying at mirror view for moment, Art pulled up even with the cab. He held the car steady and got as far right in his lane as he could. He was not joining Ida, so he could pay attention to the lane and his driving. When they flashed, he was always aware of keeping control of the vehicle. He knew from experience that if he just kept his speed steady, the truckers would adjust however they needed.
As they pulled up next to the cab, Ida looked up. She could see Jake’s huge grin, but it took her a moment looking back into the oversized window to realize that Brent was in the sleeper on his knees with his hand around his cock, watching her and pumping slowly. That’s all the inspiration she needed (if she needed any at all). Her right hand was on her right thigh and she let it creep up slowly toward her twat. She watched for their reaction. Jake nodded furiously, and Brent leaned forward to show her his hard-on. He saw what Jake meant about Ida’s pussy lips being huge and swollen. His own wife had small lips, so he wasn’t use to seeing this in person.

Ida’s hand reached it’s destination. She touched her dripping slit, and gathered juices on her fingers. Glancing back up at the truckers, she gently rubbed herself, staying away from her swollen clit. She didn’t know how long she’d be able to tease herself before she came. As she looked up at Brent, she could see he was now very swollen and hard, and he had sped his hand up. She started to match his timing with her own hand, glancing back and forth from one driver to the other. She fought to keep her eyes open, wanting to see their reactions. Then it hit her, just what she was doing: She was masturbating for two strange men.
At that point, Ida’s body just took over. It was as if someone else’s hand was moving on her, and she wondered at the sensation briefly, before she felt the deepest urge she had ever experienced. From way within her a storm was building. She tried her best to just let it take her (not that she had much of a choice). Her fingers got closer and as she rubbed around and over her clit, her hips started coming up off the pillow. She glanced again at the truckers, and began to moan and tremble. Jake’s mouth was hanging slack, and his eyes were smoldering. When she looked back at Brent, she saw him begin to spurt, some of it coming right out the window. That did it.
“Oh God, I’m letting them watch me come,” screamed Ida, as she entered the delicious throes of the most memorable orgasm of her life. It seemed to go on, and on, and her groans were so loud that Art thought he might come without touching himself. She was not usually a groaner, except in those dreams, but never this loudly. Ida caught her breath, closed her eyes, and kept rubbing. Number two followed quickly, and as she went for her third, she looked back up at the truckers. Jake gave her a thumbs up and blasted his horn. Ida and Art grinned broadly. She couldn’t see Brent, and she thought he must be cleaning up. Looking straight into Jake’s eyes, and groaning loudly, Ida had her third orgasm. She could see in his eyes just how excited she had made him. For the first time, she felt in every cell of her body the exchange of sexual energy between exhibitionist and voyeur. She wanted Jake to watch and he wanted to see her come. She wondered at the synergy of it all. Suddenly, she realized with more than a touch of guilt that she was forgetting about her husband.
Art was ready to burst, but he had done a great job keeping the car steady. His erection was sticking straight up out the large leg hole of his cotton knit shorts, with the crotch pulled to one side. Ida asked if he wanted her to suck him off. Like he’d say no, she laughed to herself. She unbuckled and got on her knees, leaned over and gently put him in her mouth, aware that the truckers would be looking at her ass and her upturned twat, since the undershirt had ridden up her backside. “Like a wild female animal presenting“, she laughed to herself. She spread her knees a little to steady herself, wondering about the trucker’s view of her dripping pussy and engorged clit.
Art couldn’t take her soft mouth around him for long, but he wanted to stretch it out. He asked Ida to stay where she was, but take him out of her mouth for just a moment. Her hand was around the base of his cock and she squeezed him gently. His right hand drifted over her ass and he dipped into the wettest pussy he’d ever felt. He sawed his first two fingers in and out gently, amazed at her arousal.

Art pulled his fingers out of her twat. Ida had her left ear against his belly and his hard cock was against her right cheek. Idly at first, he teased her “pucker”. His fingers were wet and slippery and so was her pucker. He put the tip of his first finger against it. Ida totally surprised Art and herself, as she groaned and pushed back against his finger. As it easily went into her nether hole, she mewed “Oh God, Art, that feels great”. She started groaning and pumping  against his finger, amazing herself. Ida had never had anal sex, and didn’t think she ever would like it. Art had occasionally put his finger in her ass while making love, and it never did much for her, though just the idea of it drove him crazy and usually made him come.
Art was in disbelief at Ida’s reaction. Before he could even warn her, he exploded onto Ida’s face, The first huge spurt when way up in the air, and landed on her forehead and hairline. Most of the rest went on her right temple and cheek. And a lot landed in her hair. She even felt some dripping off her right ear. Excited by the force of his orgasm, and her own bold anal stimulation, Ida suddenly wanted to come again. As Art removed his finger and patted her butt, she told him “Maybe I’ll change my mind one day about anal.” “ Yeah, I guess maybe before, you weren’t turned on enough” said Art.
Ida spun around and got back on the pillow. She offered the box of tissues to him, but Art wasn’t worried about cleaning up just now. Besides, most of his come was on Ida’s sweet face. As Ida grinned up at the truckers, she was surprised to see that Brent was now driving. She could see Jake clearly in the sleeper, cock in hand, as the sun was now shining in on him. He was very thick, but not as long as Art.  Art said, “Ida, I brought your vibe, it’s in the glove box.” She had never used the vibe in the car or in front of anyone but Art. “Another hurdle” she thought as she twisted it on.
Jake told Brent, “We’re the luckiest truckers to ever drive. She wants us to watch her make herself come again, this time with her husband’s come running down her face. Shit, that’s the sexiest goddamned thing I’ve seen in my life,.”

Brent said, “I just wish she show us her tits,” and looking down at Ida, he smiled broadly, caught her eye, and made a motion for her to lift her shirt.
Ida saw Brent’s gesture, and thought a second. She’d never shown the girls to a trucker, though Art had often encouraged her to. She left the vibe in her slit (though it slipped right out) and raised herself up and pulled the undershirt  over her breasts, and up around her neck. Brent gave another blast on the horn and Jake stopped pumping to give her two thumbs up. Ida looked at the girls and saw her nipples were hard as stones. She put the vibe back in her slit and started rubbing her clit with her other hand and she pistoned the vibe in and out. “Art, I’m not feeling it much,” said Ida, “I guess I’m too wet.”
Art had prepared, just in case. “Reach under your seat, and get the bag there”, he said. Ida pulled out a paper bag, and inside found the first dildo they had ever bought. It was a vibrating latex cock, and every time she had tried, it was just too big, even with lots of lube. Now she put it at the edge of her lips and rubbed it around to get her juices on it. To Ida’s total surprise it slid in easily and she turned it on low.

Ida felt some of Art’s come about to drip in her eyes, so she grabbed a tissue and wiped her eyebrows. But she left the rest. She knew from Art that he found it extremely sexy when she masturbated with his come on her face. Now she wanted very much to show that to Brent and Jake. She turned her attention to the dildo. It felt great, filling her up, and she relaxed and luxuriated in the sensation. She was getting close to coming again already. As she slowly worked it in and out she looked again at the truckers. Brent was grinning like crazy and Jake’s hand was a blur. She noticed that he was pumping with his left hand and she smiled at that. Art was left-handed too.
As Jake looked down at Ida, he too, realized that he was close. He watched her husband’s come dripping off her jaw onto the bunched up undershirt. That sent him over the edge. He tried to grab a towel, but he was too late. His first spurt plastered the edge of the sliding window and started running down. The next flew out the window opening and he thought at first it would land on Ida’s window, but the wind caught it. But he saw Ida’s eyes get wide as he came, and saw her hips coming off the pillow again.
Ida’s eyes indeed got big as she watched Jake come. As he spurted onto the window of the sleeper, she felt her orgasm beginning. She kept her eyes open and saw another huge spurt. It looked like it would land on her window, and she was disappointed when the wind took it. Her hips came off the pillow, and she got totally numb. As if in a dream, she heard herself saying “God, I made them both come” as she humped the dildo. Her orgasm went on and on, and she looked them both in the eyes as she came. Finally, she was spent and she closed her eyes for a bit. She took the dildo out, and pulled her shirt down.
Just in time, as it happened, because before too long they saw a sign: Rest area 1.5 miles. She wondered if she could walk that soon. Art said, “There’s another one in an hour.” Ida didn’t want to wait that long. His come would dry in her hair. She took some tissues and wiped as much as she could off her face and neck. She could feel it in her hair, and thought, “What a sight I’ll be going into the bathroom.” But somehow, she wasn’t worried about that now. She wondered if Brent and Jake would stop as well. Art sped up and signaled to get over.
This time Art was walking with her on the way in. An older couple they passed stared at them until the wife gave him an elbow to the ribs. Ida wondered if they could tell she had come in her silvery hair. Oddly, the thought made her feel naughty, instead of embarrassed. She could feel her nipples against her shirt, and wondered if they had ever been so hard for so long. “Can you still smell me?” she asked Art. He laughed hard. By now she knew very well that not only he could, but anyone nearby. As they got to the door, they saw a teenage boy looking at Ida’s nipples with his eyes big as saucers. “Be proud, Ida,” Art whispered, and unbelievably, she was.

As Art came out of the men’s room he saw Ida, back in her sundress, her hair wet from rinsing out his come. She was talking to the truckers. As he walked up, they thanked him for sharing his lovely wife’s body with them. “Hell, thank her,” he said.

“We already have” they both said. “We’ll remember this the rest of our lives” Jake said. Ida thought to herself “They aren’t the only ones.” She also had a stray thought about the word “re-member” and smiled to herself at her little pun.
“Should we send you the photos?” said Jake.

Ida panicked. She hadn’t seen them taking any. “Oh no!, You took pictures? Couldn’t you just destroy them?” she asked meekly.

“Oh, don’t worry.” said Jake, “we’d never put them on the web, they’re just for our viewing pleasure alone.”

“Jake, promise me that only you and Brent will EVER see them,” Ida begged. He could see that she was near tears.

“I promise. I give you my word. But don’t you wonder what you looked like from our truck?”

“Well, I certainly do,” said Art. :”Here’s my email. I’ll take your promise, but if I ever see them posted, I’ll have your jobs.”

“Don’t worry” said Brent. “We’re nice guys, remember?”
“Ok, I believe you,” said Ida, still feeling nervous about it. “Goodbye, guys. Maybe we’ll see you again down the road.” Ida took Art’s arm and walked to the car. A few people looked their way, but Ida hardly noticed. She was quiet for a long time in the car and Art knew her well enough to just let her digest things. Finally, she turned to him and said “Well, we both got what we wanted today. And I‘ll have to admit that I’m curious to see how I looked.”

“Yeah, me too”, said Art, “and Ida, if we have photos, perhaps we don’t even need to have another outing.”

“I hadn’t thought of that”, she said. “But I broke some barriers today. Maybe there are more still to break”. Art beamed. He had never felt so much love for his wife in all their years.

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    Loved it! Definitely gives me ideas to try in the future with my husband.

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