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Sex With My Favorite Teacher

I was 18. My final period Teacher Ms. Waz was not really a teacher yet, she was an assistant teacher. She was fairly young, no older than 25, brown, curly hair. Average height, glasses, her chest wasn’t very big, neither her rear, but the fact that she was a teacher made her seem much more attractive.
She was very nice, but seemed extra nice to me. Always wanting to see if I needed help, looked forward to my writing assignments seeing how she loved my writing, and even invited me to be in the poetry club, which I politely declined.
One day after the class had to present their poems by memory, and the day I had to do mine, she took me out to the hall first to tell me how amazed she was by how good my writing is and how she wants to move me up to an advanced class. All the while she stared into my eyes while she talked, almost trying to get as close to me as possible without making it weird. She decided to go for it, and gave me a peck on my lips. She wished me luck and we went back inside the classroom.
I hadn’t memorized my poem and screwed up a lot, but she didn’t seem to mind. She had just sat there smiling at me. I could swear at one point I saw her briefly massage her breast while biting her lip.
A few days after she tried to persuade me to join the poetry club, after another talk about how “great my writing is” I reluctantly agreed.
So after all the students had left the classroom except me, since I was waiting for Ms. Waz to show me which classroom the club met, it was just her, the real teacher, and I in the classroom. The other teacher, Mrs. Smith, said she had to go pick up her kids and take them to the mall. We said our goodbyes to her so it was only Ms. Waz and I left. I asked where the poetry club was held, but without speaking, she walked to the door, locked it, and pulled the blinds down. She told me to get the window’s blinds down too, which I did.
I stood there confused. I asked why the door was locked and why we had to close the blinds. She explained, while walking towards me, that there was no poetry meet today. She said she just wanted to meet with me.
Still confused, I asked what she meant. She started unbuttoning her shirt and I felt the bulge in my pants forming. She smiled at the sight of it while she pulled her shirt off, revealing her black bra covering her breasts. She told me to take my clothes of too, but I was too shocked to. After she dropped her skirt, revealing her black panties, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. She began to suck and lick it while softly stroking it with her hand. I softly moaned and leaned against the desk behind me. Her bj felt amazing, she was no first-timer.
After a minute or so of blowing me, she got up to take off my shirt as I unclipped her bra and her beautiful breasts were exposed. She dropped her panties to the ground, both of us were now naked.
We started to kiss passionately, for a long period of time. She slipped a little tongue into the kiss before leaning me on the teacher’s desk. I got on top of the desk and lay there as she got on top of me. She moved her body to rub my dick against her pussy. This felt really good, but it was driving me nuts, and she could tell and enjoyed it. Her beautiful smile only provoked me to grab her hips to make her pussy slide down onto my dick. She softly bounced on my cock to not make too much sound. No sound but our quiet moans, our skin softly rubbing against each other, and the desk creaking. She moved her hips so well, I had my hands on her hips to help move her and it made it feel better.
When I finally had to cum she climbed down and sucked me until I finally came and she sucked me dry.
After the pleasant experience, we dressed ourselves, and she smiled at me and kissed me saying that she thinks we should do it again sometime. That makes two of us.

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