Sexcation For The Wife Part 2

The morning sunlight got us up and going after a good night of some heavy duty fucking. Carry had a wonderful time and one of her fantasies had been fulfilled, having that sweet juicy cunt of her’s sucked by a gorgeous woman!
Today’s road trip would be a little faster pace and more truckers to show her tits to as we buzzed down the road! And of course she did show them as often as she could! Then we turned off the interstate and onto a little bit slower pace of travel until we reached Hot Springs Arkansas where we had reservations to stay in a haunted hotel. This should be exciting!
When we were reading the literature they had sent to us, Carry was getting excited and all she could say was, “I’m going to fuck a ghost, and teach him a thing or two!”

All I could say was, “At that price per night, he better bring his own condoms!”

Upon arrival the place looked spooky enough, but it was also very modern with lots of area to walk and enjoy. It offered massages, which of course we indulged in, and made Carry very horny, so once we got back to our room Carry got naked and I was between her legs sucking on that hot sweet juicy cunt. I felt her wiggle and squirm the more I licked and sucked her juices in. The more she moaned, the more love juice flowed! It started flowing faster then I could lick and suck. After she came, I was on top of her with my cock pumping her cunt as hard as I could. I felt my cum boiling up from my balls and traveling through my cock, and then BOOM! I exploded inside her cunt with all the cum I could unload! I then rolled off and we laid there in each other’s arms and dozed off to sleep.
We must have been asleep about an hour or two when we were awaken by the sound of the bathroom door opening. It was now dark outside, there was no light shining through the windows. The only light was coming from the bathroom.
Then we felt a cool breeze blow over us as the covers from the bed were just jerked off of us!

I sat up in the bed and said, “What The Fuck?!”

Then it felt as if someone, or something, had grabbed a hold of me and pulled me to the foot of the bed and forced me on my knees. At this time I was speechless.
As I looked up I could see Carry still on the bed, but from where I was I could see her feet. Then all of a sudden, she was forced flat on the bed, and her legs started parting. I then had a clear view of her recently fucked cunt. I saw her cunt lips moving, but there was nothing there, I tried to move, but I was just helpless. I continued to watch her cunt, and then she started moaning as if whatever was happening was making her feel good.

So I just watched, even though there was NOTHING there! I watched as her cunt became juicy and started dripping with her love juice, then I saw her cunt lips part open as if a large cock just went into her cunt and parted those sweet juicy lips. Then as I watched I saw her cunt being fucked by something that was just NOT there. I heard her moan and saw her wiggle and squirm like I have never seen her do before, EVER!! Then I saw a lot of juice start dripping from her cunt as if somebody just filled her cunt with a load of cum. Then her cunt lips started easing back, as if the cock was being pulled out. I then felt a force grab my head and shove my face into her cunt, where I started licking and sucking on her just fucked cunt. I have never known the taste of male cum, but this tasted bitter, sweet with a flavor of jalapeno, and it burned my mouth, but I continued to suck and lick her cunt until Carry came again. Once she came, it was like whatever the force was, was now gone.
Now I don’t KNOW what happened that night, I’m not even going to try to explain. But I will NEVER stay at another Haunted Hotel again, on the other hand, Carry can’t wait!
The next morning I was up and packed and ready to travel to our next stop. MORE TO CUM!

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