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Awesome Australia

Jay-Z’s classic street hit, “Can’t Knock The Hustle (Fool’s Paradise Remix)” blared so loud from my silver 2012 Ferrari FF that the streets were trembling as I cruised by. I was in high spirits! I waited a long time for this day and now it was finally here. I was going to visit Australia, a dream place of mine with my friend, Kaylani Lei. I enjoyed spending time with her because she went beyond expectation in adventures.

“Are you ready to do this, Sexy?” I asked Kaylani.

“Of course, I’m ready to do this!” Kaylani answered. “I cannot wait to get to JFK and relax on the plane. I hope we’re not sitting next to any annoying people.”

Kaylani’s butter pecan complexion complimented and blessed her exotic looks. Her long honey brown and golden streaked hair cascaded over her shoulders and around her angelic face. Kaylani looked good flaunting her super toned abs in a white tube top and paradise blue mini skirt.

“Baby, when you’re with Mar’e, it is an EVENT!” I continued. “We’re taking a G5 to Australia! I refused to do commercial! I cannot wait to get a taste of Australia!”

The Gulfstream G500 jet took off on time and it felt like we were flying to another dimension! I knew this jet impressed Kaylani because she could not stop smiling. We had breakfast, listened to music, and played cards. One of my greatest sexual fantasies has always been to have sex on a plane. Kaylani was a freak and she enjoyed teasing me with her body. Her body scent always took me to sexual paradise!

“What comes to mind when you think of Australia?” Kaylani asked me.

“I think of the beautiful beaches, cultural diversity, sexy accents, and Kangaroos.” I answered. “Australia has always been my dream destination. I feel like I’m going to paradise!”

“Yes, I think of the amazing landscape, friendly people, and surfing. I cannot wait to relax on the beach, enjoying the warm weather and tropical smoothies they have.” Kaylani expressed.

“I cannot wait to finally meet Lily Thai.”

I began showing her Lily Thai’s pictures on my iPad 3. She raised her eyebrows and licked her lips. Lily Thai was also an exotic beauty. She was slim as her bare flat stomach displayed in the pictures. Her black hair was long and silky. She was wearing daisy dukes, which accentuated her juicy ass.

“She’s-pretty.” Kaylani replied.

“Of course Lily is pretty; you know I don’t deal with less than an 8 but usually a 10 in my women from the Candy Shop.”

“Who the hot girl she was with in the last picture?”

“Oh, her name is Carol Nakamura. She is half-Asian and half Brazilian! I spoke to her twice on Skype.”

“Wow, I want to taste every inch of her.” Kaylani admitted.

“You’re a lesbian now.”

“Bi-curious,” Kaylani exclaimed.

“And I’m curious for this pussy.” I winked at her.

Pulling her skirt up and showing a perfectly trimmed pussy, she said, “Come and put your name on it, sexy! I know you want it in the worse way!”

Kaylani climbed on my lap and faced me. We French kissed each other. Then she took her tube top off displaying those gorgeous firm breasts with erect nipples. I kissed her belly. She sighed when I held and squeezed her tits. I moved to her nipples, licking and sucking them until her face flushed for the sensation. Kaylani sighed when I held and squeezed her tits. I moved to her nipples, licked, and sucked them, which turned her on. Kaylani lowered herself, freed my cock from my jeans, and deep-throated the entire length. She looked me in the eyes while doing that and it turned me on.

“Oh, shit!” I hollered.

“Yes, I got you.” Kaylani responded.

She mounted me again and eased herself down on my cock. She bounced up and down, establishing a nice rhythm. While holding on to her waist, I thrust my hips upward meeting with her pace. What a sight it was! Kaylani rose and sank on my lap. Her tits bounced with each move she made.

“That’s right baby, ride this dick!” I told her.

“Yes, I love fucking your cock. Don’t stop, handsome.”

Then she climaxed. Her love juice ran down my leg. Shortly afterward, we stood up and retired to the privacy of the cabin. Kaylani lay down on the bed and spread her toned legs, exposing her wet pussy. Without further ado, I dove between her legs and began eating her cunt. It tasted like honeydew and I enjoyed playing with her intimate flesh. Running my tongue up her slit, I flicked it on her clit. The pink morsel throbbed and I closed my lips on it, holding it there. She clutched my head and bucked her hips into my mouth as I sucked her clitoris engorged in the heat. Her pussy quivered under my chin. It responded so smoothly when I released her clit and licked her pink petals. She cried aloud and breathed more rapidly. I knew she was about to cum so I stopped eating her.

“Oh, no sexy, I don’t want you to cum just yet.”

I guided my dick slowly to the entrance of her love peach. Kaylani’s pussy was so wet that she handled my deepest thrusts with ease. The look on her face and the spastic moves of her body were the apparent signs of her lustful submission to my thrusts.

“Yes, that’s it! Give it to me, daddy!”

This was the hottest turbulent fuck ever on a jet and I enjoyed every second of it. Then an intense wave of pleasure washed over Kaylani as she shrieked from climaxing. It was such an awesome sight that it triggered me to cum and I shot a nice load on her chest. As her body trembled, she rubbed it all over her belly. I loved the eroticism she showed as she licked her fingers clean. We spent the next two hours caressing, kissing, and fucking before taking a siesta.

After checking into the hotel and doing some shopping, we went to Samurai Beach where Lily Thai was waiting for me. It was the strangest way to meet someone for the first time. I was full of anxiety and semi hard for watching the nude women around. Men were walking by, checking Kaylani out. She enjoyed receiving all the attention, then staring back at them and making some comments in return. I knew Kaylani was the girl who loved exposing herself all day long.

“Sex is in the air out here,” Kaylani said softly. “It makes one to exclude anything else.”

“Yeah, and I don’t want nobody accidentally touching my ASS. These Aussies are too friendly out here!”

Kaylani laughed and said, “Shut up.”

“Is this your first time at a nude beach, Sexy?”

“No, I went to Little Beach in Hawaii with three of my friends.” Kaylani answered. “It was fun! We got naked, swam, and lay out! Dudes with full erections talked to us, but we didn’t let on about it.”

“I know you enjoyed being a cock teaser to those dudes.”

“Of course, I love teasing guys!”

“I know; you’ll look so-DELICIOUS in the nude.” I quipped.

We saw a group of people playing volleyball. One of the tanned women turned around and gazed at us. I smiled at her as she waved and began running in our direction. She was the girl whose pictures I saved into my iPad 3; yes, she was Lily.

Lily ran into my arms and we kissed. She looked sexier in person. Her slim physique was impressive particularly her Insanity Workout abs. Lily’s most distinguishing features were her face, pouty lips, and the sparkle in her eyes. I already knew what that sparkle meant; she was a raw and an untamed babe behind the closed doors.

“What’s up,New York?” She said. “I’m so happy to see you.”

“Yes, I didn’t think we’ll meet like this, but I’m not complaining.”

“I simply love the beach and the sun.” Lily continued. “I cannot get enough of all these nude people enjoying their selves in the sun. Do you like to look at naked girls?”

“Of course, baby girl. I love women and I love to devour their bodies! This is my friend, Kaylani.”

Kaylani and Lily greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek. Then Lily introduced us to her friends, four chicks, and four dudes. They all exuded sexiness! The dudes looked like models that posed for Dolce & Gabbana underwear ads and the women looked like Victoria’s Secret models. I immediately recognized Carol Nakamura as I greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. She had the darkest pair of hypnotic eyes I had ever seen. It was a peculiar feeling saying hi to them and shaking hands all in the nude. Lily’s friends were friendly and welcomed us warmly. We all began playing volleyball, women against the men. It does not get any better watching a bevy of exotic, naked women, bouncing in front of the volleyball net. It was simply amazing playing nude outside in the fresh air and sun!

After the men won the game, we all ran into the ocean and swam. It felt pleasant to swim without any clothes. It was the best sense of freedom I have ever experienced in years! I felt so free and alive! It felt good playing with Lily in the water. I slammed and threw her around a few times in the water enjoying the sight of her wet glistening tits bouncing around. We shared a passionate kiss that intoxicated us.

“Tonight, we’re going to Knight Paradise to get our dance on. So, be ready for the unexpected, handsome.” Lily told me.

“I’m always down for a great party. You know I’m the coolest dude in the world!”

It felt like a club inside the rented black stretch Rolls Royce Phantom limousine with R. Kelly’s CDs blaring from every corner as we danced and cheered. The women looked hot in their short dresses sipping on champagne. Cameras were flashing nonstop as if this was a red carpet event. One of Lily’s girlfriends already posted most of the photos on Instagram. Kaylani was putting on a show for Carol. She danced and rubbed her tits over Carol’s body. Then she gave her a lap dance. Kaylani rubbed her ass up Carol’s pussy, which she took pleasure in front of us. Carol enjoyed feeling Kaylani up as she squeezed her tits. Kaylani continued gyrating to the smooth pulsating sound of Rick Ross’ “Touch N’ You”, her pink dress loosened and her right breast tumbled out. All the fellers cheered and clapped. Then Kaylani surprised us all when she got between Carol’s legs and devoured her creamy shaved pussy. Kaylani sucked harder on Carol’s clit, drawing it between her moist lips and working them over it in the deepest and most intense sort of kisses.

“You’re going to make me cum.” Carol announced.

“That’s right, Kaylani, make her cum!” I shouted.

Carol’s legs began trembling as she screamed with release. It was so sexy! Carol glowed with radiance and satisfaction all over her angelic face. She and Kaylani shared a hot French kiss. Then they slipped down and went into a 69 position eating each other out. This hot lesbian action made everybody horny. The smacking, moaning, and sucking sounds blended in with the music. Lily and I were in the back seats kissing. Her hand was on my dick, massaging it through my pants. She freed the throbbing shaft from my pants and took it instantly into her mouth. The pleasure was so good that I leaned my head back and enjoyed the sensation. Lily’s hot mouth came down repeatedly, feasting on my hard wanting shaft. I slipped my hand up her black dress and discovered she was not wearing any thongs and her pussy was wet. She moaned in delight. Her pussy juices covered my fingers like hand wash. Lily pulled her mouth off my dick, grabbed it with one hand, and jacked me off. She giggled as I shot milky sticky cum all over her hand. She squeezed my dick to get the last few drops and licked it clean.

We strutted in Knight Paradise as if we owned the place! The club was full of energy, the music blared, partiers packed the place wall-to-wall, and it was HOT! There were dudes dancing shirtless and women wearing very little. I caught a few couples carrying on in the dark corners. Our table in the VIP section already had bottles of Cristal, D’ussé VSOP, Grey Goose sitting on top. We toasted, took more pictures, and let loose. Lily was all over me as I drank and observed the nightspot.

“I love this place.” Lily said. “All the people, so sexy, come here. They can fuck in a hotel or home, but they’d rather fuck right here!”

“This place is hot!” I was soaking it all up. “I love the energy here!”

Carol and Kaylani soon were licking each other out, showing their asses, and shaking their tits from side to side like strippers. Carol lifted Kaylani up by her buttocks and helped her for sitting on the table. Kaylani pulled her dress up and her wet pussy glistened in the swirling colored lights. Carol cupped her breasts, licked her neck, and sucked her erect nipples. Then she devoured Kaylani’s pussy with her tongue and mouth. Kaylani reclined as she moaned and screamed in the heat. Once Kaylani climaxed in her mouth, the rest of us cheered, and applauded. It was a wild scenario!

After taking a few sips of the drink, Lily and I went to the middle of the dance floor and began dancing. Our hands explored all the curves of each other’s body. We were bumping and grinding; going with the flow.

“I’m ready to ravish you.” Lily whispered.

“And I’m ready to beat up the pussy.” I replied.

With a smile, Lily took me by the hand and led me downstairs to an area called The Gold Room. Virtually everything in this big air-conditioned room – the walls, beds, sofas, and the large flat screens showing pornography was GOLD. Perhaps, VIPs were the only ones to access that room. There were already a few people, walking around nude and going for an orgy.

We chose a bed in the corner and skipped all the preliminaries. I liked how her lovely nude body glowed in the gold lights. As our tongues intertwined, I loved the wetness and warmth of her mouth. She lay down on the bed and I was ready to devour her lovely body. I left a trail of wet kisses around her mound, which made her moan softly. I started fingering, licking, and sucking her wet pussy. I knew an intense orgasm was building up her vitals. I continued licking and sucking her clit with fervor. Lily arched her back, humping her pussy against my mouth. I smacked on her quivering peach and licked her pussy lips. Her stomach muscles tightened for the heightened lust and she squealed, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Lily could not hold back any longer as she squirted her love juice on my tongue. I love squirters! It drove me wild and lusty, watching her trembling for the utmost pleasure. The aroma of sex and heat filled The Gold Room.

“Damn, that was hot, Sexy!” I told her.

Lily pulled me atop her and raised her legs up. I inserted my cock into her wet pussy, began fucking her slow, and getting harsh in the frenzied tempo. My cock got hard, moving into her love canal. The perspiration poured down my body and I was in the lust zone, as she went ecstatic. I piped her pussy harder. The look on her face said it all. I was hitting the depths of her love spot

“Work on it, work on it!” Lily said with a possessed look on her face.

Her encouragement had me thrusting her pussy faster and I knew I was hitting the right spot; her orgasm was building up again. After a few seconds, Lily’s love juice squirted all over the bed like a fountain.

“I want to be on top,” Lily demanded.

I rolled on my back and Lily impaled herself on my cock. She bounced up and down at a fast pace. I reached and squeezed her tits, which turned her on. She was screaming and scratching my chest.

“Ride it, baby! Ride it, baby!”

Lily was giggling at the look of intense excitement on my face as she rode up and down my cock with the energy and enthusiasm of a porn starlet. I thrust up into her pussy in a perfect unison. We were going rhythmically and I knew it would not take Lily long to have another orgasm. She titled her head back and shuddered all over. Moans and shrieks burst out of her as she climaxed. Love juices poured down my legs like a stream. Then Lily kissed my lips, climbed off my dick, and sucked it for a while. Tasting her juices made her more excited, as she turned around, and got on all fours.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass,” she said.

“You got it, baby girl! This is my favorite position!”

I positioned myself behind her, pushed my cock into her asshole, and began banging away. As I pulled her hair, she pushed her ass back and let me ravish her rear. I made shoves; my balls swung freely while they hit her moist labia. I ejaculated and left a cream pie in her ass.

We both collapsed in fulfillment and felt spent. Lily drifted into a sexually satisfied nap and I blinked at the ceiling with elated self. My last thought before I slipped off to a nap was, This one was the hottest sexual encounter that I ever had in my life! Awesome Australia surely promises delicacies!

I am a carnivore, a winner at all costs. God has blessed me with the power and potential to achieve great things. Whatever the enterprise, I strive to be the best and most successful in that field. I am extremely competitive and not afraid of challenges. I am a visionary, a realist, a loyalist, a planner, discipline, perseverance, dynamic, efficient, powerful, and a conqueror that devours the weak and rules the strong!

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