Visiting Day

It was Friday afternoon. My smoking hot Mother-in-law Deb arrived at the jail to visit her daughter Misty. She parks her car in the back. Outside, Sgt. Tyrone Jackson and Virgill Jenkins were having a smoke break. They watch her strut down the sidewalk toward the front of the building.

“Look at that, Tyrone. I used to want to fuck her so bad back in high school,” Virgill says as she passes by them, not paying them any attention.

“Well Virgill, this might be your lucky day. You know she’s here to visit her sexy daughter?” Tyrone replied.

“Is that a fact?”  he comments, as they watch her walk in to the front door of the police station.

“Yep. I wonder if Momma has as good of pussy as her daughter does.” He slaps Virgill on the back. “I got a plan. We both are going to fuck her today.”

Deb stood in line at the security check point. Big Patty stood there as all the visitors passed through a metal detecter. Virgill walked over to her.

“Patty, you been working hard today; go ahead take your break.”

“Thanks, Virgill,” she replied as she strolled off.

Virgill observed as people passed through the machine. Then it was Deb’s turn. As expected, an alarm went off.

“Hold up a minute, Deb. The machine rarely does that. Hand over your purse.”

She hands it over. Virgill dumps all her stuff out. The line starts to back up. All the people were looking over her shoulder, watching Virgill paw through her personal items. Some start to laugh as Virgill holds up a small vibrator, turning it on and watching it do it’s thing.

“Step back through the machine, please,” he says gruffly.

The loud buzzer goes off again. She feels Virgill’s eyes giving her a long slow look up and down. She’s wearing a white and black striped dress with black pumps.

“Take your belt and shoes off.”

“Oh come on, Virgill. You know I don’t have anything,” she protests.

The crowd behind her started to complain.

“Do you want to visit your daughter or not ”

Deb then took off her belt, followed by her shoes.

“Step back through the machine.”

For the 3rd. time, the buzzer went off. Patty returns just as Virgill picks up Deb’s things.

“Follow me,” he demands.

The crowd watches Deb walk away in her hosed feet, following Virgill to a private office. Tyrone was waiting. He stood in front of the door, blocking her in, if she tried to leave.

“Up against the wall; I have to search you.”

Deb obeys the order. Virgill slowly pats her down; down her back, then her sides. He continued around her front, stopping to fondle her tits.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Virgill?” she angrily asks.

“Just doing my job, Deb. You should respect that, you know. I am here to protect and serve.” Tyrone starts to laugh. He moves down to her waste, feeling over her big ass.

“You sure smell nice, Deb.”

“Don’t you start trying to flirt with me, Virgill,” she icily replies.

He kneels down, feeling up her hosed legs and feet.

“Take your dress off.”

She doesn’t bother arguing, just slowly unbuttons the dress, keeping her back to the  men. The dress is taken off and Virgill takes it from her. It is tossed out of the way.

“Off with the bra.”

Virgill begins rubbing her pantyhose covered ass while she pulls her bra straps down. She hears the sound of a belt being unbuckled. Turning, she watches Tyrone take his gun belt off. She hands over the bra. Topless now, the men stare at her perfect 38C breasts. She pinches her nipples and lifts her tits up.

“Very nice, Deb. Now just take your pantyhose off.” Virgill opens a desk drawer, taking out a box of latex gloves and a tube of lube. He stares at her hairy pussy.

“Bend over the desk for me,” he practically pants.

“Okay Virgill, let’s get this over with,” she sighs, resigned to her fate at the hands of this brute.

With his lubed fingers he slips them inside her, working them in and out real slow.

“Wow! Deb, your pussy is tight!” he exclaims.

“And what do you mean by that?” She asks with sarcasm.

“Nothing, it’s just not what I expected.” He pulls his fingers out, then takes his gun belt off. She hears the sound of his zipper being pulled down. His pants and boxers fall to his ankles.

“Sorry Deb, my fingers just aren’t long enough to probe your properly.”  He parts the lips of her pussy, pressing the head of his cock inside her.

Surprised at her own reaction to this invasion, Deb exclaims, “Ugh! Oh Virgill, that feels good!”

He reaches around her and squeezes her tits while he fucks her, saying, “Deb, I’ve been wanting to do this to you since the 8th grade.” He starts to fuck her harder.

Really getting into it now, she says, “Big boy, all you had to do was ask. Harder Virgill! Harder! Don’t stop!”

He starts to slap her big ass, watching as it shakes and turns red under his hand. Tyrone strips all the way down to his socks, waiting his turn. Ten minutes later, Virgill cums deep inside Deb. He holds his cock inside her until it slips out on its own.

“Virgill, is that all you got? I haven’t cum yet!” she complains.

“Don’t worry, Momma. I’m going to make you cum!” Tyrone says as he shoves his long, thick cock into her hot and soaked pussy.

She lets out a squeal as his girth stretches her tight pussy. She then instantly cums. For the next hour the big black man dominates my Mother-in-law’s tight hole. Virgill gets dressed and waits, watching the show. Deb has multiple orgasms. Then finally, Tyrone cums. He cums so much that her pussy can’t hold it. As he pulls out of her his seed runs down her thighs. Virgill then hands her pantyhose and bra back to her.

“Deb, visiting hours are almost over.” With no time to clean up, Deb quickly gets dressed. Virgill escorts her down to the visiting room, where Misty is waiting.

“You have 5 minutes.” She looks at her daughter dressed in an orange jump suit and flip flops. They both hug and then sit at a table and quietly talk.

“Virgill Jenkins and that black cop just fucked me. My pussy is full of their cum,” Deb breathlessly admits.

“Mom! Did you like it?”

“Hell yeah! The black guy was huge!”

“When you get home, tell Mikey to give you a treat. He will eat anything!”

“Okay ladies, finish it up,” Virgill told them. They hugged again. Deb was escorted out. She stopped by the chief’s office. Her youngest daughter Crystal was waiting there.

“Sorry I’m late, Mom. Can I still visit Misty?”

“No, visiting hours are over.”

Tyrone is standing at the door looking in, checking Crystal out. She’s 18 and in her senior year of high school. She’s red headed with a freckled face, big tits and an athletic build. Dressed in a tee shirt, blue denim skirt and black high heels, she looked sexy.

“We can bend those rules a little,” Tyrone said, staring at her sexy smooth legs.

“Not today,” Deb responded forcefully.

“Deb, I’m going to send Misty’s things home with you. She’s going to be here for a while.”

Deb reached for Misty’s leather coat, putting it on as she picks up the sack that contained her daughters clothes and things. She grabbed Crystal by the arm and almost dragged her outside. In the parking lot next to Crystal’s car, Deb glances at her daughter.

“Now Crystal, you be careful and stay away from that black cop. If he gets hold of you, your pussy wont be tight anymore.” She then hugs her. They go there seperate ways. Tyrone watched them from the window. He now has Crystal in his sights.

Deb arrives home just as I got out of the shower. She kind of stares at me with a surprised look on her face.

“Deb, your home early. I better go put something on.”

“There is no need in doing that. We are adults, you know.” She licks her lips, staring at my growing cock. “Besides, I like what I see.” She takes the leather coat off, hanging it up. “I went to visit your wife today.” She brings the paper sack to the kitchen table.

“How is she?”  I ask, watching her open the sack.

“She’s okay.” She takes out the sexy pair of black pumps Misty was wearing the night she was arrested. As my Mother-in-law tossed her clothes into the laundry room, I think back to that night, watching my ex-girlfriend strip her down at the jail. Deb pulled a plastic bag from the sack. It contained Misty’s underwear.

“I thought they threw those away,” I said. She takes out the black satin panties Misty had wore. I put the crotch to my nose; they smelled like a freshly fucked cum filled pussy.

“I guess they changed their mind,” Deb said, discarding Misty’s sheer black nylons and bra. She comes and takes my hand, leading me to the couch.

“Why don’t you go ahead and slip your underwear off?” she coos.

Standing in front of her, I lower my briefs. I sit beside her and we start to kiss. Her hand is around my cock in no time, stroking me. Unbuttoning her dress, I pull both her tits out of her bra. I break our kiss and sample each one of her erect nipples.

“I’ve got to taste that cock!” she says as she gets on the floor between my legs. Her long red hair is pulled back in a tight pony tail. I watch her head go up and down. She reaches into her purse, taking out a small vibrator and a tube of Ky. My cock still in her mouth, she lubes the vibrator. She lets my cock go. I give her a worried look as she parts the cheeks of my ass.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to love it.” She presses the vibrator deep inside my ass, turns it on and then resumes sucking my dick. In no time at all I was ready to explode. I filled her mouth with my spunk and she swallowed every drop.

“Oh Deb, that was so awesome!” She smiles. “It’s your turn now.”

She sits back up on the couch, taking off her dress and bra. For a moment I sit between her spread legs, staring at her still in her high heels and pantyhose.  I gently pull her high heels off. I run my hands up her legs, taking hold of her pantyhose. She lifts her ass off the couch. I pull them down and off; her legs automatically spread wide. I part her hairy pussy lips and start eating her out, discovering the taste of cum in her pussy. She holds my head to her pussy as I eat the creampie that was deposited inside her. I move to her clit and gently suck it until she cums, locking her thick thighs around my head, just like her daughter does.

We go to her bedroom. My dick is rock hard again. She has me lay down and she rides my cock just like a wild whore. We didn’t even hear the front door open. I looked toward the door and saw Crystal watching. Deb saw me looking that way and she glanced over to see her daughter there.

“You want to join us?” she offers.

Without hesitating, Crystal starts to strip. Deb hops off my dick and Crystal climbs into bed with us. She stradles my cock while her Mom feeds the head of my cock into her daughter’s pussy. It was so hard to resist shooting my load right then. She was so tight. Just like her Mom, she rides my cock hard. Deb then stradles my face and again I eat her out until we all 3 cum in a mutual orgasm. While Misty was away, fucking her mom and sister became a regular thing. I was getting more pussy than I ever got in my life!

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