Fatal Attraction Part Four

Kyle was stunned at the comments Cristine just made to him saying she was pregnant and it was his.

After a few seconds he replied to her, “How are you sure it’s my baby and not your boyfriend’s? That is if you are even pregnant.”

Cristine waved a pregnancy test at him and said, “Here is the positive test if you want to look for yourself, and I am only 3 weeks pregnant. I know it’s yours cause my boyfriend and I only have had sex a few times since you and I began having fun. Plus I made him wear a rubber each time and I know he didn’t get any cum in me.”

Kyle responded, “You’re 100% sure he never came in you?”

She answered, “Yes, I am! I only had sex with him a few times. I realized the first time I was with him after you and I hooked up that I didn’t like sex with him. He didn’t fuck me like you do!”

Kyle shook his head and said, “Why do you insist on him wearing a rubber, but never said anything to me about it.”

Cristine replied, “Like I said, it wasn’t anything like you and I. You and I it’s so hot and animalistic and I get lost in the moment and don’t think I just enjoy it all. You should know what that’s like cause you never stopped to grab a condom either.”

Kyle couldn’t answer and he looked at the clock and realized he had to get back  to work. So he told her they would talk later and drove back to work.  The rest of the afternoon he couldn’t get it off his mind, but it seemed true that he knocked up Cristine. He texted her before he went home and asked if her boyfriend knew she was pregnant. She replied ‘no’ and added that she was thinking about what to tell him since he wasn’t the father. Kyle texted back ‘don’t you think he is going to notice or find out?’ She never responded back that day.

The next day he got a text from her asking ‘what is it to you if I tell him or not? Like you are in a hurry to tell your wife. I think we need to meet up and talk about this, don’t you think?’ Kyle wrote back ‘ya, you are probably right we need to discuss this situation.’ He arranged to meet her the next day and took the day off from work and told his spouse he would be in a meeting all day away from his desk.

Around 7:30am the next morning Kyle went to Cristine’s house and she answered the door in shorts and a tee shirt and hugged him as she let him. They walked to the kitchen  and she poured him a cup of coffee and the sat down at the table.

He inquired, “What are your ideas about the baby? Thoughts of what you want from me or are you going to tell your boyfriend it’s his?”

Cristine replied, “Well I am going to keep it, if that’s what you are asking. As for me lying to him and telling him it’s his, that is up to you.”

He replied, “What do you mean, up to me?”

She responded, “Well if you want to be involved in its life or see it?”

Kyle snapped back, “How would that work with my wife and kids that I already have? Let me guess, this is about wanting child support or some other money?”

Cristine retorted, “It is not about money at all. I could just have you sign over rights and tell my boyfriend it’s his and nobody but you and I would know otherwise. What I really want is you! I love the way we fuck, and you can’t tell me you don’t enjoy it.”

He shook his head at her and said, “Yes, we may have had fun, but I love my family.”

Cristine got off from the table and covered her eyes with her hands and ran to her bedroom. Kyle followed her and knocked on the bedroom door before slowly opening the door and entering the room. She was laying with her face buried in the pillows which almost muffled her saying “Go away. What do you want?”

Kyle sat next to her and rubbed her back and said, “Please, don’t be upset. You had to know I love my family.”

She wiped her eyes hugged him and said, “I know. I feel like a home wrecking whore.”

Kyle patted her back and said, “I was attracted to you and you turned me on, so it’s my fault too.”

She pressed her boobs into his chest. He quickly got up and excused himself to the bathroom as an excuse,  but when he went back into the room she was laying naked on her stomach smiling at him. He walked over to the edge of the bed and tried to talk to her but he kept staring at her nude body and couldn’t get any words out of his mouth. She racked up and unzipped and pulled down his pants and boxers and began stroking his cock and balls with her hands. He began to get hard and she wrapped her lips around his cock and began sucking.

His mind was telling him this needs to stop but his body wouldn’t let him move away. He reached down and slapped and grabbed her ass while she sucked his cock. After a few minutes she turned around, putting her pussy and ass facing him and said, “Fuck me!” She backed her pussy on his cock as she guided it inside her with her hand. Cristine rocked her pussy back and forth on his cock until he grabbed her hips and began pounding her as she rocked on him. Cristine moaned and yelled, “Fuck me like only you can!” He pounded harder and harder until he came inside her.

They both laid on the bed. She looked at him and said, “We have got to figure out something where we can have the baby, you not disrupt your family, and we can still have sex, don’t you think?” He didn’t answer and she said, “I will do whatever you want me to. If you want me to get bigger tits I will. I let you fuck my ass before and will again. I will give you a bj every day if you want. If you want me and you and another girl, I’ll do it. I don’t care, we have a lot of great sexual chemistry and fun. So just tell me what you want.”

Kyle looked at her with a blank look and said, “I don’t know. I love my family and don’t want to hurt them or lose them. But I will admit you and I do have amazing sex. Would you really go get a boob job and have a threesome if I wanted those things?”

Cristine nodded her head and said, “Whatever it takes to make you happy and keep you around me and the baby. I will call doctors right now or text a friend of mine to come over here just to prove to you I am serious.” She grabbed her cell phone and began looking at it. She typed a message and said, “What do you think of my friend Shay? She’s pretty, huh?”

He said, “She’s cute.”

Cristine said, “I am calling her right now.”

Kyle’s phone rang and it was his wife texting him so he didn’t hear the conversation Cristine had with her friend but after 10 minutes she came back from another room and said, “Shay is on her way over, so maybe now you will believe I am serious.”

Kyle asked, “What did you say? Did you mention I am not your man here at your house?”

Cristine smiled, “Don’t stress, sweetie. Shay is cool. I told her you and I been having fun on the down low and we would like her to join cause you think she’s hot.”

Kyle looked at her blankly and half nodded. They were eating a sandwich Cristine had prepared when a knock at the door let Cristine know her friend was there. She introduced Kyle and Shay. Shay said, “You are right Chrissy, he is good looking.”

Kyle smiled and looked at Shay whom had dirty blonde hair to her chin, green eyes and was curvier than Cristine. Cristine said, “Come with me real quick, Shay.”

They walked off down the hall leaving Kyle alone in the living room. Several minutes later Cristine called Kyle to come. He got to the bedroom and saw both girls sitting on the bed naked. His eyes glanced at both bodies, back and forth. They began softly stroking one another’s breasts while Kyle stood in the doorway watching.

A few minutes went by and Cristine said, “Get over here and join us.”

He walked over and pulled off his clothes and climbed on the bed between them. Cristine began stroking his cock with her hands and said, “He loves this.” Shay smiled and Kyle began sucking on Shay’s tits. He ran his hands around each girl’s thighs and began fingering them. They both began to moan and his fingers got wet from their juices.  The girls pushed him on his back and Cristine straddled his face and he put his tongue in her pussy while Shay climbed on his lap and guided his cock in her wet pussy and began bouncing on him. Kyle was enjoying himself when Cristine climbed off and began kissing his lips and whispered that he couldn’t cum in Shay. Kyle nodded his head.

Cristine said, “Shay, bend over I want to see him pound you.”

Shay got into doggy position, Kyle got behind her and Cristine sat next to Shay’s butt. Cristine guided his cock into Shay’s pussy and watched as he began pumping. Shay’s ass was quite round and would make a loud popping noise as it hit against his hips. She moaned and moaned and Cristine cheered and would slap her ass occasionally.

Cristine said, “Tell me when you are close.”

Kyle nodded his head and a few minutes later moaned out, “Almost there.”

Cristine pulled his cock out of Shay and milked all his cum out of him. Kyle laid back on the bed and Shay collapsed on it as well. Cristine walked out of room and when she returned handed them each a water bottle. She said, “Shay, what you think? I know I can’t get enough of him.”

Shay smiled and said, “Well, I see why you are hooked and why you are pregnant.”

They laughed as Kyle gave Cristine a death stare. Cristine said, “Shay isn’t going to say shit. Now do you believe I am serious?” Kyle nodded his head and Shay eventually left and Cristine and Kyle came to an agreement.

Cristine ended up telling her boyfriend she was pregnant and it wasn’t his and they broke up.  Kyle never did tell his wife. Cristine had a baby boy which Kyle sees once a week or so. After the baby was born she got a boob enhancement without Kyle even asking. Also, he and Cristine still hook up when he visits her and the baby and once a month Shay joins them for fun.


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