Beth’s Oral Sex on the Road

I was driving Beth home from the movie; before that, we had only shared a pizza at a local pizza place. The traffic was light on the street and we’d kissed several times during the movie.

In the car, she was leaning against my shoulder and I had a naughty thought. I reached over, took her right hand, and placed it on my crouch–pressing down to give her a hint of what I wanted; she’d never touched my dick before. My face burned in embarrassment as I felt Beth tense up.

I whispered, “Squeeze it, honey,” and moved my hand back up to the steering wheel. She began to do so as my cock got hard in my pants.
I pulled over on a dark section of the road, “Why don’t you unzip my fly?”

Beth hesitated and unzipped it and reached in to squeezed my cock some more. I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants, out sprang my five and a half inch, rather thin cock.

“Move your hand up and down on it, honey,” I said as I reached over and felt her diminutive B-cup breasts.

She quivered but began to do as I asked. Precum was starting to come from my glens. I was really turned on and felling a bet reckless–not know just how far she would go. It was obvious that she was nervous and yet she was stroking my dick as I’d asked.

“Beth, take me in your mouth,” I suggested.

She stopped stroking and looked at me. I gently pulled her over toward my dick and she didn’t resist. She bent on down and took the head in her mouth and started to suck it.

“Run your tongue on the bottom of it.”

I was very sure that she hadn’t done this before…and heck, I hadn’t either. I feel like disgusting scum and great at the same time; sweet Beth was sucking my cock. I’d seen porno and so I know what she should do.

“Beth, just slide it in and out of your mouth.”

She was getting the hang of it; her tongue was sliding back and forth on it while she sucked the head. I was getting closer to the edge, and then I blew my load into Beth’s sweet mouth. She looked at me as if to say what should I do? The she turned to open the door and spit the cum on the street. I pulled up my pants and buckled my belt and she closed the door. We drove silently to her apartment.


(Image Source: Mike Adriano Media)

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  1. Monicaxx

    That must have been fun for you but I have always swallowed . The two brothers that got me started insisted so I just thought that was the thing to do. I kind of like the taste of cum now though

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