Naive To Work Two

Amy let her tongue push back into Lucy’s mouth, her body moved into Lucy. That was when she stopped.

“That’s enough for you for now. I think you will do just fine.”

The door opened and a group of 5 men walked in. They mixed in age from late 30s to 50s and each took a seat in the bar. Lucy walked over “Hi boys. I would like to introduce Amy. My new girl. She is 19 and a virgin. Never had a job before. She is a good girl willing to learn!” she pushed Amy forward. Any didn’t know what was going on, she was still tingling from the kiss, her panties wet.

“Amy, the men will place their orders and I will get their drinks ready. You will bring them their drinks and like I said, fulfill whatever needs they have.”

Amy nodded and Lucy took drink orders before walking away. Not knowing what to do Amy stood in front of the seated men, suddenly more self conscious of her barely there uniform.

“Amy. I would like you to turn around. Show me the uniform,” a man named Arthur said.

Amy turned around, when her back was turned she was told to stop. Arthur, probably the oldest, got up and began to look at her. He knelt down and examined her legs, stoking the soft skin. He then lifted her skirt, Amy flinched.

“Now girl, do you want to make money?” another man said.

She nodded and Arthur lifted the skirt up, showing the men her panties and tight round ass cheeks. The men spoke of approval.

“Drinks!” Lucy called and instructed Amy as to who’s was who’s. She took the drinks and began to give them out.

As she placed his drink on the table, the man called Sam grabbed her wrist and squeezed it hard. He pulled her close to him so he could see down her shirt. Roughly he pulled it open more, letting the buttons snap off. He pulled out one of her breasts and smiled. She went red but did not dare move; she needed the job. She had never felt her breasts touched before. Sam leaned over and began to suck on her small pert nipple.  All the while the other men watched. Smiling. He began to nibble, soft at first and then harder, taking more of her into his mouth.

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