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UAE Massage :-)

You may recall that last year I went to Dubai and experienced a fantastic massage. Well, I went back this year and sought the same.

I stayed at the same hotel but let me make it clear-massages offering “Happy Endings” are very rare in Dubai and you will be in a lot of trouble with the law if you got caught!

Anyway, I booked my full mens massage for the Tuesday morning. It is all very oriental with sensual, spicy smells and tranquil music playing. I was taken through to my private room and given a soft white bath robe and the strange little see through mesh underpants to wear. I put the pants on but to be honest they hide nothing and if like me, you stretch them across your cock it leaves nothing to hide. My male masseur asked if was ready and came in. Again, in Dubai, males massage males and females massage females. This is the rule of the land but don’t let it put you off!

He removed my robe and asked me to lay on my stomach with my head through the hole in the table. He began by rubbing a gritty cleaning compound all up and down my legs and I was dying for him to brush against my balls. He was very discreet and gently lifted the mesh pants and rubbed some compound in my groin. It was so erotic because he wasn’t actually touching me. He continued for some time all over my body, but I noticed he did seem to like paying particular attention to my cock region.

He then asked me to turn over and as I did so, my cock pushed hard against the mesh material and opened the pants wide. He didn’t say anything and began to rub the compound over my frontage. When he got to my cock area, he carefully lifted the pants and rubbed some ointment into my groin, again, not actually touching my erection or heavy balls. I was on fire at this point and felt like placing his hand on my cock but I ¬†knew this would be bad!

I let him finish the rubbing in and next he asked me to go into the shower cubicle where he had put some steam on and asked me to rinse the gritty soap off and relax in the steam for 10 minutes.

I checked my cock on entering the steam room and as I thought pure clear precum was trickling out of the end. I rubbed this into my soft helmet and felt like wanking my load out there and then. But I refrained and duly washed as requested.

After ten minutes, he beckoned me back on the table and to lay on my stomach again. This was uncomfortable as my erection was in the way. He noticed but said nothing. He poured warm, almost hot oil up and down my legs and back and started rubbing it in with swirling movements. It was amazing. He pulled my legs apart and eased his fingers inside the pants. He poured some hot oil on my balls and without actually touching them, massaged the oil in all the erotic places. I was so close to orgasm. I was breathing hard and moaning. The little bastard knew exactly what he was doing! He paid a lot of attention to this groin area before rolling me over.

This time my cock was really solid and my stretched long foreskin which had been covering my sensitive helmet had pulled back hard, causing my cock to push right out of the pants. He didn’t say anything and left my solid dick out in the open. He poured the hot oil up and down my legs, then poured the remained directly on my hemet. I almost blew my load. It was already oozing precum but this was now mixed with hot oil. He rubbed up and down my legs, deep into my groin without touching my cock. He knew I was being driven mad but by rubbing everywhere except my cock was making things a whole lot worse!

I really was on the very edge now and as he pushed his hands up under my ball bag, he knew he was also pulling my foreskin down my shaft without actually touching it. This made the helmet swell and get incredibly sensitive. He pushed hard under my balls then released and then repeated. So he was wanking me without touching my cock.He knew exactly what he was doing. As he trickled some more hot oil on my helmet it happened quite unexpectedly. A beautiful silky river of sperm started to flow from my cock slit. Not a powerful jet as I would have thought but a slow river of white sperm, oozing like a never ending lava flow. He never once touched my cock or the sperm but continued his pushing of my groin. I thought I had gone to heaven. The feeling was something I had never experienced before. A huge long spunky mess was flowing down my leg and it just didn’t stop. Where the hell it was all coming from I had no idea. I guess it was the way he was rubbing me. I could take no more of his pleasure rubbing and began to wank my fat cock up and down the whole oily length for all it was worth. He stood back and watched as a final strong jet flew out of the end and landed on his hand. He said nothing, licked it up and left the room, indicting I should clean up now.

I cannot describe how he did it or whether he was gay but trust me I WILL be going back to see the horny little bastard again!

I adore sex. Personally, I love tantric, erotic and lingam massage. My marital sex life is non existent now so I am always looking for new and exciting ways to ejaculate.

Writing these stories always invokes a stream of clear sweet pre-cum and when I read the stories back, I always have an intense and copious orgasm.

I would always like to chat with other authors and maybe meet to share ideas and more...

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