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Older Couple On A Road Trip Day Two Part One

This is a story about a road trip that my wife and I took. You should really read about the first day before you start here.


Day Two


I finally went to sleep. My cock never seemed to go soft but I succumbed to exhaustion after watching my wife masturbate over and over on the first day of our road trip. I woke up before Margaret, my cock harder than ever. Margaret was still draped over me as she lay sleeping. I wiggled out from under her and headed for the bathroom. When I came back into the room Margaret woke up and smiled at me with a sly grin.

“Sleep well?”

“You know I didn’t.”

“Well I am going to shower and get ready, how far do we have to go today?”

“I figure about ten or eleven hours and four states.”

“I am pretty sore from yesterday, I don’t know if I have four cums left in me.”

Margaret headed for the shower and I relaxed on the bed. I had every intention of jerking off when she got in the shower to relieve my sore and aching cock. When I heard the water running I grabbed my cock and started rubbing. Precum was already bubbling out and lubricating my cock so I was quickly heading for an orgasm when my wife cam out of the bathroom and startled me.

“Oh no you don’t, get in here and shower with me.”

I jumped at the chance and headed for the shower knowing I would blow a load with only a little stimulation. I stepped into the hot shower with a grin on my  face and turned towards Margaret, my cock bumping into her belly but Margaret was busy soaping up and rinsing off so I kept my cock pushing into her until she turned around and with the soap, lathered me up, everywhere except my throbbing cock. She was smiling as she pushed my under the shower spray and rinsed the soap off. She turned off the water and pulled the curtain back and stepped out of the shower, as she was drying off she turned to me, looked at my cock and smiled.

“Like I said, this masturbation game is mine not yours, you never said anything about you masturbating. So lets get dressed and hit the road.”

No matter how much I begged and pleaded about my sore throbbing cock, which was pulsing now like it had a life of it’s own she refused to help and she would not let me jerk off myself. I decided that I was going to anyway not matter what she said and grabbed my cock and started pumping. When she realized I was going to beat off anyway she changed tactics.

“You know I have something special planned for you but if you cum now I won’t do it.”

I knew she was playing me but I am a sucker for her games. I stopped pumping my cock and asked her what her plan was.

“I am not going to tell you, it’s a surprise, but if you cum you will never find out. Now get dressed and let’s get going.”


It was a short drive to get to Maryland and when we crossed the state line Margaret, who left the room with a thin dress, push up bra and nothing else on, pulled  her dress up her beautiful legs and slid a finger into her slit to rub her clit. She rubbed for a few minutes and then reached into the console for her vibrator. She turned it on the quickly brought herself to orgasm. It was pretty sexy but nothing like yesterday. She had quite a few explosive orgasms and I assumed she was a little worn out. She could see the disappointment on my face and she just smiled.

“It may take me a while to get going. It was a big day yesterday.”


I headed for Virginia with my painfully throbbing cock and the hope that she would feel more like putting on a show. We crossed the state line a little before lunch and decided to stop for a snack. Margaret looked great as usual  and as she walked into the diner we had chosen, she caught the attention of a table of guys just inside the door. She knew they were watching her as she headed for a table and I am sure there was a little more swing in her hips as she walked away. She sat down at the table facing them and I slid in across from her.

“As usual, you always catch the guys attention.”

“What do you mean?” She said with a sly smile.

I just smiled and shook my head.

We ordered coffee and a sandwich and I caught her glancing at the table of guys who were still looking her way. The attention was turning her on because her nipples appeared through the thin material of her dress.

“Having fun?” I asked. My cock had returned to it’s agonizingly erect state as I watched her.

She just smiled but I could see the lust had returned to her eyes. She liked the attention even though I knew she had no intention of taking it anywhere.

Our food arrived and we finished it quickly. Margaret’s nipples were still hard and visible. She reached for her purse and said she was going to use the bathroom. She set her purse on the table and started digging through it.

“There it is.”

She looked around and then pulled her hand partially out of her purse and stopped as she looked at me.

“Having those guys ogling me has turned me on, I am going to have to do something about it.”

I looked at her hand and saw her vibrator. I did not see her grab it from the console when we left the car. She smiled again and headed for the bathroom, her hips swinging as she walked.


The thought of Margaret in the bathroom with her vibrator up her pussy had my mind in overdrive. I could imagine her, legs spread, head thrown back cumming hard. My cock, which had softened slightly as we ate, shot back to rock hard. I don’t know how long she was gone but it seemed like hours as my cock throbbed and I could feel the precum leaking out the tip. I hoped I didn’t have a wet spot on my crotch when I stood up. I had paid the bill for lunch just as Margaret, her face flushed,  walked somewhat unsteady from the bathroom and flopped down in her chair.

“Wow, that was a good one, we better leave I think the lady in the stall next to me knew what I was doing.”

I had to adjust my cock before I could stand up. Margaret grabbed my arm and we walked out, the table of guys by the door still eyeing Margaret up. It would have been rude in any other situation.

Back in the car, we headed for the freeway.

“I thought the deal was you masturbate when we cross the state line.”

“You never said I have to be in the car did you.”


Margaret was loving what she was doing. Teasing me, knowing how much my cock hurt. She decided to tell me about her session in the bathroom, like I needed the extra stimulation.

She had entered the bathroom and checked the stalls to make sure she was alone and then chose one of the stalls and closed the door so she could pull out her vibrator. She got the idea thinking back to our visit to the city earlier in the year when Gary had followed her into the bathroom of the bar and she had given him a handjob as her finger fucked her pussy to juicy orgasm. That really turned her on and she started in on her clit with the vibrator right away. She was quickly reaching her peak when the door opened and she had to slow down, but when the stall door next to her closed she was flooded with lust at the thought of cumming right next to a strange person. Luckily the vibrator was “whisper quiet”, I knew I bought that one for a reason, and she attacked her clit with it. She was soon thrusting her hips to meet her toy as she stood with her legs spread and realized she was bumping her ass against the wall of the stall and moaning quietly. The sex sounds she was making were unmistakable and the thought of what she was doing sent her over the edge. She took a sharp breath as she came and fell back against the wall. She quickly put her toy away and hurried out of the bathroom and back to the table.

And that’s when it happened, my head was spinning as images of Margaret in one stall having an orgasm and some strange women in the next stall listening to her. In my mind the women was rubbing herself to the sound of Margaret cumming and I could take no more. I was in the slow lane and I took my foot off the gas and coasted as my cock started to spew sperm into my pants. I could not stop it. Jizz flew out of my cock in wave after wave. I have never cum without touching my cock before and here I was, in my fifties cumming in my pants like a fifteen year old. Luckily the traffic was light and I drifted to the shoulder of the road and came to a stop as my cum continued to leak out of my cock.

Margaret looked at me with a sexy grin.

“Did you just cum in your pants?”

I was still recovering so I just nodded my head.

“That is sooooo sexy.”

She slid her finger into her dress and rubbed her nipple as she watched me slowly return to normal. My pants had a huge wet spot on the front and I could feel cum running over my balls and down the crack of my ass.

“I am going to have to find a place to change,” I panted.

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