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Wild Desert Ride

My name is Collette. I am a 28 year old house wife who is eight months pregnant with her first child. I am 5′-4″ with straight mousy brown that reaches just below my shoulders. I have hazel eyes and a milky complexion. I am married to Bob, who is an executive with a large accounting firm in Nevada. Bob is rugged, athletic and handsome. He has short, well kept, blond hair and is clean shaven. He is 6′-1″ and 200 pounds of sinewy muscle. He has deep blue eyes and a rich tan complexion. He’s a hunk to say the least and we’ve been married for six happy and fulfilling years. He is a good husband and takes great of me. In fact, he loves to spoil me. I just lap it up and let him. He has a very healthy sexual appetite. He loved to fuck me at least once or twice a day. He is in incredible shape and has tremendous endurance. I used to keep up with him like a champ, but it has been getting harder to do so now that I am pregnant and always seem so tired.

Bob loves the changes my body has gone through. He says that I glow and he adores my swollen breasts and cute tummy. He says the pregnant form is the epitome of womanhood and femininity. Traditionally, the missionary position has been our mutual favorite, but it has been becoming harder with my ever growing belly. We have tried alternate positions, but we are accustomed to the intimacy and closeness of the old fashioned missionary style of lovemaking. Within the last month, sex with me has been bothering Bob’s back and we haven’t been having doing it as frequently as before. Recently, he turned to masturbating as a remedy.

He did it alone for a while, but I caught him in bed one day jerking off into a pair of my maternity panties. He was ashamed and I told him not to be as it was only natural. I said that if he wanted, he could masturbate next to me in bed, or wherever. We could even masturbate together, I suggested. He grew excited at the prospect of masturbating in my presence and even more so with the idea of mutual masturbation. So we soon got into the habit of masturbating together in bed at night. We became addicted. I allowed Bob to cum all over my pregnant body. He loved to cum on my large breasts and my full round tummy. He especially loved cuming on my panties, while I was still wearing them. This was all quite erotic for me as well and I loved having his hot ejaculate spray all over my warm sensitive skin.

Last Saturday night, Bob and I attended an awards dinner at a popular casino in Las Vegas. Bob was being honored by his company for getting a large portion of the casino accounts in Las Vegas, Reno, and Laughlin. He was dashing in his gray silk designer suit. I had to go shopping for a nice dress suitable for the semi-formal occasion that would cover my voluptuous figure. I found an elegant teal green dress. It was a sheer silk cocktail dress with a plunging neckline and ample room for my budding abdomen. It was short enough to show off plenty of leg. Although I occasional suffered from swollen ankles, my legs were still very shapely and sexy. Bob wanted me to wear something that would show them off. I felt kind of clumsy and awkward with my new body in this revealing dress, but Bob said I looked beautiful in it and he made feel better about my self.

The dinner was filled with boring speeches by accountants, but the food was fantastic. I had a voracious appetite since I was eating for two, but I tried to limit myself. All through dinner I looked at and admired my gorgeous husband. I was so proud of his accomplishments. He was smart and intelligent and good looking to boot. I was going to have his child and things were so perfect. He looked so great in his suit, I just wanted to fuck him on the spot. I was really getting turned on by my own husband. Bob’s boss invited us to his suite for some cocktails. I didn’t want to go and I feigned to be ill. It’s easier to pull off when your eight months preggers.

Bob excused us and escorted me out. As we waited for the valet to bring our BMW around, I whispered to Bob my apologies for being a party-pooper, but that I would more than make it up to him. He smiled as I batted my innocent doe-like eyes. Bob and the valet stood by as I got in the car. I must have been a bit careless while climbing into the car and allowed my skirt to slowly rise up high on my thighs, giving the blushing valet boy a show of what was underneath. Bob gave the young man a nice tip and took his place in the drivers seat next to me. I fastened my seat belt on my hips and positioned the shoulder harness between my heaving breasts. The confining belts served to accentuate the motherly curves of my body.

Bob revved the engine and pulled quickly out of the parking lot out onto the Strip. At Sahara Avenue, he picked up Interstate 15 and headed out of town. He liked to drive fast and tonight was no exception. He gunned the car down the highway. His speeding worried me and I cautioned him to be careful because his lovely wife and unborn child was with him, but the thrill was also turn on for me The powerful torque car and the vibration of the engine course through my body. My ass sunk low in the plush leather seat and the vibrating motion of the car on the uneven road surface made my pussy tingle.

My clit throbbed as Bob recklessly changed lanes going over the lane bumps. I felt my legs part without much effort as we swerved a vibrated over the painted and dotted lines. I placed my hand on my lap and let my finger dangle over the tightened hem of my silky dress. I curled my fingers inward and found the soft, shiny, white nylon material covering my swollen vulva just a scant two inches from my hem line. My whole vulva was plumper and more sensitive due to my pregnancy. It bulged out between my thighs and peeked out of my short dress shouting, “Here I am! Come get me!.” I began to finger my panty covered clit in a deep “U” shaped motion. Immediately, I became wet and my juices slathered through the thin, shiny material. I found a very sexy pair of maternity panties to wear for Bob that night, and shiny white ones were his favorites.

Bob glanced down at my lap and saw that I had begun to play with myself. He reached down and placed a firm hand on my bare thigh. He wasted no time and guided his hand up my dress to meet mine that had already started at my pussy. He stiffened and straightened his four fingers on his right hand and began to rub deep circles into my clitoris and parting lips. My soaking panties were being pushed into my wet vagina. I moaned a cooed quietly as Bob touched me. I closed my eyes and laid my head back against the headrest. I thought of him touching me through my pretty panties. Then, I thought of his powerful and gifted cock venturing deep into my throbbing, dripping gash. I felt Bob accelerate faster as he molested me. My breathing grew more labored and quickened. I shifted my legs from side to side as I needed to move more freely. I felt too confined in the seat belt and wanted it off, but I didn’t want to stop the car. I told Bob to get off the Interstate and take the lesser traveled highway. Bob obeyed and took the next exit. With one hand on the steering wheel and one hand up my dress, he took the sharp curve of the off ramp with such speed and skill. The gravitational force held me tight to my seat as my buttocks dug into the rich pliable leather. Even the musky smell of the leather was a turn on, especially mixed with my animalistic feminine odor that exuded from my hot wet pussy.

We now found ourselves on a lonely straight away. It was a two lane highway, with no lighting. Within minutes we were out in the desert with darkness all around. Millions of tiny stars dotted the dark crystal blue of the midnight sky. A quarter moon loomed over the shadowy mountains on the eastern horizon of the vast flat desert. We whisked down the dark lonely highway without a care. I unbuckled my seat belt and flung it off my body. I lowered both of my hands down into my groin and pressed Bob’s hand deeper into me, gyrating it with gusto. Bob nearly swerved off the road and kicked up some desert dust along the shoulder. I grabbed one of Bob’s fingers and pressed it hard against my love button.

I rotated it slow and hard until I came like a desert cloud burst. Initially I screamed with delight, but the scream changed its tone to fright as we drifted off the road again. Bob slammed on the brakes and slid to a spinning halt. Dust kicked up all around us. We both breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He asked me if I was okay. I told him that I was feeling fabulous, but just be more careful. He apologized for his near driving mishap and vowed to be more cautious, but it was difficult driving with such a distraction. We continued back on the road and moved along like a night zephyr.

Bob had a raging hard on under his pants and dark spot of wetness formed at the top near his belt buckle. He was wet and willing to cum at the first chance he got. I reached down and loosened his pants. I pulled his thick lengthy shaft out of the front opening of his paisley silk boxer shorts. I began stroking his aching cock trying to provide him with much needed relief. He moaned and sucked his teeth as he fucked my soft frail fist with his rock hard prick. As I masturbated Bob, I propped my legs up on the dash and played with my pregnant pussy under my dress. I hiked my skirt up so that he could see some panty. Again, he unconsciously sped up and drove recklessly. Fortunately, there were not many cars on the road, but after a near head on collision when Bob drifted into the opposite lane, I begged for him to find a spot to pull over. I was enjoying myself immensely, but I wanted to live to remember this auto-erotic session and to fantasize about this another day.

Bob pulled off the highway onto a dirt road a drove out into the wild desert. He stopped the car in the middle of nowhere and hit the automatic window washers and wipers cleaning the front windshield of all the dust. He turned the dome light on and told me to stay where I was and to keep playing with myself. He got out of the car. I was curious as to what he was about to do. He climbed onto the hood of the car and knelt down in front of the windshield facing me with his pants and boxers lowered to his knees. He planted one hand on the windshield and leaned in looking down at me focusing on the opening in my skirt. He locked on the sight of my panties and started stroking his cock. I watched him pleasure himself to the visions and thoughts of my plump, powdered and pantied pussy. I raised my dress to give him a full and unencumbered view. I rubbed my hands all up and down my maternity panties, thighs, and belly. I moved up to my swelled breasts and messaged them over my dress. I pulled the shoulders straps down and exposed my milk engorged boobies encased in a white nursing bra that matched my panties. I opened the flaps on the front of the bra cups and my breasts plopped out. I caressed my extremely sensitive areolae and nipples which looked like a pair of large dark Hershey’s Kisses. The outer portion of my rotund boobs were a creamy white. My chest must have looked like a sweet dessert to my horny hubby, who was jacking his sausage intensely outside the car to my image.

Bob came gloriously all over the windshield. His hot white semen streaked across the glass and steamed in the cool night desert air. The sight of this made me so hot and I needed to be fucked badly. Bob hopped of the hood of the car and opened my door. He held out his hand and helped me out. He brought me around to the right front side of the car and hoisted me up onto the hood I think I shocked him when I rolled to my side and lapped up his ejaculate off the cold hard of the windshield. After I cleaned the slick glass with my tongue, I saved some his essence to give to him and I kissed him afterward. He smiled as he received his surprise gift from me. Bob grew to like the taste of his own cum.

After we kissed, Bob eased me gently onto my back and raised my dress way above my protruding belly. The hood felt warm on my butt and back as heat still generated from the engine. I stared up at the cloudless sky and gazed at the multitude of stars. Bob caressed my panties, which were cut high on my thighs and covering the top of my tummy. There were two little patchworks of lace near the leg openings at the front of my thighs. He traced his finger along the leg opening seams, starting at the sides of my pelvic arch and working his way down to my hot damp cotton and nylon crotch. It tickled and made me shiver as he did this. He petted my pubic area and rubbed my clitoris over my panties. He lowered his head and licked the saturated shiny nylon that sheltered my aroused clit. He jerked off again and came all over my pretty white maternity unides. His cum felt hot on my tender skin as a large globule of his spunk shot my clit and seeped through the thin panty layer. It flooded my little nub and oozed all around it, then dripped down my labia into my vaginal opening and between my ass. I rubbed his sticky wad all into my defiled pantied crotch and brought some up jizz to my lips to give it a taste. I savored both of our mingled juices on the tip of my tongue and spread it all over the roof of my mouth. It was delightful.

Bob reached in my panties at the waist and pulled them off my supine body. He held them up to his face and breathed in my womanly scent at the wet crotch. He tasted his own cum on my panties and then wrapped the pretty undergarment around his stiff cock and rubbed it all up and down his shaft. With his free hand, he began rubbing my huge breasts and pinched my tender lactating nipples. He tossed my panties aside and lifted my legs up from under my knees. He put his huge 9″ cock inside my vagina. I was really wet and accepted him with ease. He fucked me soundly there on the hood of our car. His hip thrusts were powerful and well executed. I loved being fucked hard. My ass bounced off the hood of the car, causing an indentation on the thin aluminum skin. We didn’t care about damaging the car. “Fuck it!” Bob said, “We’ll buy a new one.” Bob’s balls slapped vigorously against my ass cheeks every time he plunged into me I felt the tip of his cock bump into my lowered cervix and the pressure was intense, yet very sensual. The rocking motion was good for the baby too and it lulled him to sleep. Bob pawed at my milking breasts as he penetrated my thick pussy. Then he rolled his palms all over my beach ball sized belly. I came three times there as he fucked me on the hood of the car out there in the desert.

After a while, Bob pulled out of my satisfied pussy and pulled me off the hood. He turned me around and bent me over. I folded my arms on the hood of the car, which was now warm and wet on the spot where my freshly fucked ass had been and rested my head on my arms. Bob entered my vagina from behind and fucked me doggy style as my stomach hung over the fender of the car. The pressure off my lower back was soothing and this position allowed me to stretch my aching back muscles. My dress hardly covered me now as it was bunched between drooping boobs and the upper part of my protruding belly. After twenty minutes Bob stopped to rest. He had not cum inside me yet, and I desperately wanted him to do so. A change of position might help, he figured.

He helped me up off the hood and turned me toward him. He took my dress off over my head and flung it into the back seat of the car. He sat down in the front passenger seat and totally removed his pants and underwear. He patted his lap and beckoned for me to come to him. I climbed into the car facing him and straddled his lap. I eased my pussy down onto his erect cock and my ass sunk to his thighs. My vagina swallowed his big thick dick. I bumped and gyrated on his throbbing member. I knew that he wanted to cum, but he had to build himself back up again. He bucked me hard and I nearly hit my head on the padded ceiling of the car. Bob twisted my breasts and squeezed them together as we fucked. He buried his face in my sternum and pressed my boobs against his cheeks. He lick my chest and cleavage area. His tongue danced around my voluminous breasts and he sucked on my milk engorged mammaries. Soon Bob found new intensity in his endeavor to cum in my pussy. My clit was being mashed and distorted on his rigid pubic bone. The feeling was incredible and I was swelling to yet another orgasm. We got a steady motion going and the pace was hot and heavy. We hit the jackpot and came simultaneously, me with a shrilly wail, and Bob with a shuddering moan. His cum shot high and hard into my well worked pussy. I actually felt his pressurized jizz collide and bounce off my vaginal walls and cervix. We sat in coitus as we rested and cuddled. Bob’s cum oozed out of my vagina and soaked his pubis at the base of his cock. It seeped out all over his sweat drenched pubic hair.

We embraced tightly and kissed passionately. Bob whispered into my ear, thanking me for the great sex, then he told me that he loved me. He patted my tummy and lowered his head down to it. He told the baby that he loved him and gave my tummy a sweet little kiss. A coyote howled in the distance.

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