Club Drama Chapter One

My best friend Robert and I came into some money and with more financial backing from another friend of ours we opened a strip club. I won’t bore you with the business purchasing, hiring, and other minor details and just preface the remaining with that we chose it to be a full nude club which meant no alcohol to be served. Owning a strip club has to be a daily party and what could go wrong you say. Well, we shall see about all that.

During the week our Grand Opening I was sitting in my office going over some paperwork when a staff member peeked in the door and said that there were two people here that asked to speak to the manager. I said it was ok to let them in and finished reviewing the papers in front of me. The office door closed and I looked up to see two familiar faces. I don’t know who was more shocked to see one another, Chey and Kenzie, or myself.  Both of them were friends of mine and my family’s. All three of us had surprised looks on our faces and paused before all muttering hello. They sat down in front of my desk and I softly asked what I could do for them.

Kenzie said, “Didn’t know you managed here.”

I responded, “Actually I am one of the owners. Not many people know I own this and hopefully we can all keep it a secret.”

Chey piped up, “Its all good we won’t say a word. Plus we don’t want it out either we are here.”

I smiled and said, “Your secret safe as well. Now, what can I do for you.”

Chey said, “We were hoping to apply for some part time work.”

I questioned, “What do you have in mind?”

Kenzie said, “I was interested in being a waitress or host.” Chey said “Me too. But can I ask what is the dancing and how much more do dancers make?”

I responded, “Waitress and hosts get minimum wage + tips and dancers get minimum wage + tips, money for lap dances in main room and 1/2 money for VIP rooms. Dancing on stage is two songs and you can wear whatever you want and take off as much or as little as you want. I will say more you show the more guys will tip.”

The girls nodded their heads in acknowledgment. Chey asked, “On a lap dance are guys allowed to touch?”

My response was, “On the main floor not at all, but in the VIP room at the dancers comfort they can put hands on where she allows to an extent. There is no touching in areas if you know what I mean. Once, again security will be watching to ensure dancers and customers don’t break rules.” They both nodded again. Then I said, “Just let me know what jobs you want and your hired.”

They smiled and Kenzie asked to be a waitress. Chey said, “Can I try dancing and if I don’t like it do something else?”

I answered, “Sure.” I gave them employment forms to fill out and took copies of their ID cards before they left.

They returned a few hours later and Chey went into the dressing room and changed after providing the DJ with a song choice and stage name. A few minutes later the DJ announced her as the music started. She moved about the stage effortlessly and it took her a few minutes to get comfortable interacting with the pole. The most clothing she removed was her bottoms to show a very small thong that snug tightly in her firm round ass. When she was done I complimented her performance and reiterated that removing clothes was her options but may effect tips. She told me that she may do it with customers but was uncomfortable with me there as we knew each other. I told her I understood how she felt. Chey practiced more over the week without me there and I heard she got better with pole and even took off her top.

Friday night was the grand opening and  I ensured the small refrigerator in the dressing room had alcohol for the entertainers. An employee monitored drinks so no girl was wasted but got enough to calm nerves. Club was packed and patrons were having a good time as far as I could hear and see. When Chey’s stage name was announced I retreated to my office to make things easier on her. After I heard her second song end and another dancer announced I went back out to the floor. The night went on until the early morning hours and I was in my office doing a preliminary tally of the night’s numbers when Chey stumbled in closed the door and slumped into a chair. I asked how her first night went. She told me it was fun and that she made $500. I could tell she was a little tipsy and I asked her if she had a ride home and she said Kenzie would take her home. We chatted a little more as I ran more numbers.

Then Chey said, “So, I know I gotta get over this nerves of you seeing me naked, cause I know there is going to be a night you will be have to be on floor when I dance. Thanks for hiding tonight it helped on first night.”

We laughed and I said, “I will try my best to come here when you dance, but unfortunately you might be right that one night it’s bound to happen.”

She stated, “I know, so can I break that nervous ice now?”

To which I responded, “What do you mean?”

Chey clicked on her phone and stood up as a song came on it and began dancing in front of me. She swayed back and forth with the beat and tugged at the straps of her sundress, sliding them off her shoulders. Chey proceeded to slide the dress off and toss it onto the chair. Then she danced over till she was on my side of the desk and turned around so her butt was facing me and undid her bra too and tossed it aside. Chey covered her breasts with her hands and as she turned to face me slowly moved her hands aside revealing her small breasts. Her perky breasts were a size B at most but most likely a big A. We smiled at each other and she sat down on my lap as her song ended.

She said, “Well that’s out of the way and it feels like a big weight off my shoulders.”

I said, “Good, from now on I won’t have to dart to my office.”

We laughed and she put her head against my shoulder briefly. Then she reached down and began patting the front of my pants which began getting me aroused. Chey unbuttoned my pants, unzipped my zipper and pulled my pants and boxers down a little bit. My cock sprung at full mast when my boxers were removed. She wrapped her small hand around my cock and slowly stroked it up and down. Her stroking repetition increased and went on until my load released out. We heard the door opening and she jumped off my lap and raced to the chair and I quickly grabbed tissues and pulled myself to the desk.

Kenzie walked in and said, “Chey, you ready to go?” Chey without turning around said, “Ya, I’ll be there in a second.” Kenzie said, “Ok, meet you at car,” and she shut the door. I hastily cleaned myself and pulled up my pants and Chey put her dress on. Then she left my office and went home with Kenzie.

Saturday night began like the night prior however when Chey came on stage I didn’t leave the floor while she performed, but most of my attention was on customers and other employees anyhow. I went out the back door to get some fresh air and ran into Kenzie who was out there relaxing on her break. I sat down next to her and we chatted briefly about how her night was going.

Then she questioned, “Did you and Chey do something in your office last night cause I swear when I came in she looked naked and you seemed surprised.”

I hesitate before answering, “No, nothing went on. She just got over her nerves of me seeing her naked by talking through it.”

Kenzie said, “Ok, that’s good.  I wouldn’t judge you if you watched  girls dance here cause there are some beautiful girls here.”

To which I smiled and replied, “Thank you. I like to think that I have beautiful waitresses too.”

Kenzie smiled at me as she understood what I insinuated and she hugged me and said thank you. We stood up as to go back inside but our eyes deadlocked with one another and neither of us moved. Then, as if we became magnets, we embraced our arms around each other and our lips kissed softly. Our kissing intensified to open mouth making out and my hands ran down her back and cupped her firm butt. The sound of a car startled and interrupted us. I questioned how much longer her break was and she looked at her phone and said time was up. We hugged and kissed once more before going back inside.

The remainder of the evening we would lock eyes across the room and smile slightly at one another until she came up to me and said, “Have a good night. My shift is over.” I followed her out the door to employee parking and when she turned around I hugged her tight, cupping her butt and gently squeezed it.

She said, “We better stop or someone might see us and that wouldn’t be good.” I told her she was right and I turned to go back inside when I heard her say, “Do you want to come over to my place?” I turned around and smiled. She took my phone and entered her address before kissing me and driving off. Then I went back inside and let Robert know I was calling it a night and I left.

When I got to her place we embraced and kissed and she took me by the hand and led me to her room. Once in the room we laid on her bed and continued to make out for quite awhile. I ran my hands up the back of her shirt and unhooked her bra which startled her. I questioned, “Do you want me to stop?” She shook her head no and said, “Let me help you.” Kenzie pulled off her shirt and pants and I feverishly undressed. Then I softly kissed all around her naked body before removing her thong with my teeth.

My lips touched her moist pussy and she moaned softly as my tongue began pleasuring her clit. This went on till she softly muttered, “I want to feel you inside me.” I got up and yanked off my boxers and rolled her over and positioned her in doggy position. Then I guided my cock into her wet pussy. Kenzie had a very tight pussy and I held tight onto the sides of her ass as I began pumping. Her moans and the slapping of my hips against her ass was all I heard as I felt her pussy orgasm on my cock. I continued to pound her and just as I burst my load inside her the bedroom door opened and we heard, “What the fuck is going on here?” We both jumped and turned around to see Chey standing in the doorway. Kenzie pulled the sheet up and we both sat up and looked at Chey and tried to think of something to say.

To be continued…….


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