Lani And The Marlboro Man

After being married to my island princess Lani for a couple of years, we flew back to the mainland on a business/pleasure trip. Taking delivery of a new white cargo van in Seattle, our plans included a cross country drive to the Mid-West where I was from. Then driving back to the West coast before shipping the van home. Having lived in the mainland for years, I was used to long drives and knew how boring they could be. It was to be quite different this time, however. On this trek I would be escorting an exotic, drop dead gorgeous bombshell who was the center of attention wherever we went.

It started as soon as we got off the plane at Sea/Tac airport. For the plane ride, Lani had chosen a spaghetti strap mid-thigh length sun dress which had the monumental task of containing her bodacious body, plus high heeled sandals. With long glorious black hair pulled back in combs and a flower behind one ear, she looked like a goddess. People were staring in disbelief, which began to make Lani really self conscious. She was used to being looked at back home but not like this.  I recommended she go to the ladies room and change into more suitable traveling attire.  Never having been to the mainland, she hadn’t packed well.  She came out of the ladies room in a mid-thigh length white skort, which is a pleated skirt with a pair of short shorts underneath. The rest of her outfit consisted of a light weight white sweater, no bra, flower still behind one ear, and the sandals of course.

“How’s this?” she asked sweetly, giving a little twirl.

“That’ll do it,” I croaked, unable to believe my eyes. With long shapely legs on the bottom and an awesome pair of high standing tits perched on top, she was truly a sight to behold.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘This guy is so full of shit his breath stinks!’ I can’t say as I blame you, but remember this. These beautiful creatures DO exist. These kind of things DO happen. I was just fortunate to be the lucky bum it was happening to.

Picking up our bags at the carousel, we grabbed a cab to the truck dealership. I’d brought along a set of Hawaii license plates as I didn’t want to drive all over the country with paper ones. The sales manager fell all over himself to be helpful. Eyes glued to my wife the entire time, as were the eyes of every other male in the place, I might as well have not been there. I didn’t blame them. I would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed.

After installing the plates and taking delivery, we were off. This was a whole new experience for Lani and she was having a grand time. Like a child she looked everywhere in wide eyed innocence. Everything was so different, so big, so new. She was only used to dogs and cats, along with the odd mongoose thrown in from time to time back home. Here there were all kinds of critters, chipmunks, squirrels, you name it, all were a source of excited glee. She’d make it a point to follow me in when I payed for gas. You know the normal ‘pay for your stuff and go’ transaction? Not with my wife. She would start up a conversation with whomever was there. It was an amazing thing to witness. Her exotic beauty would stun them. Then her warm ‘Aloha spirit’ personality would just suck them in, men, women, and children alike. Before long she knew their names, where they lived, where they were going,  etc. etc. They would be left gaping in awe by the time we drove away.

We were white hot for each other. Every motel we stayed in became a beautiful memory. I’d brought a couple of thick sleeping bags to throw in the back since I knew we couldn’t make it between motels. I could describe in endless detail what sex with Lani is like, but I’ll keep it short. She’s like a smoldering volcano, lava bubbling below the surface ready to erupt. When she does, the ground shakes and the sound can be heard for miles.

After long days on the road she began to get bored and started teasing me. She’d recline nude on the sleeping bags,  holding her arms toward me invitingly. It was hard to keep my eyes on the road and our progress was slow. We stopped at untold numbers of rest areas, fucking like rabbits. The ever present pareo to wrap herself in and high heeled sandals to wear to the ladies room. Talk about looking out of place.  Everybody stared!  They now knew the source of all the noise coming from that van parked way down at the end.

I talked her into driving topless with a haku (flower lei) on her head and my gold Gargoyles to hide behind. Let me tell you, she was a sight to behold. Big brown tits sitting high on her chest. Long brown pierced nipples pointing straight out and a huge smile on her face. I have a thousand pictures, I swear to God! It wasn’t long before truckers began to toot their horns and flash their lights in appreciation. I can just imagine the CB chatter. ‘Breaker one nine, you’re not going to believe what I just saw good buddy’.  This went on for miles as she laughed and waved.

Lani was getting hot showing herself off, and so was I. Pulling over, I slid behind the wheel as she crawled into the back. It wasn’t long before she had my zipper down, giving me a highway Hoover. I suggested she take off her panties and climb up on the passenger seat. With her ass high in the air she knelt on the seat,  face in my lap, continuing where she’d left off. Reaching across her back, I pulled her short skirt up around her waist and fingered her hot pussy as well as her tiny rose bud, before reaching under to fondle her tits which were swaying between the seats. She giggled and moaned around my hard cock. The trucker that passed couldn’t believe his eyes and had to slow down to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Lani by now was getting frantic and my driving was getting pretty dicey, so I began looking for a place to pull over. We were in the middle of nowhere and the only place I could find was a ramp leading down to an access road running under the highway. I parked beside the road where passing traffic couldn’t see us as we tried to collect ourselves. Still having my camera out, I suggested we take a few more pictures. At my request Lani stripped everything off and donned a pair of white patent leather stripper heels I’d bought in Vegas as we passed through (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas). Jumping out and setting the camera on a tripod, I awaited her grand entrance.

The side cargo door slid open and out stepped the most gorgeous legs you have ever seen. Teetering on those impossibly high heels, Lani began to pose. She was a natural. Using the white van for a back drop as well as a prop, she struck pose after pose. Opening the passenger door she leaned way in across the seat to retrieve a brush and lipstick from her purse. In so doing, her beautiful behind opened, allowing her completely hairless pussy lips to peak out. I was in awe and so was the driver of a beat up pickup that came out of nowhere, stopping not twenty feet away on the other side of a barb wire fence. Wind noise and passing traffic had masked the sound of his arrival.

At first we didn’t notice as he climbed out wearing a pair of faded jeans and a sweat stained cowboy hat. Giving a quick glance, he walked up and began to unlock the gate to the field he was coming out of. When he spotted my beautiful bride bent over the seat stark naked, perched on stilt heels, he stopped short and stared. Having found what she was searching for Lani turned, unaware we were no longer alone. With a shriek, she tried covering herself with her hands. Realizing it was a lost cause she gave up, and with sheepish grin on her beautiful face, gave a little wave. Hoping the show wasn’t over, ‘Marlboro Man” climbed up on the fender of his dusty truck, leaned back, and began rolling a cigarette.

All the while I continued snapping away.  ‘He’s already seen all of me, along with who knows how many truckers. My husband’s here to protect me, so I might as well have a little fun’ she must have thought. Whatever the reason, she nonchalantly began running the brush through her long hair before again pulling it to the back of her head, secured in place with combs. In so doing her breasts proudly thrust forward, long brown nipples pierced by tiny gold rings glinting in the sunlight. Bending and peering into the passenger side mirror she applied red lipstick to replace what was at that moment being transferred to the inside of my shorts. Satisfied,  she began to pose for her two man audience.

She should have been a stripper. Using both hands she lifted her heavy breasts, slowly fingering and teasing the stiff nipples, leaning her gorgeous head back, giving forth a sigh. Moving like a cat, she stretched her glorious nude body high against the side of the van, stopping briefly, before slowly bending at the waist, hands gliding down those long gams to her ankles. With back turned she paused, looking over her shoulder she flashed a teasing smile, well aware all of her most intimate secrets were exposed to our hungry eyes. This went on for what seemed like a good hour, pose after teasing pose. All the while Marlboro man rolled and chain smoked one cigarette after another, a huge bulge in his faded Levi’s.

We couldn’t take it any longer. I packed the camera and tripod into the van as Lani, flush with pent up desire, climbed in the cargo door on her hands and knees, glorious  brown ass in the air. With both hands I spread her cheeks, running my wet tongue over her dripping sex as Lani squealed. Then looking over her gorgeous shoulder, she blew a kiss to Marlboro man as I closed the door behind us. We were attacking each other like rabbits as the old truck rattled to life and roared off down the road.


(image Source: Evasive Angles Entertainment)

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