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Local Massage Parlour

As you may know, I am quite partial to a massage, particularly an Asian massage. It all started when I had a back injury and went to a Chinese massage centre about half an hour from where I live. To quickly recap, I led on my from and the young Asian gave a lovely massage on my back, then asked me to turn over, unfortunately revealing my erection poking out of my boxers. She smiled, pulled them off and poured very warm oil on my swollen shaft. A few hand swirls and some up and down and I shot my load all over her hand. That was me hooked on Asian massages.

So, to more recent times, a new Asian Health and Massage Centre opened almost within walking distance of my house. I did wonder if they offered “Happy Endings” as they like to call them. I don’t normally go to places so close to my home, but the outward appearance of the establishment looked very proper and above board so I thought, no harm and made an appointment.

I took the short walk and confidently went in the day, briefly glancing to see if anyone I knew was around. Luckily there wasn’t.  It was different to the other place I went in that there were 3 girls, all young, skinny Asians and extremely pretty, sitting round a table drinking tea. I was told I could pick which ever one I wanted and already my choice in mind as I pointed to the smallest one. I must point out that they were all over 18, as the notice on the wall pointed out. I have to take their word for this as to be honest it is very difficult to judge.

So, she led me to a small, intimate massage room round behind the reception. It was warm, with a nice musky smell. She put on the usual massage CD and asked if I wanted her to undress me. I obviously said yes and helped her remove my clothes. Now, one thing I now do before any Asian massage is to take a Viagra, it simply saves any time in getting hard and on occasions has led to multiple cums. Today was no exception and as she removed my black boxers, by cock sprang upwards. She looked me in the eyes and smiled.

She made me lay front down on the table which I have to say was not comfortable. Then, she went under the table and opened a small door, exactly where my cock was. She lifted me up slightly and eased my cock through the hole. The relief was wonderful. She started to massage my back, I chose the hard option today as sometimes it can be quite painful and I find it is more erotic if it hurts. For a small girl, she was very strong. She took off her blue overall and sat astride my back. I could feel her silky thong sliding against my back, her tiny breasts rubbing through her black bra. Her nipples were very small but solid as she slid up and down.

She got off the table after a few minutes and poured more oil on my legs. Her soft hands massaged my legs, eventually moving up and down my thigh. My cock was aching as it hung below the table. She noticed me shifting around and slid herself under the table. The first thing I felt was a warm mouth around the end of my cock. She sucked hard, drawing my foreskin up the shaft and over the end. As her teeth gently nibbled the foreskin I oozed some silky clear precum into her mouth. She licked around my cock head and began to suck. My balls were very heavy and I needed to ejaculate but not yet, I had to wait a while. She slurped and sucked for what seemed like an eternity, all the while I was desperate to cum in her mouth. She came back out from the table and told me to turn over and lay on my back. As I did so, she looked surprised to see how big I now was. Her sucking had made me huge and swollen.

She ignored my penis for the moment and poured warm musky oil on my chest and massaged firmly, occasionally squeezing my nipples. She took my hand and placed it on her own breasts and I rubbed them gently although I have to say there was very little to rub. Her nipples were still solid and she offered them to my mouth. As I sucked them in turn, she took off her bra and slid her tiny panties off. He pussy was a smooth and bald as the day she was born although now it was very wet indeed.

She climbed onto the table once more and parted her sweet baby pussy lips. I thought she was going to slide my shaft inside her, but no, she slid up and down on my cock as it lay against my stomach. I think this is what they call a “Cameltoe Slide”. It felt amazing as I sat up slightly to watch my engorged cock, foreskin drawn down hard, sliding inside her outer lips, glistening as she slid slowly up and down. She was clearly enjoying this as much as I was and placed her hand on her growing clitty. She rubbed it around as she slid up and down. I was in heaven as she did this and for a small girl, she started to moan as a genuine orgasm built up inside her.

She slid faster and harder and as she began a hard slide forward, my cock went right up inside her pussy. She looked shocked as this was clearly not the plan! She stopped and asked if I was OK to fuck her bareback. She assured me she was very clean and without further ado, she started riding me up and down. She felt so tight as her little ass bounced up and down; she said she had to be quiet as fucking was a real no-no. The table creaked as she rode so she slid off and made me stand up. She sat with her pussy just off the edge of the table and guided my sticky cock straight up inside her. I started to thrust hard and luckily the table was quiet, unlike her. I put my hand across her mouth as a major cum hit her genitals.  A flood of sweet young pussy juice run on the floor as she orgasmed hard.

I carried out banging her pussy and felt the sperm in my balls rising. She sensed this and asked me to cum inside her and with that the first sticky jet went deep inside her little Asian cunt. I pushed it in as hard as I could, taking her to another orgasm. Yet more juice poured out of her. I finished emptying inside her and slid my sore cock out. She bent down and started to suck me clean. Without warning I pumped another jet of spunk onto her tongue as a second ejaculation hit me unexpectedly.  She gulped it down, all the time rubbing her clitty. This girl still wanted more. I bent down and took her clitty in my mouth. I slurped and sucked all the spunk and juice from inside her and once again she cum. I rubbed and licked all around her gorgeous little pussy until she eased. We sat for a few moments before she said we needed to clean up. The hour was up! She mopped her own mess up first and then dressed. She cleaned my now flaccid cock with baby wipes and asked me to dress. I paid her the extra £50 she wanted, kissed me on the cheek and unlocked the door.

As I left, the other two girls were still sat there, clearly having heard everything we had done through the thin walls.

Will I be going back? Of course!

I adore sex. Personally, I love tantric, erotic and lingam massage. My marital sex life is non existent now so I am always looking for new and exciting ways to ejaculate.

Writing these stories always invokes a stream of clear sweet pre-cum and when I read the stories back, I always have an intense and copious orgasm.

I would always like to chat with other authors and maybe meet to share ideas and more...

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