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Raped By My Own Wife

It must have been three am when I awakened from a sound sleep finding myself unable to move. My final free limb was being secured tightly to the bedpost. With a rising sense of alarm, I felt a blindfold being secured behind my head leaving me in total darkness.


“Shhhhh,” a soft female voice whispered in the darkness.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I asked in vain.

“You’re all mine now,” came the reply.

I’d waited hours for my hot wife to return from her late night rendezvous before falling asleep. I now found myself helpless, completely at her mercy. The bed moved and a musky warmth enveloped my face.

“Lick me,” she ordered, lowering her drooling sex to my face.

I flicked my tongue across her lips, eliciting a soft moan from somewhere up above.

“Can you taste them?” the voice purred softly in the darkness. My tongue searched deeper wringing a soft cry of delight. “Your wife has been a naughty girl again,” she breathed raggedly.

Pressing her hot sex tightly to my face, she slid forward and backward over my mouth. My nose was pressed into her wet opening. I inhaled deeply as my cock stirred from its slumber.

“They filled me four times tonight, baby. Should I tell you all about it?” she teased. My mouth devouring her wet sex was the only reply. “He came in my mouth,” she whispered, “His cock was so beautiful I had to taste it. I swirled my tongue around his big head and nibbled up and down his shaft. He quivered all over as I licked all around his heavy balls.” She continued. “I wrapped a hand around his shaft and began licking up and down before lowering my mouth over the top. I took it all the way into my throat as he placed his hands on the back of my head, urging me on. Cupping his balls with one hand and gripping him tightly with the other, I ran my lips up and down his shaft. He jumped as I dragged a fingernail across his little puckered hole. When I pushed it inside he arched his back, forcing his cock deep down my throat. It began to jerk, so I pulled back, wanting to catch his salty cum on my tongue. It tasted dreamy. A little dribbled out the corner of my mouth as I opened it wide. He could see my tongue swimming in his creamy load before I swallowed it down. He bent and gave me a torrid kiss as we shared the sticky remnants.”

My poor cock was waving wildly in the air and my mind was racing as I listened to the sordid details. THEY?  THEY?  WHO WERE, THEY?

Maybe I should start at the beginning. I’d encouraged my wife to take a lover to enhance our own lovemaking. It had gone further than I’d expected. My sweet loving wife had turned into someone I barely recognized. She was now horny all the time. Whenever we were in public I would catch her eyeing other men whenever she thought I wasn’t looking. She began wearing revealing clothes displaying her curvaceous charms to the hungry eyes of any man who happened to be near. She flirted with them outrageously in front of me. Feeling secure in my own manhood, the more she flirted, the more it turned me on. Her need for sex had become voracious. Much as I tried I couldn’t keep up. We had unbelievable sex every day. Sometimes twice or three times. Still I would catch her pleasuring herself with her fingers. It’s a passing faze, I thought. Things will get back to normal. But they hadn’t. She professed her deep love for me but said I’d awakened a need that had to be satisfied.  Don’t misunderstand, she doesn’t go with just any man who happens to come along. She’s very choosy. With her smoldering sex appeal she can afford to be. Since her first lover Mikee, she’d moved on to another, and then another.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY?” I inquired into the darkness.

“Be a good boy and I’ll tell you,” came the reply.

“I was at Jon Jon’s (she always gave them pet names) just sitting on the couch talking when there was a knock at the door.”

Her latest lover was a Lt. Colonel commanding a brigade of Green Berets.

“It was one of his buddies,” she continued. “Jon Jon invited him in for a drink. After a couple glasses of wine I was feeling no pain. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was kneeling on the couch naked with my breasts resting on the back. Jon Jon was behind me and his buddy was standing in front. Looking over my shoulder, I grinned and wiggled my okole enticingly. Jon Jon pressed his face between my cheeks and began licking my pussy as his buddy dropped his shorts. Oh Honey! His cock was beautiful!” she squealed in delight. “Fat and long with heavy balls hanging down. I had to have it in my mouth. I was going crazy as Jon Jon licked my pussy and his buddy fucked my mouth. It wasn’t long before his warm sperm covered my tongue. After tasting himself on my lips,  he sat and watched as Jon Jon continued to slide his wonderful cock in and out of me. I hung on for dear life as he pounded me deep. I felt his cock swell and he came with a bellow, sending a torrent of cum deep in my pussy. It felt so amazing I fainted over the back of the couch. When my senses recovered, I realized his buddy was now inside me. His hard cock felt as good as it looked and my body began to respond to his deep thrusts. Jon Jon was returning from the other room with more wine when his buddy added his cum to my overflowing pussy.  I was a mess. Hair plastered across my face. Covered in sweat. Gobs of cum oozing out of me. We made such a lewd scene. Looking sheepishly at each other we all began to laugh. That’s when Jon Jon introduced me to Ray. It felt weird to shake hands with a man who had so recently been ravaging my body from both ends.”

“We sat together naked on the couch with me in the middle sipping more wine,” my naughty wife continued, lying prostrate over my body. Her hot sex was draped over my face and her cheek nestled against my straining shaft. All the while she licked me absentmindedly while reminiscing her recent lewd activities. Renewing her attention to my all but abandoned shaft, she related the rest of her story.

“I sat between them and stroked their cocks as they sipped wine and played with my titties. Since my hands were busy they took turns kissing me and passing wine into my mouth. There cocks were really hard and I needed to taste them, so I got down on my knees and had them sit close together so I could take turns sucking their beautiful cocks. They loved watching me as much as I loved what I was doing. Then Jon Jon got behind me and dribbled wine down my crack and began to lick me. His tongue was driving me crazy and I sucked and licked Ray Ray for all I was worth. Jon Jon then slid his big cock into me. I WAS SO WET AND READY FOR HIM, I CAME AS SOON AS HE ENTERED ME!” she squealed. “Ray Ray must have liked the show because his cock began throbbing in my mouth and started cumming. I swallowed as much as I could, but some dribbled out, running down my chin. I started trembling all over when I felt Jon Jon’s wonderful cock swell and explode, filling my slutty pussy again.”

“OH GOD, HONEY, IT FELT UNBELIEVABLE TO BE FUCKED FROM BOTH ENDS!” she moaned huskily, her throbbing cunt squirming on my eager tongue. I delved deeper, seeking her source.


“THEY FUCKED MY PUSSY AND THROAT FASTER AND FASTER, THEN THEY BOTH BEGAN FILLING YOUR WIFE WITH THEIR CUM!” she cried excitedly, another huge orgasm overtaking her. Her mouth then engulfed my cock. I thrust deep and shot a fountain of cum as she released a torrent of juices into my mouth. My mouth flooded, I lay bound and blindfolded. Pinned beneath her limp body. I’VE JUST BEEN RAPED BY MY OWN WIFE, I realized, before drifting into a dreamless sleep.


(Image Source: Meanbitch Productions)

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