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Wild Weekend Part Three

Once I left the breakfast with Lyne I began a texting conversation with Kim and made up an excuse as to why the party wasn’t going on and discussed alternatives hoping to hang out together. We eventually agreed to an idea of what we thought would be fun of going to a camp spot for the night. I packed my camping gear and raced to the store to get food supplies. Then, at 130pm we met at her place and packed her stuff in the car and drove the hour and half to the campground. As we drove we talked, laughed, flirted and got to know one another a little better.

When we arrived at campground we found a spot and I paid the fee and, we unloaded the car and began setting up camp. I took the two tents out and she said, “To make it easier we could share a tent if there is enough room.” I said, “Mine is big enough for that.” We set up up one tent and then decided to take a walk down to the creek and, she went into the tent to change and I changed in the bathroom into my swim trunks.  I washed down two of the sex pills with one of the enhance drinks and tossed the wrapper in trash and walked back to campsite. Kim exited the tent and I tried not to stare when I saw she was wearing a black bikini. Her boobs had to be a large C and were snugged tight in the top. We walked down the quiet path till we reached a spot that could access the creek easily. I put towels down on a rock and she stepped into the water. Her bikini bottoms were very tight on her little butt and I caught myself staring. I joined her in the water and we splashed around for quite awhile and every chance I got I would sneak a peek at her boobs and butt. Eventually we dried off and walked back to camp and had a couple beers before deciding to prepare dinner.

Kim went into the tent to change and I started the barbecue. When she came out of the tent she had put on shorts but still had on the bikini top. She said “I am too hot for a shirt, but shorts are comfortable,” I responded “yes, you are definitely very hot!” Kim looked at me and smiled and laughed. We cooked and ate dinner and drank more beers. It was getting dusk and as we sat around the camp fire and drank Kim said “Fuck it nobody is near us and if they were anyways it will be dark soon. Plus, you think I am hot!” Then, she untied her bikini top and tossed it over the side of her chair. My eyes immediately looked at her bare chest and I smiled. We continued to drink and talk as it grew dark and I would occasionally take my eyes off her breasts. Kim got out of her chair walked over to me and sat on my lap. I could no longer see her breasts that well as it was pitch black, but light provided from the fire allowed me the outline of them. She took one final swig of her beer and put the bottle down and wrapped her arms around my neck, leaned her head on my shoulder and pressed her boobs into my chest. I whispered “shall we go in the tent.” She answer yes and we got up and walked into the tent.

The bright lantern again showed me her breasts and she pulled off her pants and said “I sleep naked.” I smiled and said “I don’t mind and will keep you warm.” She flopped onto the air mattress and I leaned over and began sucking on her breasts. I pulled her thong off with my fingers and glanced at her bald pussy before I ran my tongue around and into it. As I licked inside her I began to feel my cock hardening and pushing against my pants. So, I stopped licking her and yanked off my pants and boxers. Kim looked at my cock and smiled. She pushed me down and climbed on top of me running her tongue down my chest, stomach and licked my cock. Kim straddled my waist and lowered herself down guiding my cock into her pussy with her hand. I cupped her tits in each hand as she bounced up and down on me and did so far what I realized was 15 minutes. She moaned louder and louder and with a one strong bounce she clinched and as she released she squirted her juices on my stomach.

When the squirting stopped I rolled her over and into doggy position and began pumping. My hands held tightly to her hips and I pounded away as she moaned and she would orgasm again and again. After twenty minutes of me pounding her she squirted once again. Kim said “fuck your cock is still hard as a rock! You even close to blowing?” I knew that the pills and drink must have screwed something up chemically but I said, “You are so fucking hot my body doesn’t want it to end!” Kim smiled and jumped up and climbed on me again this time with her ass facing me and she began bouncing down on me again. I held her hips once again slammer her down on my cock for 10 minutes. She moaned and moaned and was getting tired from bouncing I could tell. So I rolled her to doggy position and held onto her tits as I pounded and after 10 minutes of pounding her pussy and her moaning and orgasming numerous times I shot a huge load into her pussy and we crumpled to the air mattress. Kim caught her breath and said “shit, my thighs are sticky. Fuck I feel like I will be sore tomorrow, but in a good way!” I smile and answered” ya, that you were incredible and you are so hot!” We climbed into the sleeping bag and she cuddled up to me and we fell asleep.

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast and packed up some of our camp stuff. Then Kim stated “I want to snap some pics by the creek before we leave.” So, we walked down to the creek and she found a spot for her selfies. I said “climb on that big rock and I will take your pic.” She climbed onto the rock and smiled as I snapped a couple pictures. I said “I dare you to take your shirt off for some pictures.” She laughed and said “you mean like this” and she removed her top and bra exposing her breasts and posed with a smile as I snapped more pics. Kim said “how about I just do all nude.” I smiled and answered “fine by me.” She pulled her shorts and thong down and posed as I snapped pics with her phone and mine of her front side and back side. We heard a noise and she quickly covered herself and began dressing but it was only a bird rustling in the trees. Then, we walked back to our campsite and put the remaining items in the car and began driving home.

We were talking and I once again complimented her on how amazingly hot she is and went on to say she is the hottest girl I have been with. She smiled and thanked me and took my hand and put it on her thigh. Kim unbuttoned her shorts and I ran my fingers on outside of her thong and around her pussy lips. I slowly slid a finger in and she winced and said “wow, careful I am a little sensitive and soar from last night.” I gently fingered her pussy while I drove and she moaned in enjoyment. For 10 minutes I fingered her until she squirted juices onto the seat. Then, she reached over and began rubbing my crotch until I began getting hard, and then she unbuttoned my shorts took my cock out of them. Kim loosened her seat belt and leaned over my lap and wrapped her soft lips around my cock and proceeded to give me head. Amazingly I was still able to drive and concentrate on the road while enjoying her pleasuring me with her mouth. At one point an older couple passed us and the driver looked over and must have figured out what was taking place cause he quickly turned his head away. Kim’s blow job went on for 15 minutes till I came, and she swallowed all of my load and licked me clean. Then, with one hand I put my cock back in my shorts while she sat back in her seat. We got back to her house and unloaded her camping items and, I hugged her and drove home.

When I got home I put away my camping gear, took a shower and got dressed. I reviewed the nude pictures of Kim on my phone and emailed them to a secret email account and quickly deleted them from my phone, so they wouldn’t be found. I sat on the couch and reflected that my wife would be home tomorrow evening and I had hot sex with different woman during her absence and, I would never tell anyone. Then, I messaged my wife and conveyed I was looking forward to her returning home before icing my crotch and relaxing rest of the evening.

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