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Domestic Discipline

He stopped at the red light, stretched and yawned. It had been a long day and he was now on his way home after putting in another 14 hours. His stomach growled as he hadn’t had anything to eat since lunchtime. The light turned to green and he continued his way on home. Upon pulling into the driveway he could see the light to the study was on which more than likely meant his wife was at her computer. He retrieved his briefcase from the passenger seat and stepped out of the car.

He walked into the house through the kitchen. No smell of food greeted him. He shook his head as he headed to the study where he found his wife absorbed in her computer as usual. She didn’t even hear him come in. He walked up to her and took her hand, “Come with me please” he said as he led her to the kitchen. He waved his hand around at the dishes piled in the sink, the wastecan over flowing, the hamper piled high over the top, and last to the stove that was void of any food. “What is wrong with this picture?” he asked. She blanched “I’ll fix you something honey, why don’t you go shower and when you get out I’ll have something for you.”

“Yes I am going to shower and yes you are going to fix me something to eat but first we are going to have a little talk.”he said. He led her to the palor and stood her in the middle of the room. He looked at her sternly as he gave one command “STAY!” He walked to their bedroom and lifted her heavy wooden hairbrush fom her vanity and carried it back to the palor. She quickly noticed the brush in his hand and her first thought was “he”s going to spank me” but she pushed that out of her head just as quickly as it entered. He saw the flicker of worry pass over her face and then it disappeared. He walked to the sofa and sat down.

He made eye contact with her and calmly but firmly spoke “Now then Anna I don’t think I need to tell you that I am upset to once again come home to no dinner and the house unkept. I understand you enjoy your computer but you spend way to much time on it and your duties are being neglected.” She opened her mouth to speak but he silenced her with a stern look and a slight raise of his voice. “I am talking and you will listen, now silence!” She scowled but something in his voice made her remain silent. He began again ” We have had many talks over you doing your chores first and then spending time on your computer and you have agreed but for some reason you don’t take me seriously because you agree today and tomorrow you are right back to doing the same thing, so now I think it’s time to do something about that.” Again she opened her mouth and again he silenced her with a quick “SHUT UP!”

He spoke again, this time lifting the brush from his lap “Remove your jeans Anna and then come here to me, I believe what you need is a good old fashioned spanking to get you on the right track” She quickly held her hand up in protest and took two steps backwards. She looked at him, not believing what he was suggesting. She shook her head “No, Joe, I don’t know what brought this on but I am a adult and I won’t let you do this.” He looked at her sternly and spoke very low and calmly ” What brought this on young lady is your refusal to live up to your responsibilities and as for you being a adult, if you acted as such and did as was expected of you we would not have had this talk over and over and over and you would not be standing here about to get a well overdue spanking. Remove those jeans and come to me and I hope for your sake you do NOT make me come and get you because I will and then you really will be sorry. NOW REMOVE THEM!”

She stood frozen in place but a sharp “NOW!” from him and her hands flew to her jeans and she couldn’t believe that she was actually undoing them. She looked into his face and he met her eyes and nodded to her. She slid them slowly down her legs, her hands trembling, her heart racing. She had to slide off her shoes and then stepped out of her jeans. She stood back up and he motioned her to come to him, when she hesitated he said “NOW!” She tried to act brave as she marched straight up to him, determined not to give him the satisfaction of letting him see her sweat but her panic magnified when he took her arm and quickly flipped her over his lap. She gasped but quickly composed herself.

Right away he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them down and over her round bottom to her mid thigh.”NO DONT!” she yelled as she felt the heat rise to her face. He responeded by bringing his huge hand down hard, two spanks to each exposed cheek. ” You have no say here young lady, you lost that right when you behaved like a child and not a adult. This angered her and she yelled at him “LET ME UP NOW! YOU CAN”T DO THIS!” His answer to this was a series of sharp swats to her naked behind that made her yelp and squirm. Then he said “Now that you see I CAN do this, lets get to the matter at hand.”

He lifted the brush and rested it against her bottom which was nicely pinkened and spoke very calmly. “Now then, would you like to tell me why I have this naughty young lady over my lap with her panties pulled down, waiting to be spanked?” Her anger got the better of her and she yelled ” BECAUSE YOU ARE A ASSHOLE!” Joe just shook his head and replied ” Why am I not surprised at your answer? However its wrong.” He then lifted the brush and brought it down fast and hard onto her upturned bottom causing her to kick her legs and screech like a banchee. “OWW OWWWWW OWWWWWW STOPPPPPP OH MYY GODD OWWWWW STOPPPPPP OWWWWWW OWWWWWW” She screamed. So much for braving this out. He continued to spank her alternating the spanks from cheek to cheek and then he paused. ” Now I will ask you once again, why is this naughty young lady laying over my lap with her panties lowered waiting to be spanked?” She took a few quick breaths before answering, not wanting to say what he wanted to hear but also not wanting that brush on her bottom. She lowered her voice and answered ” because I neglected my chores.” He nodded ” thats correct, you are being spanked because you neglected your chores and because we have been over this one to many times and have been getting no where. ” With that he began another series of sharp stinging swats to her already reddened bottom, catching her hand and pinning it to her back as she reached back to try to protect herself. Her legs kicked hard, her bottom wiggled as she squirmed trying despertly to avoid the stinging spanks.” OWWWWWW OWWWWWW PLEASEEEEEE JOEEEEE OWWWWWW OWWWWWWWWW” He gave her another 10 solid spanks and paused again.

She tried hard to compose herself . Resting the brush against her very red bottom he talked to her firmly ” Have I made a impression on you yet young lady?” ” Yes, Yes you have” she answered quickly. “And are you going to tend to your chores BEFORE you get on your computer each day?” ” Yes Yes” she agreed. ” GOOD!” he said and then he lifted the brush once again and peppered her flaming backside very fast and hard, this time concentrating on her sit spot as she franticly kicked her legs and squirmed like crazy. She screamed loud ” PLEASE OWWWWWWW PLEASEEEEE ILL BE GOODD OWWWWWWW OH MY GODDDDD OWWWWWW ” It was more than she could take and she burst into loud sobs. He continued to spank her, decreasing the force but maintaining the speed. She cried loud and hard. He set the brush aside and started a steady stream of hand spanking to her bottom, feeling her hot flesh under his large hand. Fianally he stopped and and spoke firmly to her ” Am I going to have to repeat this young lady?” Her words were hard coming out as she sobbed “No, No, No, ” over and over. “Good, I hope we don’t but I will not hesitate to put you back over my knee and spank your bare bottom again should you fall back into old habits. Do I make myself Clear?” Her answer came in the nod of her head. He left her to lay over his lap, gently rubbing her back, telling her that this spanking may have seemed harsh but it was for her own good. He left her to cry for a few minutes and then he helped her to sit up, noticing her flinch as her tender backside made contact with the material of his trousers. He hugged her close and told her he loved her. He dried her eyes and told her they would get pizza for dinner tonight as it was late but starting tomorrow he had better see a improvement. She nodded and promised him that he would. She thought to herself “There was no way she wanted to go through this again.”

She sat at the kitchen table, peeling potatoes and preparing dinner. She was making him a nice dinner of stuffed porkchops, mashed potatoes, homemade biscuits and green beans. It had been 5 days since Joe had put his foot down and spanked her poor bottom for getting to involved with her computer and neglecting her chores and him. She winced and rubbed her bottom as she remembered how bad that had hurt, how embarrassed she had been.She remembered crying and begging and that it had done her absolutely no good. She remembered that spanking each time she lifted her brush to brush her hair. No she didn’t want a repeat of that at all.

He had always been very good to her. He worked hard to give them nice things and to enable her to be able to stay at home. He was very attentive towards her, complimenting her on how she looked or how well she did at something. He bragged about her to his friends and made her feel very special. He often had talks with her and suggested she try harder when it came to her chores but up until that night, she basically did as she pleased and he let it go. She looked at her husband completely different after that night. She gained alot of respect for him.

She popped her headphones on and popped the chops into the oven. She turned to the sink and started dishes. She had already done all her chores and other than checking her emails she hadn’t been on the computer until night time when Joe was going over some paper work and needed some quiet. At that time she went to her online friends in chat and had her fun but once Joe finished and she heard him come out of his study, she said her good byes and came out to be with him. Yes she liked this change. She felt more secure with him being in control. It made her feel like she could come to him for anything. She smiled as she did her dishes and sang along to her music.

Joe, got out of work early and stopped by the florist and grabbed a dozen roses. He had finished at the office early and for the 1st time in weeks he didn’t have any work to drag home. He looked at his watch and realized it was to late to take her out to dinner. He knew she would already have dinner started. He was very proud of how well she had been doing and he made a point of telling her each day. He smiled a little as he remembered having her over his knee, spanking her bare bottom a few days earlier because he had reached his limit of patience and knew she needed to start acting responsibly. He grew hard as he recalled how her bottom had squirmed and wiggled on his lap. That hadn’t been the time to act on his arousal but there was nothing stopping him now.

He pulled into the driveway and again was pleased to see her study light off and the kitchen light on. He could see her standing at the sink. He came in thru the kitchen and smiled at her singing happily, her hips swaying to the music as she did the dishes. He set his briefcase on the floor and walked up behind her, pressing his body tight to her back and kissed her neck as his hands came around her and cupped her breasts. She responded with a smile and tipped her head to the side to give him better access to her neck. He slide the headphones off her and set them aside. “How’s my beautiful girl ?”he asked. He pressed her to the sink and let his hand slide up her dress and he cupped her right bottom cheek and squeezed it gently. She moaned and pushed her bottom out to him. He grew hard once again and whispered huskily in her ear. “Dont move, I will be right back.”

She stood at the sink as he instructed her, her juices already flowing, her nipples already erect. She heard him leave the room and could hear him puttering around in the bedroom. When he came back she noticed his “toy bag” in his hands and she smiled. He smiled back and came up behind her once again and gave her ass a hard swat “Did I tell you to look?” he asked. She shook her head no. Another swat “then don’t” he commanded. The 2 swats made her wetter still as the slight tingle lingered. he gently blindfolded her with a silk scarf and said “come with me” as he led her to the table. He pulled the chairs back and out of the way, all but one. He sat down and reached up her dress and pulled her panties down, not far, just enough to uncover her bottom. He spoke low to her “Do you remember the spanking you got a few days ago for being a naughty girl?” ” Yes” she answered. Well that was a bad girl spanking. He gently lowered her across his lap and lifted her dress. She could feel his hardness under her and smiled.

He started spanking her bare bottom gently. liking how her soft skin felt to his hand. ” This young lady is a good girl spanking, because you have been a good girl haven’t you?” Her answer came in a low raspy reply as she was loving how his hand felt on her naked bottom “Yes, yes I have.” He smiled once again “Yes you have been and I am very proud of you.” He continued her spanking, covering her bottom in light spanks, watching her squirm as her arousal built. He started spanking her slightly harder, wanting to see her bottom wiggle and squirm and she didn’t disappoint him. Her soft cheeks were turning the slightest pink. He paused and gently pried open her legs, and slid his hand between them and smiled as he found her wetness. He used the tip of his fingernail to tickle her clit, causing her to moan and squirm some more. He teased her a minute more and stopped and she whimpered her disappointment. “My my my what a naughty girl I have over my knee” he said as he smiled. He starting spanking her pink bottom harder now, making her squirm and wiggle more and he could hear little “ow’s” ecsaping her. He spanked harder yet, covering her bottom from top to bottom with hard fast stinging spanks and then he stopped once again and found her clit and teased her some more.

He rubbed her until she was begging him for release and then he stopped and stood her up. Still blind folded he led her to the table and bent her over it. He lay his body on top of hers so his hardness was poking at her rear and kissed her neck, grinding his erection against her. He rose off her and commanded her to “stay” and she obeyed. Reaching up and under her dress, he slide her panties down and off and then he spread her legs wide as he tied her legs open to the table legs. He folded her dress up and out of the way. She lay still, she could feel the coolness of the ceramic table thru her thin dress, her bottom all warm and tingly from her spanking, her pussy wet, her clit swelled, her nipples erect. He reached over her and placed her hands on the opposite side of the table and instructed her not to let go.

Joe stood back to look at his wife, all spread open, her pussy and tight anus in perfect view. He rummaged thru the toys and pulled out a penis butterfly vibrator. he squeezed on some lub and slide it into her pussy and as he suspected , she started rolling her hips against it. “NO” he said as he gave her bottom a sharp swat. She moaned and grinded again and again he responded with a sharp swat and a “NO!” When she stopped he fastened the straps securing it to her. He turned on the vib to low and and right away her hips started moving again. He stepped back and stripped himself. His erection standing to attention. He turned the vib to medium and her moans grew louder. He pulled a fur covered paddle from the bag and started spanking her already red bottom as he played with the speeds of the vib.

Anna closed her eyes, she was so wet, the vib was driving her crazy, She could feel the penis part of it in her wet pussy and she ground hard against it, the little head teasing her clit, sending ripples through her body, Joe was spanking her bottom and there was no part of her that wasnt responding in a delicious way. He would tease her and bring her higher and higher and then he stopped spanking her and turned off the vib. Joe stood back and watched her move her hips against the vib, rocking them as the penis end slid in and out of her, She moaned loud as she got closer to the orgasm that she was trying to achieve. he gave her ass a hard spank and then ran his finger up and down the crack of her ass, gently pushing against her tight anus. She responded by pushing her bottom out to him. He squeezed some lub on himself and turned the vib on low. Again her hips rocked. Joe rubbed his swollen member up and down her ass crack and then rested the head against her tight hole. He upped the speed of the vib and slide his cock into her ass ever so gently. She was beside herself with arousal now. Squirming and moaning loudly. He pumped himself in and out of her. Pulling himself almost out and then ramming hard back into her.

Joe thrust himself hard and fast into her loving her moans. He instructed her to put her hands on the table, pushing her upper body up off the table and then he reached up her dresss and around her and found her nipples, twisting and rolling them making her even more aroused.

Anna was in heaven, her pussy was filled with the jelly like penis, the head of the butterfly vib humming against her swollen clit, her husbands very hard cock buried in her ass, fucking her hard and fast and then slowing down only to thrrust against her once again, his balls tapping against her lower cheeks with each thrust his fingers pinching and rolling her nipples as he nuzzled her neck, her bottom still tingled from her spanking. His grunts and groans mingled with her own. Her head thrown back, her back acrched as she encouraged him * yes yes fuck me, fuck me harder , harder!” And Joe again didn’t disappoint her as he rammed into her fast and hard. At last she threw her head back ,,,,,,,pushing against her hands , forcing herself back onto him.

Joe sat into the chair and pulled her down onto him. She kept her hands on the table to steady herself and to use for leverage. She leaned forward and boucned up and down on him as he thrust upwards into her tight hole. Their pace quickened, the sounds of their arousal filled the room. She let out a scream ” IM GOING TO CUMMMMMMM” Joe grasped her hips and turned the vib on high as he leaned her over the table once again and pounded into her. her whole body tensed and she let out a cry “OMG OMG YES YES AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG” Just as he felt her release he matched her peak. He grasped her shoulders and slammed into her, feeling his balls tighten, and then he shot his hot load into her anus.

Satisfied,. he held her down as he withdrew hie cock from her, he bent down and untied her legs and pulled her to her feet and turned her to face him. He unfastened the vib and smiled as he removed it. He kissed her deeply and patted her ass. Looking her in the eye he smiled and said ” why dont you turn dinner off and join me for a shower?” She smiled back and thought to herself ” hmmmmmm I like this good girl stuff, I ‘ll have to be good more often.” She turned off dinner and very happily followed him to the shower.

The End :)

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