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Submissions Guidelines for

Want to see your fantasies come to life? Writers, you can submit your sex stories here to join a growing online community of erotica writers. The process is simple and in the end you’ll have a captive, aroused audience to enjoy all your sexy tales.

How do I submit a story?

Register for an account, or log in with your existing credentials. Then go to the “Posts” section and click “Add New.” Enter your story title; enter your erotic writing into the editor box; on the right-hand side, choose up to 5 of the most appropriate categories fitting your piece; and add tags to help others search for your story.

You must save your story as “Pending” in order for us—the editors—to know it is ready for review. (If your story is saved as “Draft,” we will presume that you are still working on it.) Due to the high volume of submissions and varying editing time, a publishing time frame cannot be guaranteed; however, a editor will read your work and approve it as soon as possible (usually with 24-72 hours). Once your story is approved, your work will be scheduled for publishing—our schedule involves posting one story a day; therefore submissions usually appear on within a week.

**If your story requires corrections before publishing, the story title will be notated for review and the necessary changes referenced in it or at the beginning of the story.

So I can write whatever I want for

Well…almost. We will not publish any story that involves sex acts (participation in, watching, being watched, etc.) with minors. Real names of your friends, family, associates, coworkers, or neighbors are also prohibited; basically, leave real and private individuals out of your fantasy but sex stories about celebrities or porn stars are OK. Always wanted to fantasize in public about a porn scene with Nina Hartley? Write it. Want a fantasy relationship with a fictitious friend? Write it.

Required Formatting

We understand that English may not be the first language of some of our writers, or that you may want to get your stories down so quickly that formatting is not the top-most priority—and we are certainly here to help and review. That being said, there are a few formatting necessities before submissions can be accepted:

  • Stories must be limited to 2,000 words. (If you are writing in Microsoft Word, there is a “Word Count” in the “Review” toolbar, otherwise, feel free to use the one inherent in the editor box on itself.) If it’s longer, never fear! Simply start your own series and submit the extra text as a “Part 2,” “Part 3,” and so on.
  • Standard publishing format must be applied (i.e. the use of paragraphs and punctuation, basic dialogue format—available for review here, etc.). Now don’t take this to mean you need to apply MLA or APA guidelines, nothing so serious! Just the same flow as if you were reading from a book.
  • No external linking in your text, please and thank you—especially not to another site’s pictures! (The pictures beside posted stories are chosen by the staff due to assured rights of use from our sponsor,—and the adult entertainment studios they work with. Also, please note that these images are credited in the text of the stories by the editors).

Will I still own my copyright?

Yes; we do not retain copyright to your work, you do and you can use your writings how you see fit. only seeks the right to publish your work—with any alterations made by our editors—on our network of websites.

Can I use a pen name?

Sure! You can use whatever pen name you wish. However, please do not use a pen name to impersonate another writer. Impersonation can lead to forfeiting your account with

Can I edit my stories after they are published?

Yes, but please wait until after the story has been published (if your erotic writings are still “Pending,” any alterations made will override an editor’s and delay the scheduled publishing time). Once your story is published, if you want to make changes simply contact us and we’ll set the story back to “Draft.” This removes the content from the site and allows you to make changes. Keep in mind, the story will need to be approved again before being visible.

Anything else? does reserve the right to decline the acceptance of any story. If your story was rejected, please review the notes from our editors and keep working on it so we can publish it. If you think it was rejected in error, feel free to resubmit it for consideration with any desired notations (we can remove these before publishing the story).

Thanks for choosing to publish your hard-written works on and we look forward to reading your deepest desires!

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