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Daddy and his Princess, Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 ~ Daddy Comes Home It is the end of the week...Friday...end of June, when it starts getting extremely nice. This particular Friday is a gorgeous Summer day. It has been a long and busy week for you at work. Today has been rough, and y
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The Swing

The Swing It had arrived. After much anticipation a long heavy non descript box had shown up at my door. I rushed inside with it and commenced to opening it. A sex swing. I was getting excited just unpacking it envisioning my lover in it. Black n
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Dream 3

It's early in the morning i roll over to you and kiss you on the check you move on you'r side facing me and smile...i say good morning beautiful and kiss you'r sweet lip's and ask is there anyhting you want for smile and say just you
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Dream 2

I turn on my laptop to see if you are are and it take's me a few minutes to get the courage to type to you...i finaly type and ask you are you sitting down as i have somthing to tell reply yes i am why do i ask...i type that i
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Submissive number party

Part One: I'm with my good friend Karen at her house sharing a movie and we've known each other for years. Never been anything but friends but she is quite attractive. We are a bit older in our 50's but she still looks 35. She is a tiny bit over
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