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1st time with Mike

so it all started on a gay sex chat line. I called and got the free trial chatted with a few guys nothing really to write about until I herd a greeting from a gay guy named Mike. It basically said he was a gay top looking for a bottom. He said he was 58 years old and loved the younger side of things. To be honest I instantly got an errection. I told him I am 33 years old and I love older guys. Very oral love to suck cock and be submissive. Told him my location and he quickly sent a connection request. I accepted and we started to talk. The whole time I was rubbing my now rock hard cock. I asked him what he was into and he again said he liked younger bottoms. I told him i liked to wear womans panties but they never cover my cock completely. He asked if I was looking to get together and play. I said yep he told me where he lived witch was about an hour away and told me to wear what ever panties I want. Told him that it was going to take a while and it was getting late and be for I could ask he said it is getting late if you want I have a couch you can sleep on if things don’t work out. Cool well I’m on the way.

opened up my Google maps and found the quickest way there. On the way I didn’t think my cock was going to go down I was hard the entire way. He called and told me he had a fantasy he wanted to play out and I instantly got butterflies. To my surprise this was a fantasy of mine too witch was meet a stranger on a walking path and basically get taken advantage of. I told him I was about 15 to 20 minutes out right now but where should I go. He said call when u pull in the parking lot and I’ll direct you too the walking path. Kind of nervous but really turned on the anticipation was killing me didn’t know if I was going to get raped forcefully or at my will either way I wanted it.

I pulled into the parking lot and he told me where to park. He said he could see me from his window and told me to walk down the path until he walks up behind me. He said he’ll be wearing some yellow jogging shorts that are pretty revealing with a white tank top. Started to walk down the path and wait it seemed like an eternity until I herd Mike’s voice saying hello. Turned around and thought to myself maybe revealing isn’t the word for what he was wearing. His cock was hanging out the bottom of the shorts. He introduced himself and asked if I come around here often because he does and he’s never seen me before. I played along and said just moved to the area and love hiking. We walked until we got to a bench where he invited me to sit. He asked about where I’m from if I moved here with anyone. I answered I moved here from the cities to get away from the hustle and bustle of the area. I did move alone but love meeting new people. He smiled at me and asked if I was thirsty because he only lives back at the apartments a bout a mile back. He stood up first and looked around I didn’t sayvyes to the question yet but wasn’t going to say no. Standing right infront of me with his cock just hanging there. I looked at him and said nice cock. Instantly he whipped it out and forced it into my mouth.

slurpping it in and started to bob on it. Ibwas bigger then I imagined. He said it was 7 even cut with a big head. Ibdont think he knew I was wondering how big it was hard. It had to be like 8 and a half. The head was huge and his balls were full. He told me to suck like a good boy and he won’t hurt me. Pulled me to an opening in the woods where he pushed me to my knees and force fed me his cock. I could tell he was getting close to cumming I got excited but he pulled his meat outta my mouth. He said oh no boy you’re not getting off that easy. Pulled me to my feet and told me to come on. Hebwalked behind me and pulled at my panties. Said I knew you were a slut. We got to his place and he walked me up stairs to his apartment. He pushed me inside and told me he hoped I love cock and cum. I said I did but he pushed me by my head and said call me daddy.

yes daddy I said. He told me to get up and get all my clothes off but leave the panties on. Quickly I did as he said and was down to my panties. He sat back and looked at me and said I need one more thing… a collar ! He went into his dresser and pulled out a black leather collar. Put it on me and dragged me into the bedroom. He was strong and watching his cock wag out of the bottom of his shorts was hot.

drags me into his bedroom and forces me onto his bed. He looks at me out of roll and says we still cool ? I smiled said thanks and yes daddy. Right back into roll tells me he likes the red panties. Too bad with what I’m about to do. He rolls me to my stomach grabs the panties and tears them open. Honestly I could have came right then and there. He spit a huge gob of spit into his hand and rubbed it on my ass hole. I whimpered out daddy please no. Fuck you he said and rubbed his fingers all around my hole. He then pushed 2 fingers into me and worked my hole. Then 3 then 4 I was whimpering louder and louder .He placed the tip of his meat on me and pushed hard he tried this for a couple times and said I see I’m going to need lube.

Reached over went into his bed side dresser and pulled out a bottle. Sprayed it all down my crack and continued to finger fuck me harder and harder I could feel every knuckle. Then he straddled me and pushed his cock all the way in. I moaned out loud and he shoved my face into the mattress. Shut up boy and take this cock he almost screamed. His breathing got heavier and more erratic I knew he was getting close. I asked him if I could take it in my mouth. He didn’t say nothing back just kept fuckin me. He gripped my cheeks and started to moan out oh yeah here comes daddy!!! I knew I was about to get filled. I started to fuck back as much as my legs could. I wanted his cum in my ass. I felt his cock empty into me as he howled like a wolf in the night. He pulled his meat out and shot 2 mor squirts on my ass as cum was flowing out of my hole.

He layed down next to me with a smile on his face. He started to play with my still rock hard cock. As he got closer to it with his mouth he was telling me what a nice cock it was. I liked how it looked with the torn panties hanging off it. Eventually sucking my cock bobbing up and down slurpping. Making it sloppy like how I like it. I told him yes daddy I like it like that. He didn’t say anything back just kept on sucking. As I got closer and closer I remembered how he said he liked it when a guy would tell him that he was getting close. I moaned out that I was about to cum. He stayed with the same pace but started to hump on my cock. It drove me right over the edge as I let all my cum explode into his mouth. He took it all a little bit drooled out of his mouth but be caught it and slurpped it back up. He played my with my cum and showed me how much it was. Then put my cock in his mouth after I came and played with it til the point of my body trembling from how sensitive I am right after I cum.

he finally stopped and swallowed said yummy and we layed there for a while chatting and touching eachother. It got late and I started to get dressed and he offered me to stay with him over night……. part 2 coming soon

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