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Animal paradise Chapter One

“Don’t wait too long, Stacy. Soon you will see those adults. They are ordinary people, and they take off their clothes very elegantly. Trying to guess which situation I will see is very Headache. Maybe a pair of women enter the bedroom and get each other madly. I like watching those wives’ fanatical gay performances, but what I want most is a hot sex and licking. Maybe we’re lucky to be able to. A few minutes later I saw two pairs of men and women going to bed at the same time.

Stacy Morgan didn’t reply, she was not as close as Betty Irwin had seen. Peeping through the bedroom window made her feel a little nervous and a little guilty.

She didn’t quite agree with Betty’s arrangements tonight. Their behavior of peeking at other people’s intercourse is wrong. But then again, this kind of thing is indeed attractive.

“We are lucky,” Betty whispered. “I’ve seen this pair before. It’s as good as the others. They may first give each other a good service before they start to fuck, as they did before. Before his cock entered her, They might do a 69-position blowjob and he also has a big dick. Anyway, I know you want to leave here. I guess I’d better shut up and just watch. Isn’t it?”

Stasi did not answer again. But she was glad that Betty had wisely decided to stop talking. It’s not that I was worried about being heard by the men and women who just entered the bedroom. The window they were standing on was just under the air conditioner. It felt very warm. Stasi had a little regret, because she and Betty couldn’t hear it either. Side voice.

Both the man and the woman looked in their thirties. He is a tall man with a very handsome appearance, with a very obvious protrusion in front of his pants. The woman is a little short, has a beautiful face, and her coat is held up high by her breasts.

They began to undress when Stasi continued to watch. They didn’t help each other, but stared at each other while standing very close, while showing their bodies to each other more and more.

The woman’s breasts—or “titties,” as Stacy knew Betty likes to call these two balls of meat—are stretched straight forward, she is not wearing a bra. Soon she also saw the man’s penis, which also stretched forward clearly.

Within a few minutes, both the man and the woman were naked. When the woman squatted under the man’s feet and grabbed his pulsating penis with both hands, Stasi tried her best to restrain her breathing. Then the woman stuck her tongue out and started licking the sarcoma on the top of her penis.

“She is going to suck his dick,” Betty whispered. “Then he might lick her cunt before they start fucking. Of course she will think of not letting him ejaculate too early, because that means she has to wait for him to get an erection again before they start fucking. Look!”

Stacy continued to watch. A thought flashed in my mind that if someone were to pull her away from the window at this time, she might fight him.

The woman lowered her head and began to lick the scrotum hanging heavily from the man. The man patted the woman’s head, she moved her face away, and there was a moist sparkle on her open mouth.

The couple climbed onto the bed, and Betty said they would get more comfortable service from each other. Stacy started to think about her situation, and what she saw in her eyes had already made her excited. She hopes that her underwear will not get wet, which will make her embarrassed, especially since it is difficult for Betty to find out.

The man lay down, the woman propped her with her hands and feet, her face on top of his erect penis. She started licking his huge glans again, and then she used one hand to balance her body, and the other hand reached onto the meat stick and grabbed the thick root.

She swallowed the swollen glans openly. Stasi could see her cheeks being propped up. But she only let the big glans stay in her mouth for a few seconds. Stacy glanced at the man’s face and saw his mouth move. She guessed that he might be telling the woman to stop licking.

The woman lowered her body, and the man spread his legs and raised his knees. She crawled between the man’s legs and started kissing and licking his scrotum. She put a meat ball in her mouth and sucked, then she squeezed out that testicle and sucked the other one in the mouth. The man stroked her head and black hair, squirming his hips.

“I almost forgot that this swap wife likes to lick assholes,” Betty whispered. “Soon she will give his anus a good service!”

Before the woman started her licking performance, Stasi didn’t pay enough attention to Betty’s words. Stacy has seen a lot of pictures of oral sex, and has read many books describing all kinds of sexual intercourse, but she has never really seen an erect penis. She felt that she should hate that woman, and when she saw these real situations, she should tremble all over because she was not used to it, but she didn’t. She read from the book that when men and women have sex together, each other can get happiness from each other. What qualifications does she have to refute the words of the authority who wrote the book?

The man raised his legs high until his feet touched his chest. The woman’s tongue slowly circulated around the man’s anus, getting closer and closer to his asshole. Stacy and Betty got a clear view, and when the woman put the tip of her tongue against the man’s asshole, Stacy heard Betty’s breathing begin to thicken.

“She will stick her tongue two inches into his anus, Stacy! You can bet with your beautiful ass, he likes it! I have had this kind of anal oral sex a few times, I tell you, that feeling It’s incredibly wonderful!”

For Betty’s erotic words and her confession, Stacy didn’t feel surprised or shocked. She knows that Betty can always make a lot of new friends, and her straightforwardness and frankness can easily make her establish friendships with others. She is just, and still just masturbating by reading pornographic novels and watching pornographic pictures.

She hasn’t had the courage – perhaps never will – to have actual sexual intercourse, but listening to Betty’s pornographic language, she can feel her vagina start to cramp. Now she is very happy that this cute and beautiful girl told her about the local couple exchange club and brought her here to take a peek. Maybe she should go on a date with her friends with Betty, as she often implies. This way she can know whether Betty is as generous and open in her sexuality as she herself said.

“Are you feeling excited, Stacy? You haven’t spoken since we started peeking!”

Stacy turned her head, the window sill was about six feet high, and there was enough light for her to see Betty’s shiny eyes. “You know I like self-pleasure,” she said softly. “Have you ever licked it like this with your tongue?”

With a chuckle from her throat, Betty said, “You don’t need to ask me, I will tell you without hiding it!” “This answer is enough,” Stacy said, a smile on her face.

“You won’t blame me, will you?”

“No,” Stasi said, and she turned to look at the bedroom again. “Whatever you do, it’s only your own business. But Betty, I still want you to know that it’s just because we are friends, and it doesn’t mean I will change my lifestyle. Look, I guess that man Will soon begin to serve his lover, anyway, I think I should be called a lover.”

“That’s how you applauded,” Betty said with a low laugh. “This lustful exchanger will take time to do some breast licking!”

After the woman lay down with her back, the man straddled the woman. One of his hands stretched out to squeeze a huge breast, and his tongue licked the other. Watching that man’s tongue work on the sharp nipples, it is easy to see that his penis has become harder. This vivid and vivid situation made Stasi feel her nipples start to harden, and the feeling that the bra is being held tightly by the breasts almost made her hope that she is alone now, and she may only need to touch her tapered breasts with her fingers to get it. A crazy orgasm. Then after returning home, she can satisfy her desires through the manipulation of her fingers. Stacy felt hot on her face, and she was glad that Betty couldn’t see her inner thoughts.

The man continued to suck on his nipples, and soon his mouth found a place, and he began to gobble up the flesh of his breasts. The woman’s buttocks twisted on the mattress, and she used her hands to push her breasts more into the man’s mouth. After a while, the man moved to the other side and spent the same time and attention on the other breast. Stacy had wanted to know how her breasts were being licked many times.

“That feeling is really good, Stacy! And if you let two different people lick your breasts at the same time, you will have double the pleasure!”

Stacy knew that Betty didn’t really know what she was thinking, although her words seemed to show that she understood Stacy’s inner thoughts. She suddenly wished she had a rich sexual experience like Betty. That way, at least she won’t have a strong desire for the feeling of being licked on the breast, even if she will desire something more next. Of course, this is also a big trouble. Once a girl has embarked on this path, she can never look back, and she always has some romantic thoughts, hoping that her body can always be reserved for her future husband.

The man’s mouth left the breast and began to move down the woman’s squirming body. He circled her abdomen with his tongue and stuck the tip of his tongue into her belly button. Then his licking route slowly moved past her short, black pubic hair to her round buttocks, and when he entered the base of her thighs, she spread her legs apart.

He licked her legs and let his tongue slide flat through her cracks. She lifted her ass suddenly to meet his tongue, but he moved his head away. His hands slid under her knees and folded her legs until her feet touched her breasts. Stacy wasn’t sure if she was willing to be made like this-she thought it was too revealing-but she found this scene really exciting to her. She has never seen a woman’s private parts clearly like this, except for seeing her own in the mirror-and in her collection of photos-so she quickly joined her in the book of sex education in her mind Compare what you have read. She felt that all students should be as lucky as she was to get first-hand information.

The man’s mouth and tongue are working on the woman’s ass, just as the woman had done to him before. He also circled her anus with his tongue, and finally he rolled up his tongue and thrust it into her asshole. With his butt held high, his penis stretched straight, Stasi’s eyes turned to his hard organs from time to time. It looked at least eight inches long, and she longed to see it inserted into a woman’s vulva, or into a woman’s anus, it didn’t matter. From books and photos, Stasi learned that if inserted into the anus, this huge penis can go all the way into the rectum, but now she has not seen any hole blocked by it.

After a while, the man pulled out his tongue from the woman’s squirming asshole and began to perform cunnilingus. When she dropped her legs on his shoulders and twisted her buttocks on the mattress, another pair of men and women entered the bedroom. Their bodies are naked, and they seem to be about the same age as the two on the bed.

The second man’s penis was already erected hard, but his penis was only about six inches long. It was an ordinary length, Stacy had read in books, and she had seen some shorter penises in the pictures hidden in the drawer of her bedroom. She almost wished she was in the bedroom now, so that she could take off her clothes and put one or two fingers in her fiery vagina.

The second woman also has a pair of large breasts, but they are a little droopy and not very attractive. Her legs are very long and beautiful. Her pubic hair is also short and black, distributed on both sides of her labia. She walked to the bed and patted the head of the first man moving up and down.

“I believe we will see some gay performances,” Betty whispered. “It’s a lesbian to be exact. Because I have never seen any husband who likes being gay.”

Betty was right. The man raised his head and smiled at the second pair of men and women. The folded woman opened her eyes and smiled. The man moved his body from the woman’s legs, and the second woman took over. In his position, the man moved forward to lick one of the beating breasts of the first woman. The second man climbed onto the bed and licked the other breast.

“This is enough for a girl to wet her panties!” Betty whispered excitedly.

Stacy didn’t speak, but she agreed 100%. She wanted to know if Betty had already had an orgasm, but she thought it hadn’t, because she hadn’t touched her body, but her panties felt wet at the split ends. God, what a scene this is! The woman’s head was shaking up and down, faithfully performing her oral sex task. Two men licked both breasts violently, and the woman who had been taken care of by all her companions twisted frantically, like a wild horse.

“She has reached an orgasm, Stacy! Jesus, I wish I could swap positions with her! While one tongue and mouth are licking underneath, while two mouths are licking on top, it’s really wonderful! The feeling of licking lips is as good as the feeling of being fucked by a dick! By the way, to satisfy your curiosity, yes, my own vagina and pubic nucleus have been licked and sucked by women. It feels the same Men are as beautiful!”

“It’s too hard to believe,” Stacy said. She wasn’t sure what she really meant, and she couldn’t look away from the pornographic scene in the room.

“It’s an unbelievable beautiful feeling, baby! Maybe one day you will really know this feeling! Maybe not from a woman, but even a man with a brain that weighs only an ounce knows that to make a girl have sex Happy, then you should lick her cunt before fucking her!”

Stacy remained silent. At this time both women stopped all their movements, and the men left the woman’s body. The cunnilingus woman raised her head, her tongue slid over the other woman’s body and moved upwards until she kissed the other woman’s lips. Stacy clearly saw the woman below eagerly responding to her kiss.

A man patted the woman’s buttocks and said a few words. She immediately lowered her body so that the cross parts of the two of them were fully pressed together, and the two pairs of breasts were also squeezed together. The two women started to squirm together, they both moved alternately-fucking, just as Betty always tells me candidly, Stasi thought-the woman below reached out and grabbed two hard penises. .

“It’s a pleasure to hand-fuck a man,” Betty said. “The feeling of playing with two dicks at the same time is really wonderful! I don’t think she will do it until the two of them ejaculate!” “I find it hard to believe that the four of them are married, but each other is not my spouse. ,” Stasi said. “Am I right? Anyway, you know what I mean.”

“If you know who or how many couples are exchanging here, you will be very surprised,”

Betty said. “From a personal point of view, I don’t think this is harmful. I believe that most people who get married will sooner or later get tired of their spouse’s body. In this case, if both parties agree to exchange, what is the harm? At least they It still maintains the integrity of the marriage, unlike those who divorced and married for the third, fourth, fifth and even sixth time, who are called “senior bitches” in this country.”

“Or you are right on this point, but that doesn’t explain the homosexual behavior of those women.”

“This is just a little extra fun, Stacy! Hey, life is short and extremely boring. I appreciate the ideas of those hedonists, because I guess I am such a person!”

“Maybe I am a little envious of you, because I can’t let myself live like that,” Stacy said, and she found these conversations helped her control herself. On several occasions, she had a strong urge to rush into the darkness alone to release her physical and spiritual fanatical desires.

“You are a very good friend, Stacy. These days with me, you can endure my frank and blunt way of talking. If you look at normal sex and life from a completely different perspective, You will be very surprised. I can feel that you are not a well-behaved woman, you know, I don’t want to bother you, I just want to help you get rid of your hard shell. Oh, it looks like they are about to start Fuck!”

The two women lay down apart from each other. Stasi saw that they did not get an orgasm through cunt contact. She wanted to know if Betty had done this, or if she had used her mouth and tongue on other women, but she dared not ask. Because Betty might think she is implying that if she is gay, she likes to be a passive role, and she doesn’t want Betty to think that she is interested in homosexuality. In that case, Betty might seduce her, just like she had done to other girls, she didn’t want to create any chance of this happening. No, at least until she has had sex with a real man anyway!

It seems that Betty was wrong, they didn’t really start fucking. The man just walked up to touch the woman’s body, they kept exchanging objects, and the women played with each other’s breasts. Stacy could see that the two women hadn’t had any signs of orgasm. The man seemed to be teasing them, making them even hotter, and preparing for their upcoming penis manipulation. They looked even more intense than before. Big.

Finally, the men climbed onto the woman’s body. The second man chose the first woman, and Stacy and Betty were able to see the first man through the woman’s wide legs. Both men stuffed their penis into the woman’s vagina. After holding it for a few seconds, they began to pull it out slowly, until only the glans was still buried in the vagina, and both women suddenly lifted up. Raising his arms to get more cock, the men penetrated deeply, pushing the woman’s ass and hitting the mattress hard.

Stasi had many sexual fantasies about herself being fucked or watching others fucking, and her wild imagination has now come true. As exciting as she thought. Their rhythmic movement is beautiful and real. She has all kinds of photos, but no one can compare to this kind of real sexual communication-fucking.

The men began to exchange the women they were playing back and forth again, and they would exchange once in about a minute or two. Stasi didn’t notice how many times they exchanged in this pornographic scene. Every exchange was enough for her to see the shining penis, and imagine what it would be like to constantly exchange sexual partners in a fiery passion-she wanted to know when a hard penis was inserted into her pulsating cunt , What will it feel like.

Because she had reached the edge of orgasm several times, she could only close her eyes and grasp the window sill with her hands until the knuckles began to ache, which somehow made her body no longer tremble. She was afraid that she would groan or even yell out loudly, and she didn’t want Betty to know that she had become so excited. This lovely girl looked surprisingly calm and calm, and Stacy knew that it would be very embarrassing if she lost control.

In addition, she also thought that this situation was not the first time. Sometimes she was sitting in the classroom and doing erotic daydreams or the wildest sexual fantasies, when her heart was hot like an explosive sexual impulse. , She can’t do anything to relieve her.

“They will last a long time without ejaculation,” Betty said after about ten minutes. “But there is nothing unusual about this. The husbands who exchanged are all experienced guys. Of course, I guess if they do something else, they will be able to shoot them out as quickly as teenage boys. Thinking of this, I remember that there are a few boys that can last a long time! They have to do something else now.

Stacy didn’t let her look away from the fucking people. The men pulled out their penises and crawled to the woman’s head with hands and feet until the two shiny penises were aimed at the woman’s waiting mouth. When the men lowered their bodies, the two women began to lick the sticky liquid from their own vaginas on their penis. They didn’t lick for too long, the man climbed out of the bed again, and the two women changed to the 69 position that Stasi had heard of.

When the women licked each other, the men moved behind them, each licking the anus of a woman. This lasted for a few minutes, and then the men raised their heads, switched positions, and began to rub the heads of their penis in the cracks in the woman’s buttocks.

“You will see some anal sex scenes soon, Stasi!”

Staring at Betty, Stacy wondered if the young slutty girl had let a penis into her anus. Oh, of course, this does not need to be asked. There is probably nothing Betty hasn’t tried in terms of sexual intercourse. Does she really want to make herself as free as Betty? Betty seems to be very happy, which is certain, but losing her virginity does not mean that she will become as obvious as Betty’s licentious. No, Stacy told herself quickly that she had already made a decision in her heart that she would join Betty on a date with her friends. Besides, if she doesn’t like that kind of date too much, she won’t let those boys get her first time-fuck her.

Stasi felt a trembling sensation through her body, which was not caused by the pornographic scene she was staring at. She is basically reluctant, even fearful of having sexual communication with other people. She was so unconfident that she stopped moving every time. A minute ago, she was all hoping that some boys would fuck her, and the next minute she would be afraid and self-condemned… “They are getting their dicks lubricated, Stacy. Paint their tools. Layer vaginal juice so they don’t have to spend time looking for petroleum jelly or other lubricants. Of course saliva is also good!”

The women had stopped licking each other. The man inserted the penis into the woman’s vagina from behind, and they pulled it out after a few strokes. Both penises shone moist and shiny. Every man put the tip of his penis against the woman’s anal opening, and Stacy saw that the mattress was pressed down into a pit.

Stasi cringed with sympathy for the two women. She could see some painful expressions on the faces of the two women. She had experimented on her own. She knew that such a huge glans would cause harm when entering the anus. During her own excited masturbation, she often puts a finger into her anus. She knows from the book that there are areas around the anus that can be aroused, which is quite correct for her.

But a finger is different from a huge hard penis! Occasionally when she stimulated her vagina and clitoris with her fingers, she would also use a finger to manipulate her asshole. It felt good, but she didn’t want to try anything thicker than her fingers. Many women like sodomy, although—just like some men—the pain is the greatest pleasure for them.

Both penises had disappeared from the anus, and the men began to pump them slowly. They seemed to be looking for the same rhythm, the huge fleshy peaks of women trembling with the pumping of men. Then the women resumed the previously interrupted oral sex, literally burying their faces in each other’s straddle, and two or three minutes later, the rhythms of the four people had completely harmonized.

Suddenly the speed of a man’s pumping became irregular, and his sturdy hips began to move quickly, instead of the steady rhythm that made Stacy a little fascinated before. She knew that they were shooting his semen from his penis into the woman’s anus, perhaps into her intestines.

Another man has begun to force his penis into the woman’s rectum in the same way. The two women shuddered all of a sudden, as if they were about to lick each other harder. After a few seconds, all four of them lay still weakly.

“I’m going to leave, do you want to go too, Stasi? My desire is so fiery now, I think my head is about to explode!”

“I’m going to go, too,” Stacy said, leaving the window. “I’m not really calm, you know!”

“If I showed you how I sometimes relieve my sexual desire, would you promise me not to tell anyone, Stacy? You must not do anything—especially not touch me. I just want you to see me A wonderful way to be happy!”

“I don’t think I will reveal anything,” Stacy said, thinking that Betty was also a little bit naked, and wanted someone else to watch when she masturbated in some particular way.

Betty also stepped back from the window. Her eyes fixed on Stacy’s face in the dark. “You promise not to leak the secrets?”

“Yes,” Stasi said. “Well, I promise.”

“Then let’s go!”

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