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My name is John and I lead a double life.
First life.
I am an exemplary father. I met my current wife, Elaine, at the age of 20, in college. A story like many. We dated for a few years, then decided to get married. We have a beautiful five-year-old daughter and a second child on the way. We don’t know the gender yet. We are a loving family and at first glance we have everything we need in life. I work as a manager for a large IT corporation in Silicon Valley, so financially we are also doing very well.
Both my wife and I are Christians. Our sex life is no different from hundreds of thousands of other couples like us. We have sex 1-3 times a week using typical sexual positions.
My family knows nothing about my double life.
Introduction to second life.
Something has been missing from my sex life for many years. I have always been fascinated by BDSM and FinDom. I have spent hours reading stories and watching pornographic films on these subjects. My interests never progressed beyond the realm of fantasy. Until I met Michelle.
Michelle works for our corporation, in the Miami branch. I am her supervisor. She is very hardworking and talented. I remember our first interview when she was trying to get into our company. She impressed me with her knowledge and intelligence. Also, she is just stunningly beautiful and graceful. The decision to hire her was very easy. During the first 6 months of our cooperation nothing foreshadowed what was to come soon…
Exactly 3 years ago, 6 months after Michelle was hired, our company arranged an offsite in NYC. We were each given our own suite for the week and a list of planned activities. The goal was to integrate our co-workers more closely. We had some spare time during the evenings.
On the very first evening, Michelle invited me to visit her in her apartment. The excuse for the meeting was a project we were working on together….
My second life.
I knocked on the door of Michelle’s apartment and it swung open. Silence. I went inside. Darkness and silence. After a while I heard Michelle’s soft and sweet voice.
– Take off your clothes John.
I froze. A million thoughts. A joke. After a moment, Michelle’s voice again.
– Take off your clothes, John. I know you feel like it. I liked you the first time we talked. Today was a fun day. We had some drinks. I feel great and I feel like giving you some pleasure. Take off your clothes.
More thoughts… I had some drinks earlier too and was in a great mood. This room and this voice overpowered me. I started to undress. After a while I was already naked. And helpless. I realized I couldn’t even see Michelle in that darkness. Her voice again.
– Great. I like your body, you know? I’d like to play with you a little bit. Play a game. There’s a sash on the shelf next to you. Put it over your eyes. And don’t speak without asking.
I did it. I was very excited. I felt my penis getting hard but I didn’t dare to touch it. I heard her footsteps. She took my hand and led me across the room to a chair where she told me to sit. She pulled my arms back and handcuffed me. I felt so vulnerable. I was afraid to speak up. Then I heard some kind of clicks. I didn’t know what it was. And then that voice again.
– That’s great. I must say I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. If you are good, you will be rewarded. But if you don’t obey, you will be punished. Do you understand?
– Yes.
She grabbed my testicles and squeezed. Gently, then hard, a little too hard. I squealed in pain.
– I’m only going to say this once. Call me “My Lady”. Do you understand?
Her fingers stopped touching me. The pain was gone.
– Yes, My Lady.
– That’s great. Today’s rules are simple. We will spend a few hours together. You are forbidden to cum. If you can stand it, I’ll see you tomorrow too. If not, this will be our last session. Do you understand?
– Yes, My Lady.
– Good boy.
I felt her put the clips on my nipples. Pain. Constant pain. She began to touch my testicles with her fingers. Stroking them gently at first, then faster, and gently again. Sometimes she would grab my penis and play with it. This lasted maybe a minute, maybe five. She made me open my mouth. She spit in my mouth. She told me to close my mouth, swallow and say “thank you”. I did it. I had never been so turned on. I felt my preejaculate started to appear. Then I felt her mouth lick it off. All my thoughts were focused on not cumming. Then everything stopped. She stopped touching me.
– Very good doggie. You should tell me if we get too close to cumming. If I feel like it, I’ll stop, and you won’t be punished.
– Okay, My Lady.
She started playing with me again. She kissed different parts of my body. She stopped. She undressed. She walked around and sat on me.
– Let’s see if you can give me an orgasm before you cum.
As soon as she started riding me, I felt I couldn’t make it. I asked her to stop. She stopped. She got up.
– Okay, boy. You’re not ready yet. But I’m glad you didn’t cum. Let’s play a little more gently.
She treated me like her toy for about another half an hour and I had to ask her to stop again. She stopped. Then she put something very cold on my penis, on my testicles.
– That’s enough for today. You have done a good job. The penis is already getting small. We’re going to put a chastity belt on you now so that nothing stupid comes to your mind. We will meet tomorrow at the same place at the same time. Remember, if you are good, you will get a reward.
She untied my hands and told me to leave. I did so without a word.
Day two of my second life.
All I could think all day was Michelle. Ok, its not just her. Also about how much I wanted to cum but couldn’t because of my chastity belt. I decided that I would make it until tonight no matter what. I wanted to get my reward from her. I was strong.
In the evening I appeared in the same place at the same time. I knocked. The door opened. No one spoke but I knew what I should do. I undressed. This time there was a butt plug and lubricant lying on the shelf besides the sash. I lubricated the butt plug and inserted it. I put on the sash. I waited…
I heard footsteps. Michelle put the leash around my neck and led me behind her to the same chair. Wordlessly she put the cuffs on me again.
– Open your mouth.
– Don’t close your mouth. Swallow only when I will let you.
She removed my chastity belt. Finally. My penis immediately hardened. Michelle removed her panties and sat on it. I was mentally ready for this. She rode me for ten minutes. I used all my strength not to cum. I felt her orgasm. She got up.
– Swallow my saliva.
I swallowed. Michelle sat on my face and told me to lick her, clean her. I did it. She tasted like heaven.
– Very good, you didn’t cum. I’m impressed. You have two choices my doggie. Either you cum today, and we’ll never see each other again, or you endure, we’ll put on your chastity belt and see you in three days. Then you’ll get your reward. And you will prove to me that you can do better in the future. You will be my servant.
– I will endure, My Lady.
I said it basically without thinking. Again I felt something cold on my penis and testicles. They were shrinking. She put my chastity belt on me. And then she said something that shocked and frightened me.
– The truth is, I knew you were the perfect candidate for my servant. It wasn’t hard to get your browser history. I know what your tastes are. I think we complement each other perfectly. I will put a small piece of paper in your pocket with my public bitcoin address on it. I know how much you earn. You are to send the equivalent of 2000USD to that address every week. If you don’t, that’s the end of our friendship. But as long as you do this, you will be my servant. Do you know that our team building trips are going to be more frequent and longer? You will be my servant on every trip. Sometimes we’ll get together if I just feel like it. You’ll make up some excuse for the family.
She took off my cuffs, told me to get dressed. She put a note in my pocket and told me to leave…
I didn’t read the note until I was in my apartment. The address was 1PCvjhRPVERnDFLf36SeFtWXe1UJXar559. Again, a million thoughts. In addition to the thoughts the pain of the penis which was trying to grow in its confinement.
The next three days were very hard. Especially the moments when I talked to Michelle in front of my co-workers. She knew I had a chastity belt on. I could see the smile in her eyes. I had to endure.
After three days we met again in her apartment. This time she didn’t make me put the sash over my eyes. There was a butt plug, clips and a leash lying on the shelf. I used everything and waited for instructions. She told me to make a candlelight dinner. I was working on the dinner while Michelle watched TV and sipped wine. She was dressed like a goddess. Oh so beautiful. I was naked and vulnerable. From time to time she would call me over to her. I had to refill her wine and kiss her bare feet. Once she took some wine in her mouth, rinsed it thoroughly and poured it into my mouth. She made me swallow it and thank her.
When the dinner was ready we sat down at the table. I mean she sat down, I brought the dishes and then Michelle had me kneel down next to her. At this point I was very hungry. She had me open my mouth and swallow everything she served me. She ate and occasionally spit metastasized food into my mouth and I swallowed it. That was the only food I got that evening. After dinner she sat down in front of the TV and I was told to lie down flat in front of her. She took off my chastity belt. She sat her beautiful ass on my lips and told me to lick it. At the same time she played with my penis, but she said that I still had to wait for my reward.
After a few minutes she told me to stop licking. She got off me, sat down on the chair and straightened her legs on the footstool. She told me to kneel down and grab my penis.
– Masturbate and cum on my feet. Then start kissing them and lick them clean. Then put on your chastity belt and get dressed. Take your time.
She turned on the TV and watched it while I did what she told me to do, with my penis pointed at her feet. It took me about 20 minutes to do everything she told me to do. I licked her feet very slowly and thoroughly. Once I was dressed she said:
– You did very well doggie. Come and see me before you leave in three days, and I will take off your chastity belt. I will see you in three months. Think of some excuse for your family. This time you will be my servant for a whole month. Only if you will pay me, of course. But I am sure you will. I am your mistress. See you later, doggie.
I felt happy. I knew what I should do. I knew whose property I was.
To be continued…

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