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First extrme sex club

well at the time we first went to a sex club i didnt know my wife lime i do now .well anyway we had been married about 1 year and this was 1998 we lived in phoenix.we decided to go to a sex club and we talked about it and after 2 weeks we go up the nerves and went anyway when we got there it was ladied night and women got in for free so we paid and went in it was a big place inside but it was early only 6 pm and when we got there was about 20 men in there and my wife was the only woman in there and already started staring at her but i guess wearing a tube top with big breasts and a short skirt with no panties doesnt help well we sat and listened to music .At 8:30 alot more people stared coming in by this time another couple sit at our table any way my wife and the other girl sitting at our table got up and started dancing together they both looked sexy at this time all the single men started watching the girls and a couple of guys tryed to dance with her while they were dancing but they continued then one big guy tap my wife on shoulder and she looked at him and couldnt resist but dance with him he was big maybe 6’9” or 6’10” and build like a football played big and muscular .Well they danced and i noticed they kept talking he kissed her a couple of times and he grabbed her hand and they headed up towards where the beds were upstairs well by the time i got up to where they were she was stripped naked and he had his pants down and his cock was about 9” soft she started rubbibg his cock then put it in her mouth didnt take long and he was hard and it must have gone to 11” and thick .well then she laid back and he entered her pussy and she screamed for him to go slow but in stead he rammed in it there at first like an aching pain then a gasp of delight anyway this whole time a bunch of other men gather round encouraging and finally he must have came because he got up and got dressed and he left she was still on the bed naked i though she was gonna tell me to take her home but instead she grabbed a man by thr the shirt and he got undressed and he started up where the big guy left off fucking her good and this guy pulled out and squirted on her belly and then she pulled another guy and he grabbed a hand towerl pushed in her pussy then got undressed and forced his dick in her and he must have dryed her up because she gasped then started griding with him until he came then she grabbed a black man and he didnt wait he turned her over on her belly and started ramming her and his dick was big but he had like donkey or horse size balls and she must have cum 4 or 5 times then he stopped pulled his dick out pulled condom off and he fuck about 5 more minutes and he came in her pussy well he was getting dressed and he wrote down our home phone number and gave it to him .Well we started making this club our regular saturday stop for about 12 months she would fuck alot of guys there alot of guys started knowing her by her first name and over that period alot of different guys would show up at our house she became my little ho wife

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