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First time with a trans woman

I have always thought huge cocks in some sexy ass panties was hot… too hot really it doesn’t matter I could have just came and see a really nice cock buldging behind some sexy panties and ill be ready to cum again. Its even hotter when there’s a sloppy blowjob along with it. I know a trans woman who i belive to have a nice 8 incher inbetween her legs. I called her up one day and we chatted for about an hour. At the end of the conversation I told her how turned on I am by a nice cock behind sexy panties. She said like are you just curious about it or is this something i was wanting to pursue. I didnt give her a straight answer so she said how bout you come over and we can talk about this.

I got up and dressed wasnt really sure what was coming out of this. When I got to her apartment I rang the doorbell and she buzzed me in. Walked up to her door and it was cracked open so I jist walked in. Hello I said and she said just chill on the couch ill be out in a second. She must have been doing her makeup because she came out in some gray sweat shorts and a tank top. He tits were just done over a year ago and they looked amazing. I told her that over and over since she got em done. We always joked about fuckin around but never did it. She came and sat next to me on the couch a little closer then she normally would have. She asked me to tell her what I was thinking and I told her how I thought a nice cock behind some sexy panties is fuckin hot. Like sheer panties nylons definitely the see through. I’m bi sexual so I like both you know. She said she was unaware of me being bi. She said i always thought you were cute but didn’t think nothing of it because she thought I was straight. I said well I never really wanted a boyfriend I jist like to fuckb around from time to time. She said so about being curious whats that about. Really what it was about was sucking your cock is what i was curious about. She blushed and said well thats straight forward. I told her on the way over I didn’t know if I was gonna pursue anything or if we were just gonna talk…. but when you said you thought I was cute I thought I’d make a move.

She leaned back and pulled her shorts down to show me her neon green panties with her hard cock buldging up. I said thats what i was talking about. Her cock was close to 9 inches and very fuckin thick. I asked her if i could get closer and she said please do. I leaned in put my mouth on her shaft and hummed through her panties. She laughed a little bit and said that tickled. I reached under her panties and gripped her cock. Bit the top of her panties and pulled them over her cock exposing it. I let it go and it sprung into the upright position. Her cock was beautiful i thought. Nice thick shaft with a fat head. She was shaved smooth except a little patch above her cock. I put my mouth on her tip and hummed. I let some spit drool out of my mouth. She put her hand on the back of my neck and said show me what you got.

I started to lick all over her shaft her panties were pulled just underneath he balls. I licked all over her. I let a bunch of spit drool out onto her cock before i wrapped my mouth around it. Ohhh yeah she groaned as she placed her hand on the back of my head to control the speed. As my pace grew faster and harder my throat started to streach and before i knew it she was fucking my throat. She stood up and gently slid her cock back into my throat and started to push in harder and harder. Her breathing got heavier as her pace got faster he was moaning out loud saying she was gonna cum. I tipped my head back to stop sucking and she asked why I stopped. I told her i wanted to jack off while she fucked my mouth.

I got undressed and she was amazed by my cock I never gotten any complaints but not any compliments either. She said she wanted to suck me off as well and I couldn’t jack off. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back to her room where she pushed me on the bed and mounted my face. He cock slid right into my mouth as she slid her mouth onto mine. The warmth of he mouth engulfing my cock was amazing the feeling of her bobbing up and down and she slid in and out of my throat. Her smooth tip gliding over my tongue and poking the back of my throat was all I could feel. I felt her cock tighten up and she started to squirm and then all of a sudden she was shooting hot cum into my mouth. It had kind of a bitter taste but it didn’t bother me I just enjoyed the feeling of it spashing into my mouth.

She sat up and said well that felt good. Now its your turn. She sat me up right on her pillows. She drooled a nice gobb of spit that slid down my cock and she slurpped the tip. She was a really good cock sucker 2 hands and a whole lot of spit. She gripped my balls and twisted her wrist as she slurpped and sucked my cock. I layed my head back and just enjoyed. She sat up put her hair in a bun then took her top off. Her boobs obviously fake but really nice. No bra needed and definitely paid a lot for them. Her skin was nicely tanned and nipples were like dots. As she sucked my meat I reached down and gently caressed her tits. She moaned out and kept on sucking. Before I knew it I could feel the orgasm build up in my balls and I told her to get ready. It was nice she didn’t skip a beat nor did she go faster and harder just kept the same pace. The first shot came and she jumped a bit but then just kept streaking slurpping and sucking up all my cum. I am really sensitive after I cum and it drove me nuts as she didn’t stop. I clenched up and she finally got off me.

As I layed there with a smile on my face she asked how was your first trans woman? I said great and I definitely want more.

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