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Fourth of July

This is the story of an event that took place at my husband and I bbq party on 4th of July. I was wearing a pink tank top, white shorts, bra, white silky thong and flip flops, so nothing too sexy but it was comfortable and I looked cute. One of our friends had brought their friend Justin to the bbq and when introduced I was attracted. Justin appeared to be in his early 30’s, had short brown wavy hair, piercing blue eyes, dimples, and definitely went to the gym a couple days a week. I had noticed him glancing at me couple times, but really gave no thought or attention. Then, awhile later I was in the kitchen and Justin walked in to get some more food. I made a point to bend over near him and bent over enough to know that my thong would be exposed at top of my shorts. I turned around and saw him looking and, he quickly turned his head. I smiled and said “you don’t have to look away.” He half smiled nervously and was quiet for a minute before I heard him say “you husband is a lucky man.” I replied “why is that.” He responded “getting to be with you.” Then, without hesitation I looked him straight in eyes and said “I may be married but I still suck and fuck who I want and when I want.” I could see my comment had stunned him and he was speechless. So, I turned and walked to other end of the kitchen. I looked back at him smiled, beckoned at him with one finger and slid my other hand down my shorts. Justin started walking my way and I quickly raced ahead of him to our guest room. Then, when he caught up to me I was standing there in just my thong and a naughty smile. Justin quickly stripped down to his boxers, and his shirt had definitely not done his abs justice. He walked over to me and began sucking on my tits. I let this go on for a couple minutes before I kneeled down infront of him and took down and off his boxers. His cock was big and I quickly began licking it, sucking it, and rubbed my tits on his cock. Once, he got hard he pulled me up and laid me on my back on the bed and took of my thong and licked my wet pussy. Next, with me on my back and my legs dangling over side of the bed and him standing infront of me he slowly guided his big cock inside me. Then, he grabbed and squeezed my tits in each of his hands as he began to pound me. His cock felt so good he had me orgasming and dripping in no time. This went on for awhile as he had some stamina untill I finally could feel and sense him getting close, and I wrapped my wobbly legs around his waist. He looked at me and said “I am not wrapped.” To which I muttered back “I know.” A couple more thrusts and I felt him explode inside me. When he finished I reached for his cock and licked him clean. Then, Justin got dressed and went back outside, and I took a minute to touch up my makeup, get redressed before going back to the party too. Nobody knew what had taken place except Justin and I, and whoever reads this story. Hehehe

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