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Graduation Glee

Her name was Kendra. I was a virgin but I discovered Craigslist and the personals section. It definitely got my attention and i decided to place an add.

I was scared to place an add just straight up asking for sex, I didn’t know what i would get so I advertised looking for someone to make out with. Most of the responses I got were fake or spam but I got one response that caught my eye asking if I was still looking. I said yes, she was a year younger in age, I was 19 she was 18.

When I wrote the ad I did attach a photo of myself and when I asked if I could get a picture of her she said she just wanted to warn me we went to the same high school and she knew who I was. She told me her name and I recognized her. And we decided to be make out buddies for the summer. we both just graduated and were going to college the next year. the best place was a car hookup and so we started texting and found a place to meet.

We met in the parking lot of my old elementary school. probably not wise but we were teenagers. I got there early because i was nervous. I remember seeing a lot of cars drive by and wondering which one would eventually turn into the lot I was in. Eventually a car turned and and made its way over to me. She got out and I forgot how beautiful she was. Blonde hair, nice chest. bangs and sexy librarian glasses. we exchanged pleasantries and got into the back seat of my car. we talked for a little about life after high school and such but then it became clear why we were there.

I slowly leaned in and started to kiss her. It had been a long time since I made out with a girl and this felt great.

Her lips were delicious. we both used tongue and were aggressive in our kissing. We switched up who laid on who and after a few minutes we started to hold one another tighter and tighter. Our hands started to explore more and i placed my hand on her breast.

I think we made out for 20-30 minutes and i found myself on top of her we were breathing heavily and she made eye contact with me then pulled her right breast out of her shirt so I could hold it in my left hand. I then went down and sucked on it while I snuck my right hand down her jean shorts. I got my hand in her panties with no protest and then the lips of her pussy. I had never gone this far so I didn’t know what I was doing. but she started to moan and I could tell she enjoyed it. After a few minutes of that she said she wanted to keep going but needed to go home. I kissed her goodbye and we agreed to meet again.

We kept texting as time went on. We still texted about normal things and all that but we also discussed our hookup. I asked if she was okay with me putting my hands down her pants and she enjoyed herself and had no complaints. She then asked me a question that got me really excited. I still remember my phone buzzing and I opened the text that read, “what are your thoughts about oral?”

I didn’t quite know what to respond to that with so I said, “I’m open as as long as you are comfortable. What’s your opinion?”

“I have friends that have told me about it and has my imagination racing so I’m definitely open to it. But I’m fine seeing how our next hookup goes to make a decision.” she replied.

“That works for me.” Was my response.

Later that night she sent me a picture of her pussy and asked me for a picture of my dick. I obliged and she said “We have to meetup soon, seeing you that hard makes me very wet.”

I didn’t know girls talked like that outside of porn so I said, “lets meetup tomorrow same time same place.” And she agreed.

The next day I got to our spot early again and I saw her car turn into the parking lot again and I got really excited. I could feel my heart beating so hard. She parked next to me, got out of the car and just got into my back seat. I got in and we didn’t even speak. We made out passionately. Our hands were all over each other.

“You okay if we try new things?” I asked.

“Of course,” she replied. To that I took off her shirt and saw her bra. She took off my shirt. We then both took off our pants so we were making out in our underwear. I struggled with her bra (never took one off before) so she unhooked it then she took the liberty of taking off her panties.

I had a naked girl in front of me. I went in and kissed her some more and she grabbed my hand to put fingers inside her. And we continued to kiss. It went on for a while until she said “I need a break from that.”

We then took off my underwear and she started to stroke me. She then looked at me in the eyes and said very kindly, “Can I?”

I knew she wanted to blow me from that and I said “Absolutely. I leaned back and watched her blow me. I saw my dick disappear into her mouth and it didn’t take long. I could hardly speak and started to tap her on the shoulder informing her I was about to cum. She didn’t even move and all of a sudden the wave of please came through me while her mouth was still around my cock. She looked up and smiled and I could tell she swallowed. It was so hot.

We cuddled for a little bit then she said she had to get home before her parents got suspicious. We got dressed and kissed goodbye. She then said, “If this was amazing I cant wait for the next time we hookup.”

“Me neither.” I said. And the next time was amazing.

To Be Continued…

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