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J and Ms friend Todd have a party

So the morning after my play time with James n Mike James and I were texting back and forth. I told him I have been craving cock. Not just a little bit but like a lot. I watch gang bang videos and it’s fuckin hot to me. When your in my mouth and Mike is fuckin my brains out are when I cum the hardest. James texts back oh my God I never knew you liked it that much. I mean I knew you liked it after you came back for more and again for more but I never knew it was like that. I asked him if maybe he could set something up with some of his friends. I wasn’t really sure if he and Mike did this sort of thing. He replied with they don’t really do that but a friend of theirs did. He went on to telling me that’s where Mike used to go before they got serious. He told me that he would ask Mike when he woke up if he could give me Todd’s number. The anticipation was at 10 I couldn’t wait to hear from James what the answer was.

A few hours passed I was just laying around in bed fantasizing about Todd. Was his cock nice did his cum taste good how was this gonna happen. Everything was racing through my head. Then outta nowhere I get a call from a unknown number. I answer it and a deep voice asks for John. I said this is John, he says I herd you were looking for some fun. I said well as a matter of fact I was. He said well here’s my address you should come over I have a few friends here looking for the same thing your looking for. After I hang up I text James a thank you. He texted back have fun.

To my surprise Todd’s house wasn’t far from mine. Closer then James and Mike’s. Butterflies and anticipation filled my stomach on the drive over. When I got to his house he was standing on his front steps. I walked up and I asked are you Todd he nodded and told me to go through the back. As we walked back he stopped me and said Mike told me about you. I want to see if you can handle what you want… what exactly do you want John? I said I wanna be the center of attention with a bunch of guys. Looks me up and down and says anything else? I said yeah I like it rough and to be told what to do. He smirked at that and said well in that case. Grabbed my neck pushed my to my kneed and pulled his huge floppy cock out. He shoved it passed my lips and into my mouth. Started to fuck my face hard without hesitation. I was making that gluck gluck gluck noise from his cock pounding my throat. He pulled me off and got me to my feet and said yeah this is gonna be fun.

We walked into the back door and to my surprise there was about 6 to 10 guys there. He said John this is the guys. Guys this is our toy for tonight. One after another they took their pants off. All of them were nice shaved long and thick if I had a pussy it would have been sloppy wet. They all brought me to the basement of the house where there was a bed couch bar and about 7 bar stools. Aside from the bed seemed to be the typical man cave. They all pulled and yanked my pants and boxers off and threw me on the bed. They pulled my shirt over my head to cover my eyes so I couldn’t see what was going on. I herd them all chatting and saying this is going to be fun.

I felt the warmth of lube poured down my ass and a hand rub down in between my cheeks. Paying extra attention to my hole. He says to everyone ohh this boy ain’t no virgin as he slides one the 2 then 3 fingers in an out of my ass. I moan out loud in pleasure and all the guys cheer me on. I can feel someone standing in front of me. Then I feel a hefty cock rub back and forth across my lips. As he pushed in all the way back I gagged. I don’t even think he was all the way in when he was down my throat. At the same time I felt someone push balls deep In to my ass. The one in my mouth started to fuck my mouth at the same time the one in my ass started. They had a good rhythm going in and out in and out. The one that was in my mouth I felt his cock tighten I knew he was going to cum. I was hoping for a lot and before I knew it it was oozing into my mouth and gushing out down my chin. This guy let out a gigantic sigh of relief as he pulled his meat out of my mouth and said who’s next? Just as he pulled out the guy in my ass squeezed my ass and I felt his hot cum splash in me. He kept on pumping until his ball were empty. All I could think about was how bad I wanted it in my mouth.

After them 2 two more stepped up. The both shoved their cock in my mouth. To taste of both of them at the same time was so hot. Not to mention everyone standing around waiting to fuck me or get sucked. Y me or even better both. This was like a kinky wild dream come true. While I was bobbing back and forth on these two guys I felt a presence behind me. The heavy cock gently rested inbetween my cheeks and I felt him pour a huge amount of lube. Next thing i knew he was balls deep and thrusting with his steal hard cock. I couldn’t believe where I was and what was happening.

The pealed the blind fold off and flipped me over to my back. I was in the middle of a group of guys. All jacking their cocks surrounding me two pressing their cock into my mouth and one fucking my brains out. My legs we waving in the air from being fucked. As I was getting fucked I’d hear one guy say my turn then he would pull out and another guy would shove his cock in. I couldn’t close my eyes while I was watching ever guy around me jack their cock. They would all spit on me call me whore slut and daddies fuck toy. Inbetween all of this two guys would shove their cock into my mouth one after another. One guy bent over and sucked on my cock for a bit then pop it out and get back to jacking.

One after another they all had their way with my ass. To my surprise Todd was just standing there with a smirk on his face rubbing his balls and cock. Just watching me being fucked and gagged with cock. I could read his mind though. I knew he was gonna wait and be the last one. His cock was the biggest and his balls were the fullest I couldn’t wait. Meanwhile I was still the center of attention and loving it. The all the rest of the guys had their way with me it was down to the last 3 guys.

I was on all fours with my ass in that air and filled with a stiff cock. Another guy was in my mouth as the other Jacked off building up to hopefully an amazing cum blast into my mouth. I felt the one in my ass start to pump harder and harder then I felt the warm thick cum splash into my ass. Shortly after I was gulping down another huge load. Then the last one he sat back on a easy chair and fingered me to com closer. I walked over to him knees week and belly full of cum. He said come here you little slut and suck daddy’s cum. It was quick like 10 to 20 pumps into my mouth then I got my reward. SPLASH by far the biggest load I had to swallow. He let out a gigantic ahhhh held my head down and grabbed the base of his cock as he shot load after load into my mouth. His cock flopped out of my mouth with no trace of cum on it. I had taken everyone’s cum in my mouth or into my ass.

Everyone pretty much left after that a few guys stuck around and eventually left. Now it was just me and Todd. I started to grab up my stuff when he said what’s the rush? I gulped and said there’s no rush what did you have in mind? He said well after what I just saw and from what you did on the side of the house I feel like it’s my turn. He walked over to me and grabbed me by my neck and pulled me into him. He whispered into my ear your mine now. He guided me back to his bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. He went to his bedside table and opened the drawer. He pulled out a collar and some skimpy lime green panties and threw them at me. He ordered me to put them on. Reluctantly I did what he said.

I asked him if he wants me to suck him or let him fuck me he said don’t worry about that I’ll do what I want to. He I pulled out his cock and said what do you think I want? I lowered my mouth over the tip of it. He was definitely the biggest one I’ve had. Huge head on top of about 10 inches of thick uncut cock. I pulled back the foreskin and slobbered all over his cock. I could taste the precum that has been sitting in there. I love the feeling of his cock sliding over my tongue to the back of my throat. As he forcefully pushed down my throat he let out a giant sigh. He said yeah that’s the way daddy likes it. As I was choking down his huge meat he started fuckin my throat. Gluck gluck gluck is all I could say. His cock was ginormous and barely fit. I pulled him out and took a few deep breaths before going back down on him.

If wasn’t long and he said it was time. I was only certain what he ment. He poured a healthy squeeze of lube on my ass and rested his tip on my already abused hole. He said are you ready? I uttered yes daddy and he slid all of it in. Slowly pumping in and out it was feeling really good. I could feel my balls and gooch tingling as he fucked me nice and slow. I’m moaning louder and louder. Ohhh daddy yes right there. Fuck me daddy fuck me. His hands grip my hips and he fucks my ass. With every pump in and out I can feel every inch invading my hole. It was 100 percent bliss the feeling of his rod pumping in and out I told him he was gonna make me cum.

I felt him twitch a bit then slowly pull out. I thought he had came but he didn’t. He said he wanted to feel my mouth while he watched me jack off. I told him it wasn’t gonna be long til I exploded he said that’s fine I’m close too he said. He flipped me around so my head was hanging off the edge of the bed and he slid hi cock past my lips and into my mouth. I love the feeling of his cock twitching and jumping in my mouth and down my throat. I started to jack off as he fucked my mouth I told him with a mouth filled of cock that I was about to cum. He said me too as I felt his jizz ooze into my mouth my balls exploded all over my stomach and chest. He had quite a bit of cum in his huge balls as he overflowed my mouth. Aaaahhhhh that’s the spot boy don’t stop I grabbed the base of his cock and start to push it further down my throat. Cum was oozing out of my mouth and down my face. He jerked and twitched as he pulled out of my mouth. He collapsed onto the bed beside me and layed there for a bit.

He started to doze off laying there naked I watched his cock slowly go limp as mine did the same. I couldn’t wait to tell James and Mike about my night. I got up and got dressed walked over to Todd and sucked the rest of cum out of his cock to wake him and tell him I was leaving. He said just go out the back and he would call me later. I got to my car it was just before sunrise and I texted James got home and passed out before I fell asleep I jacked off one more time thinking about what a little slut I had become. My ass was tingling and so were my balls couldn’t wait to talk to James.

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