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Lockdown insanity

When your Dad told you that he was going to make extra money by renting out two of the rooms in his house you didn’t think anything of it. After all you’d moved out and were living with your girlfriend, a cute petite Asian girl with sultry brown eyes and perky, average size tits. You were not planning on going back. You knew he could use the money and it might give him some company in that big house. He’d been there all alone since divorcing your step-mom who’d run off with a man your age. Your Dad had been crushed. Maybe having some company might make him feel better and get him out of his funk.
The first time you questioned it was when he told you he’d lent both rooms to college girls. You had assumed he’d be renting to people in his own age range and situation, now he had two young sexy college girls living with him.
They each had a room but shared a bathroom. It was right between their rooms. Your Dad had his own bathroom and there was a third one in the basement. It was mostly used for guests.
He sent you a photo of the bathroom they shared. Taken when they were both out on dates.
It was a disaster of make up, toiletries, dirty clothes, towels on the floor and what seemed to give him a big thrill was a vibrator. It wasn’t out in the open but tucked into one of the make up bags. He had to open it with his finger to get the photo.
“Looks like these little beauties need a little extra help! Clearly they need real men, eh son!” He texted you.
You found it a bit creepy that he was going through their stuff but hey, he always was a bit perverted. You had caught him watching you and a girl you had been banging one day. A curvy middle eastern girl who liked fucking white guys like you to make her father angry. Not that you cared, she was cute and a good fuck and better cock sucker.
He sent you photos of their dirty, stained panties every once in a while. You were wondering if he’d cum on them himself. Even a bra with a cum stain on it. The one he seemed the most excited about was the one he took of an unmade bed and a huge dark spot on the sheet. Right beside the dark spot was a vibrator that could be inserted into both the anus and vagina at the same time.
“Fuck these girls are nimphos!” He texted with an eggplant emoji.
You had no idea who the girls were and how well you knew them. He would later tell you they rented the rooms because they knew you and thought they would be okay in the safety of living with your Dad. He was clearly crushing on them to the point of being a creepy perv.
You didn’t think he’d go so nuts for them, but he was a single guy and loved all women.
When you asked who the girls were you knew them both. Had crushes on both of them and now your dad was sniffing their panties.
Nikki was a super cute dark haired woman with sultry dark eyes, sweet natural pink lips, and a killer body. She wore shirts that showed off her flat tummy and tattoo on her right arm. She was playful and vivacious, loved martinis and hanging out with friends. She was dating a jock with a super mean jealous streak as far as you knew.
Anna had dark blond hair and a banging beach body that she loved to show off. Her tight ass has such a sweet shape and curve you could lick it all day. You knew she wore as little clothing as possible which might be dangerous at the wrong time, or wrong setting. She was flirty and fun and loved to party. You’d never know she smoked as much weed as she did. She was dating a surfer and spent a lot of time posting beach photos of herself.
You’d always had a thing for Anna, Nikki too, but not as much as the blonde bomb shell with the ass to die for.
Both girls were friendly, easy going and honest, you knew they would not take advantage of him. If anything they’d be great company for him on the rare nights they stayed home. More likely he would be the one trying to take advantage. You had begun to wonder if he had succeded.
You also didn’t worry because you knew they both had boyfriends and were not the types to fool around with older men so you let it go. You just hoped he wouldn’t try to watch them with their boyfriends the way he watched you with girls. He was already going through their intimate things when he was alone in the house.
Still, every once and a while you’d get strange texts from him. Things about liking girls whose carpets and drapes matched. Or how being around such young, sexy and vibrant girls made him feel half his age.
You just shrugged it off as him enjoying their bubbly personalities and warm warmhearted charm. What else could it have been right? Your Dad was almost three times their age. He was divorced but you knew he was seeing somebody. He told you he’d been fucking an old teacher of yours. A black woman. You didn’t have the heart to tell him you had already fucked her right after grad. She let you bend her over in her office, then again at her house when her husband was at work, then you fucked her again in their pool.
Then he sent a strange photo to your phone. It was blurry and you could not tell what it was. It looked like the top of a head. You thought you were looking at the top of a blonde. Maybe? Right where the part in the hair was. You knew his girlfriend wasn’t blonde. She has dark curly hair.
You wondered who your Dad was with, not his girlfriend clearly as he took a shaky photo of her, meaning to delete it but sent it to you accidentally. He wasn’t the most tech savvy guy. A text followed that made you wonder what the hell was going on.
“Shoulda tried weed a loooong time ago!”
You thought he was playing a joke on you.
Then the world stopped. The pandemic hit. Everyone was sent home and told to stay there. Schools and businesses closed. People were afraid to leave their home. No one left their house without a mask.
You and your girlfriend hunkered down and rode out the lock down as best you could, but after a while you got on each others nerves, then the sex cooled off. Like many, the pandemic was making people in shaky relationships question why they were trapped with someone they barely liked. The cracks were forming and all that was keeping you there was her tight pussy.
That’s when you started to text with your Dad all the time. You needed to escape talking to your girlfriend about whatever was pissing her off that day, you thought he’d be bored and going crazy with two hyperactive twenty somethings bouncing off the walls of the house. He was oddly mellow and calm about it. Claiming they were both charming and delightful.
Then more photos started arriving. A couple a day at first.
The first was of Anna sound asleep in bed. She clearly had no clothes on. The sheet pulled up just enough to cover her breasts. She slept on her side a big smile on her face. Then you realized she was in your Dad’s bed.
The next photo sent an hour later was of Anna again. This time in nothing but an oversized tee shirt. She stood at a doorway looking sleepy and her hair un-brushed. The shirt barely covered her naked hips. Fuck she looked hot, you swore you could see bush.
You jerked off to the photo. Sweet Anna practically naked. Then nothing for a couple of days. A few brief texts to chat but no long conversations.
Then a photo of Nikki. She was in nothing but a towel. He’d taken it from behind. She was at her dresser looking for clothes. He bare ass visible under the towel. You jerked off again.
A few minutes later another one came in. Nikki again. Sitting on the end of her bed in a red bra and panties. She was painting her toe nails. Not looking at the camera. A text followed.
“She has such nice legs. Smooth to the touch.”
You were really starting to wonder what was going on now. To the point of you texting friends to find out if they had heard anything from Nikki or Anna. The answers you got were that they were fine. Making the most of having to do school work from home.
Then from four different people you found out both girls had dumped their boyfriends in the last three days. That seemed odd and a bit worrisome. Too coincidental even.
Both of them had been quite happy with their men, so you were led to believe from close friends. You knew Anna had bragged about how hung her guy was, and that he liked to fuck on the beach.
Every day more photos. Never any nudity but always scantily clad. More of Anna taken in your Father’s bed. One of Nikki and Anna together snuggling on the couch. Nikki in front and Anna behind. You could see Nikki was topless but Anna’s hand kept you from seeing those nice looking fun bags. They both appeared to be sleeping. Another odd text.
“wore them both out. Wish you were here. These girls are insatiable.”
You tried not to think about what that meant. You had to deal with the massive erection you had. You jerked off all over yourself. You were actually jealous of your Dad. He seemed to be fucking both Nikki and Anna and you were stuck with a girlfriend that had slowly drained the fun out of the relationship. You were jerking off to your fathers bragging photos more than fucking your sweet titted girlfriend.
The next day the videos started arriving.
The first was of both girls in his bed. Sitting up and only covered by a sheet. Both look high as fuck. Anna had her head resting on Nikki’s shoulder. Nikki has a look of ecstasy on her face. Like she’s on the verge of orgasm. You hear your Dad’s voice from behind the camera.
“How’s that feel Nik?”
“Oh fuck. Its feels so fucking good Dave.” Nikki says quietly, eyes closed, biting her lower lip. You see her chest heaving.
“You like Anna’s fingers in there don’t you. You fucking slut.”
“Fuck. Dave make her stop teasing.” She turns to Anna and they kiss.
“Okay Anna dear. Enough teasing. Use three fingers.”
Anna looks at the camera and smiles. You see Nikki’s face change to total pleasure.
“There Nikki honey. I have three fingers deep inside you. Cum for me. Cum all over my fingers so Dave can suck them clean.” Anna encourages as Nikki begins screaming in orgasm. The orgasm last almost five minutes, Anna working her fingers inside the whole time, kissing her lover on the neck as she twitches and spasms. Anna takes her hands out from under the sheet as Nikki slumps with her head against Anna’s tits. Your Dad comes into frame and sucks on Anna’s fingers. The video ends.
Masturbation can no longer be enough, you go into the kitchen where your girlfriend is working from home on her laptop writing up notes from a Zoom meeting and tear her clothes off violently and throw her face down on the floor and fuck her hairy pussy hard from behind grabbing hand fulls of hair the entire time. Hard, violent thrusting in a frenzy of deep penetration. You both cum hard leaving fluid all over the hard floor and collapse short of breath.
“Dude,” she asks, breathless, your cum dripping out of her. “Who is Anna? And why were you calling her name when you came?”
“You lied and said you were saying Ah nah. You knew she didn’t believe you. You weren’t even sure you cared anymore.
Videos starting coming in daily. Usually of Anna and Nikki together. Each one, their hot bodies a little more exposed. Always Anna servicing Nikki.
Then a video of just Nikki. She’s laying on a couch glassy eyed on her side. Hand under her head propping it up. The other resting on her hip.
She is clearly high. She has a black sweater on, but its pulled up to just under her breasts, you can see the bottom of a lacy pink bra. Her jeans are pulled up, but undone and you can see a patch of thin pubic hair from the open zipper. So she has no panties on. She’s talking to the camera. You can hear your Dad’s voice.
“Hi Nikki. How are you sexy?”
“MMM Dave. I am so good. I am high as fuck and I just sucked your cum out of Anna’s asshole.” She said slowly and groggy. “How are you Dave?”
“Oh I’m good sweetness. I just came in Anna’s ass. I love fucking you two whores.”
“MM good, Her first anal experience.” She purred. “Lucky girl. Its about time you took her anal cherry.”
“Well you would know. I been fucking you in the ass all week.”
“MM yes you have and I’m really fucking sore.”
“Really how come?” he asks playfully.
“You know why.” She says almost asleep.
“No tell me.” He demands. “What is making the anal queen so sore?”
“You’rrrrre ssooo fuckin hung, you have a big cock Dave. Huge cock. Biggest I ever had in there.”
“You know what Nik?”
“MM no what hun.”
“My son’s cock is just as nice.” He zooms in on her face. “You wanna try it sometime?”
“Fuck yea. Get him over here. Lets fuck his brains out too.” She falls asleep and that is where the video ends.
He sends a quick text after. “dude, you gotta get over here son. These girls are high, horny and fucking me stupid. I need to tag out for a bit bud.”
You start working on a plan to get over there. In fact you decide no plan is needed. You pack a bag. You stop in the kitchen and tell your girl its over and your leaving. You toss your keys on the table and leave. She does not even try to stop you. You drive over to your Dad’s and drop your bag in your old room.
The first thing you see is your Dad sitting on the edge of his bed, naked. His legs are spread and he is leaning back on his hands as Nikki is sucking his cock. She is naked too. A purple vibrator sticking out of her pussy. You can hear it running. Long slow head bobs. Her slurping and sloshing of his cock sounding so hot.
She does not even stop when your Dad greets you. “Heeey Son. Bout fucking time you got here.” He groans. “Anna get you slut ass in here and fuck my son!” He yells. Nikki just takes him deeper into her throat.
Anna walks into the room in nothing but a white garter belt and white stockings. She has on dark red lipstick making her lips plump and sexy. She stops and sticks her tongue down your throat. “Fuck me hard.” She demands. “First in my pussy, then my ass.” She pulls your shirt off and undoes your belt. She turns and walks to the bed slapping Nikki in the ass with your belt as she walks by. You undo your jeans and follow as she lays on the bed with her legs hanging over the sides. She spreads and you see her small landing strip of pubes glisten with pre-cum.
You grab her and pull her up and push your cock in her mouth. “Suck me hard, so I can fuck you hard!” you demand. She looks up and smiles and opens her pretty red lips and starts deep throating you you aggressively. You’re hard in seconds. The feel of the back of her throat on your dick tip so good.
You put a hand on her forehead and push her back down. You push her legs apart again and thrust into her deep. She yelps in pleasure as you lean in and pin her wrists to the bed and stay deep inside her and give her short hard thrusts. Watching as her tits bounce with each thrust. Licking and sucking her nipples.
Your dad orders Nikki up on the bed on all fours. She puts her head right over Anna’s and they kiss as your dad fucks Nikki from behind.
Both girls start moaning loudly as father and son fuck them hard and slow.
“Fuck Dad. This is so hot.” You groan as Anna wraps her legs around you.
“Fucking told you. These high whores are cock crazy.” he smiled as he pulled out of Nikki and knelt over Anna’s face. Nikki guides his dick into Anna’s mouth as he comes, coating the hot blonde’s face in cum. It runs off her face and onto the sheets. Nikki kisses her and licks it off Anna’s face.
“My turn.” You groan as you pull out of Anna and grab Nikki by the hair and shove your cock in her mouth. “Ah fuck Nikki. Ffffucck.” You cum down her throat. She gags and can’t swallow it all. She leans over and lets a load drip from her mouth into Anna’s. Then they kiss again.
They lay on their sides and make out. Soon they are 69ing. Their well fucked pussies enjoying the feel of feminine tongue on them.
You sit in a chair in the corner and watch as you and your dad share a joint. The room is soon filled with the sounds of them coming again.
“Every day is like this.” Your dad brags.
“Yeah. I even started recording it and posting it online. We’re going to get make a lot of money with these two.”
“Fuck. Nice Dad.”
Both girls are on their backs on the bed. Spent and half asleep. Your dad gives you the go ahead look. “Time you took the lion’s share of these two. I’ll get the camera and record.”
You kneel over Nikki and kiss her. Then turn and kiss Anna.
“Still want your cock in my ass dude.” Anna says with a smile and rolls over and sticks her ass in the air.
She doesn’t have to ask twice. You don’t even lube your cock, when you hold her in the perfect spot and push into her ass slowly. She grips the sheets and swears as you insert to balls deep.
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck your thicker than your Dad.” She cries out as you start thrusting. All the way in then almost all the way out. Stretching her well used ass hole even further. She is tight and starts clinching driving you crazy as you fulfill your favourite fantasy. Fucking Anna in the ass.
“I’m fucking next!” Nikki said watching you deep dick her friends anus.
“Wait your turn darlin’” Your dad says as he watches and records you stretching out the hot blonde. Anna’s cries of pain cease and she starts matching your motions and the two of you get into synch fast. She moans and cries for you to go harder and faster.
You fill her ass with a huge load. Slap her ass as you pull out.
After you take a shower and have some food you settle into your room to rest a little. It is not long before Nikki is standing naked at your door. Her hair is wet from a shower too.
“Rim and fuck me Dude.” She commands as she turns and bends over in front of you, reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks exposing her starfish to you.
You grab her hips and pull her towards you a little and start licking her anus. She purrs as you swirl your tongue and even stick it in, all the time your cock growing harder and harder to the point of it being as hard as it was going to get.
You stood up and spread a little lube on your cock and slid it into her sweet ass. With one hand on her hip and one hand grabbing her thick hair you slid in and out of her hungry asshole.
You look over to see your dad filming the whole thing. You now have both hands grabbing her lush hair as you fuck her hard making her cum.
Just before you cum you pull out and force her to her knees and stick your dick in her mouth and come.
After you finish she just sits on the floor staring up at you licking your cum off her lips.
“Fuck Dave. Now I can’t decide who is a better ass fuck.” She says looking right at the camera. “I mean your both hung and good to fuck any time.” She runs a finger along her lip. “All I know is Anna eats pussy better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Sorry boys. But a girl knows what a girl needs during oral.” She then laid down on her back and stuck three fingers in her pussy. Your dad got right up close and filmed the whole thing. Soon Anna came in, knelt over Nikki to have her pussy eaten as she took turns sucking each of your cocks.
“I love the taste of Nikki’s asshole on your cock Dude.” You both came all over her face.
You looked at each other and smiled. Neither of you cared if the pandemic ever ended.

A bisexual man who has no taboos. No hang ups and an open mind.

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