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More then I wanted

It was Friday night and I wanted to go out for a few beers. I was at my new cabin and felt like exploring the towns around it. The first one was boring and nothing much to offer aside from a bunch of drunk ass old dudes talking about the fish that they lost and got away. The next one wasn’t much better but this one had a pool table. There was a couple of guys standing around. I’m sure they were gambling. I was talking with the bartender and was asking her if there was another spot to go and she said down the road into the next town bout 5 or 6 miles. So I finished my beer and headed out. Got to the third place and it was like I was in a different world. Bunch of people listening to the jukebox dancing they had a few pool tables dart boards the usual bar games.

I scanned the room and saw this brunette. She was hot perky tits and a really hot body. She was sitting watching people dance around and acting out. I walked up to the bar and ordered 2 beers. Walked over to her and handed her one. I said hello my name is John. She took the beer smiled and said thank you. I said I didn’t catch your name. She said i didnt throw it. I said ok mind if I join you? She looked at me and smirked. She said yes. So I sat down and we drank our beers. Not saying much until she and I finished. I said want another? She said what are you trying to do? Get into my pants? I looked at her ans said honestly I just bought a cabin a few towns over and juat checking out the bars in the area. I wasn’t a fan of the attitude she was giving me but I have to admit I do like the ones that play hard to get. I told her if she wanted another beer she has to give me her name. She said Lisa. I said there was that so hard? I asked her what she wanted and she said same as last time.

Came back with 4 this time. She looked at me like wtf why 4. I smiled and said two for ones. We sat there and finally she opened up to at least talk to me. We talked about where we are from what we’ve been up to this last week and all that. You know simple bar talk. I couldnt help looking at her tits. She was in a low cut tank top and I swear she wasn’t wearing a bra. The music was getting louder and louder and she said lets go outside. We walked out to the patio and it was clear. When we walked out there I told her it must have rained everything was wet. She smiled and said you said wet and had a little laugh behind it. We sat and talked she went in and grabbed a round. She came out with 4 shots and 4 beers. I looked at her and said what are you trying to get into my pants? I said thank you for the beer and smiled. She asked what that was about and I said nothing at all. She asked me what my cabin was like if it was new and all or just and old shack. I told her it would be easier to show you but if that what you wanna do I need some water and something to eat. We take the shots back to back and she says she’s gotta go to the bathroom.

She came back to the table with a big glass of water and a few bowls of pretzels. As I pounded the water and ate the pretzels we finished up and headed out. She asked me if I was ok to drive and I said yep that food and water really helped. She said cool we walked to my truck and I asked her if she was gonna follow me and she said she was no ok to drive. I was still pretty early like 10 pm so we drove back to my cabin. We got there and walked in i grabbed 2 beers out of the fridge. We sat at the table and played cards.

After a while her questions were getting weird. She asked me if I was open minded. I said yeah i guess I am. She said but how open minded are you? I didnt know what to say nor did I know where she was going with this. So I asked her why do you ask all this? She said well John i feel like there’s a spark between us and I wanted to act on it. I said well be my guest. She stood up and leaned over to kiss me. She pulled back and smiled. While we were kissing I felt he hand brush across the medium buldge in my pants. She said what do you got there John?

She reached both hands towards my belt and said ill just find out. She undid my pants and pulled my now throbbing hard dick. She said holey shit John your packin. She stroked it a bit as she placed it on her tongue. I got about a even 8 inches completely shaved she bobbed up and down on it for a while. He mouth was warm and alot of saliva drooling off her lips to my cock. She sucked it for a while I could feel my orgasm building up so I told her that i was getting close. She popped it out and stepped back. I told her it was her turn and she said wait. She pulled her top off and showed me her perfect tits her areolas were perfectly round and dark red. Her nipples were puffy like the dots candy. I just stared at her with my cock in my hand. She said im glad you like them. She said but before we go further I got something to show you. I had a confused look on my face. She pulled up her skirt to show me her panties. They were bikini style black with purple spots all over them. So sexy but there was something different about her. There’s a huge buldge in the front wich my eyes were glued to.

I said oh my what a fat clit you have with a smile. She was blushing and smiling. Why thank you I’ve always thought I had a nice one. I pulled her panties down until her cock flopped out. I opened my mouth and gently slid her cock onto my tongue and into my mouth. Her hand rested on the back of my head as I began to bob up and down slobbering all over he cock. I was so turned on by how nice her cock was i wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing. Before I knew it she was in and out of my throat over and over. I could hear he moan out in pleasure talking to me telling me what a great job I was doing. Suck harder babe … ooooh your gonna make me cum … oh my god this is fantastic babe! Her cock was rock hard and super wet from my fucking my throat.

She pulled me off and stood up led me to the kitchen counter. My eyes were glued to her cock as it wagged back and forth as she walked to the kitchen. He panties were right under her buttcheeks she bent over and pull her cheeks apart. Her asshole was pink like pussy. She reached into her purse on the counter and pulled out some astroglide. She looked at me and said you think you can handle this. I let out a giant sigh and said I thought you’d never ask. She got down and teased my cock with the tip of her tongue. Then grabbed the lube and gave it a healthy squeeze. It rand down my shaft onto my balls. As she stroked up and down then stood up and bent over the kitchen counter. She had quite a bit of lube on her fingers and hand as she rubbed it in between her nice tan round ass cheeks.

I rested my rock hard cock on her ass hole. As I reached for the lube she handed it to me and said dont be scared. I squeezed a lot on her ass crack ass hole and my cock. I pushed in and it slid all the way in. She moaned out oh my god your thicker then I though. As I got more and more into it watching her ass swallow my cock whole over and over again. I got real comfortable with it. I reached around and played with her cock as I fucked her. I told her i wanted to tast her cum so she said she’ll let me know…. just keep fucking me daddy ! I was dripping sweat down my chest and on to her back. It was driving me nuts to hear her moan and call me want from crazy to intence. The harder I pounded the more she screamed.qith every stroak all the way in and all the way out.

Her moning got different as I figured she was gonna cum soon. I told her I wanted it in my mouth and she said ok come here. She sat up on the counter again as I took her cock all the way down my throat. Slobbering all over her he hand gripped tight on the back of my neck and said here it comes daddy. She let all of it go I have never had that much cum in my mouth from one cock. As she quivered and shook the layed back against the kitchen cabinets. She said now its your turn to cum.

I didnt take long to get on the edge of cumming she was so good at sucking my cock. She made is sloppy and sucked hard on the tip. I told her she was gonna get what she wants quicker then she thought. She didn’t care she wanted that cum more then I wanted to cum. Up and down she bobbed taking it all the way in and down her throat. She had one hand in the base of my cock and the other hand choking my balls. I tilted my head back and let out a giant moan. Baby I’m cumming and before she knew it a huge worm of cum shot out onto her tongue and covered my cock with her mouth and took the rest of it directly in to her mouth she swallowed it down and wiped her lips and sucked her finger clean.

She stood up and asked how I liked that. I just smiled and we finished the night watching tv and playing with eachother

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