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One Time Hall Pass Turns into Affair

This is my first attempt at writing a story. Sorry, but it is extremely long. I didnt want to leave out anything that led up to the affair. It covers a span of several years. It has a very long and slow build, but it is worth it. Again, sorry it’s so long. It is 100% true. I only changed the names of the people.

A little back ground on my wife and myself:

I am Kevin, and my wife, is Bobbie. We both grew up in a small town in the Mid South. I knew her family, growing up, but I was 5 years older than Bobbie.

Her family was close knit, and Bobbie and her sisters were VERY conservative. They weren’t allowed to date until they turned 16.

When I graduated high school, I went straight into the military. I only remembered Bobbie as a little skinny 12 year old tomboy.

When I returned 5 years later, Bobby had changed dramatically.

She was now a slim beautiful young lady. She stands 5′ 6″ and was about 105 pounds. She was pretty small in the chest department. Probably a 32 A at that time. More like a models figure. She looked like a very young Lindsay Wagner ( The Bionic Woman). Shoulder length blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. I was in Love at first sight. And she felt the same. We waited until we married to have sex, as she was still a virgin. She knew little about the female anatomy, and far less about men. So everything she knows, is what I’ve taught her. She was very reluctant to try anything other than straight missionary position sex. She thought oral sex was gross, and sick. It took a couple of years to get her to loosen up, and that her orgasms weren’t bad for her lol. She finally started giving me head, but no ejaculation’s. And she always got off whe I went down on her. So that’s how we started.

Now to the story:

My wife and I married fairly young. I was 23 and she had just turned 18. I was the only man she had ever been with. So she was somewhat naïve about sex.

We had been married about 10 years, and had two children in this time.

Once the children came along the sex seemed to slow down quite a bit. But lately, it was as scarce as hen’s teeth. I was still ready any time, but Bobbie just wasn’t that interested for some reason.

One night after a (rare) typical vanilla sex session, I asked her if something was bothering her.

She just looked away and said you would be mad if I told you.. I said, I can assure you, that no matter what it is, I wont be mad. I put on a big smile , to show her I was not upset.

She looked at me and started to tear up. Now I was getting worried. I said “Please tell me”. She said, I am so ashamed! A customer was flirting with me today. I said that’s not unusual is it? She said no, but this time I felt different. What do you mean different, I asked.

She said, this time I liked it, and actually felt a tingle between my legs. I have only ever felt that when we make love.

Then she started crying again. She looked at me and said I actually imagined what it would be like in bed with him. I am so ashamed. Is there something wrong with me?

At this point, I was so relieved, that it wasn’t serious, that I kind of chuckled. She immediately shot back, “What’s so damn funny?” I said, it’s just that it’s perfectly normal to be attracted to, and fantasize about people other than your spouse.

Now she had a puzzled look on her sweet face. What do you mean, normal? I feel like I cheated on you.

I said, it’s human nature. Everyone has those feelings. That doesn’t mean that you act on them. But thinking is not cheating. When I see an attractive woman, I sometimes wonder what she would look like nude, or what she would be like in bed. It’s normal.

She looked at me with hurt in her eyes. You mean you think about other women?

I said of course I do. Just like every other heterosexual man. I don’t think about actually doing anything. It’s just fantasy. Fantasizing is healthy. You fantasized about another man, and it made you feel good. But you never considered actually sleeping with him, did you?

Her demeaner changed immediately. I’m sorry she said. I was just afraid I was falling out of love with you, because I thought about sleeping with another man.

I said, believe me, it’s perfectly normal for you to wonder what it’s like with another man. After all, I am the only man you have even seen naked. Let alone had sex with. Of course I already know what different women are like. I was in the Military for 4 years. I experienced many women in that time.

She said, isn’t the sex the same with everyone? I laughed, and said, You have to be kidding. Everyone is different. Men and women.

You mean men are different down there? Pointing at my crotch.

I said, of course they are different. You’ve seen other naked women before in gym class. Were they all the same?

No she said. They all had bigger boobs than me. Finally smiling at me.

I said, well all men are different down there. Cocks are different shapes and sizes. Some are fat, some are skinny, some are short and some are long. I added, we need to watch a porn movie together. She just grimaced.

She asked, “so they all feel different inside a woman”?

I said yes, and women’s vaginas feel different. Some women like small cocks, some like medium, and some women prefer large cocks.

What size is yours, she asked?

About average, I said. ( I am about 6″ and a little above average thickness, I’ve been told).

So they come bigger than you??? I don’t know if I could take anything bigger than you.

I said sure you could. It would take a little adjusting to it, but you would naturally loosen up. You loosened up for kids didn’t you?

Yes and it hurt like hell. Laughing again. A bigger thingy, couldn’t be that painful. But I’ll never know.

I said, if you ever meet someone, that you really want to try it with, you have my OK.

There was a very long pause. She had a shocked look on her face, and just sat there with her mouth open.

Are you saying, that you don’t care if I cheat on you? Is that an excuse , so you can fool around?

Don’t you still love me?

No, no, no. That’s not what I mean at all. First of all, I love you more than ever. Second, I don’t want to fool around. You are the only woman I want and need. And Third, I didn’t say, that I was OK with you “Cheating”.

What I’m saying is, I’m OK if you find someone that you would like to have a one night stand with. And only with my knowledge before it happens.

While I’ve had dozens of women to compare, you have only experienced me. If you found someone that turns you on, and want to see what it’s like, I am OK with that. I think it’s only fair.

So…. You are saying, if I meet someone that I find sexy, and I sleep with him, you are OK with it.

As long as you play by my rules. Yes.

I will have to give this some thought. I’m just happy you aren’t mad because I had those terrible thoughts.

Continued in Part 2

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