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The Convent Spirits Chapter 1: St. Monica’s Chapel

October was passing quickly. The trees which had been brightly colored were now turning brown and beginning to fall so that their rustling could now barely be heard. Winifred was awake long before it was necessary; she was kneeling down at the foot of the bed, her long, nut-brown hair drooped over her face and her two bare feet with their simple, grey polish could just be seen poking out from behind her black habit. She was saying her rosary.

The early morning sun shone through the window, casting a golden beam into the small, stuffy dorm and illuminated an icon of St. Brigid which hung on the wall. Her roommate, Sr. Clair, was still dozing sluggishly. Her limbs spread to all corners of the bed and the covers were half off; one foot dangled off the side of the bed revealing her forbidden French toenails, and her messy blonde hair covered her drowsy face. Suddenly, the sound of church bells jolted her awake.

“Good grief!” Clair exclaimed. “Winnie, why didn’t you wake me?”

“You looked so peaceful, I simply couldn’t… will you forgive me sister?”

“Yes yes of course… but please for peat’s sake help me get dressed.”

“Certainly.” Said Winifred as she slipped into her Sunday flats and fixed her wimple. Clair frantically brushed her hair while Winifred placed Clair’s best low-heels on her feet and adjusted the cord around her waist.

The two nuns walked briskly out into the courtyard of their little Franciscan convent where most of their sisters were already arriving at the church. The wind howled through the bare trees, whipping the fallen leaves into little flurries, and made the two girls shiver and hold each other as they walked along the cobble path from the east wing towards St. Monica’s Chapel.

“Hurry sisters!” Said Mo. Anne, the prioress, as she held the door for them, “wouldn’t want to be late to mass!” she continued, and glared at Sr. Clair as they walked by.

“Thank you mother,” said Winifred politely.

The nuns assembled themselves inside the small chapel and began the mass. The chapel was dim, lit by only a few candles and small stain-glass windows and the faint smell of incense always lingered inside. Soon the priest, robed in white, began the Venite which echoed through the little building. Clair mouthed along mindlessly but it had always been Winifred’s favorite song in the Sunday liturgy and often brought great joy to her soul, yet this time something seemed off.

Nothing truly out of the ordinary had happened that morning, but a strange feeling made Winifred exceedingly uncomfortable. She couldn’t keep her mind engaged at all, she tried to quietly finish her rosary and even that did not help. Then all at once the candles went out in the chapel. A low gasp resounded from among the sisters and the liturgy halted for a moment, but the priest continued. A black cat wandered in through a back door and paused, licking itself for a moment and then looked into the congregation. It’s bright yellow eyes locked with Winifred and suddenly she felt a stinging pain in her butt. She gasped and glanced around, no one else had noticed anything. But it happened again.

A firm, flat pain was jolting her in the ass, almost, she thought with horror, as though someone were slapping it. But there was no sound, not even one muffled by her clothes. It happened again and again until both her poor cheeks were sore.

“Holy… m-mother of g-god… pray for us s-sinners…” she whispered in her mind, but it only made it worse.

“Why does it feel good??” she thought, her mind beginning to wander as she unconsciously stuck out her ass.

“N-No! No I mustn’t” but the moment she accepted it she felt her breasts suddenly tighten and then release, sending a jolt of pleasure through her body. She gasped and Clair looked at her,

“Are you alright sis?”

“Y-yes, just feeling a bit poorly…”

Sr. Winifred could not have told a bigger lie. Her whole body was practically shivering with pleasure. Electric pulses reverberated in the space between her hips with every spank or squeeze. As she struggled to say the words of the mass a firm sensation began to circle her areolas underneath her habit, her nipples instantly hardened and pressed against the heavy fabric, driving her nearly insane, every slight movement now would brush her heavily aroused nipples against the habit, all the while precum was dripping out of her like snow melting off a roof.

“Mary save me!” she whispered under her breath.

Almost in retaliation at the prayer she felt her whole body quale, her organs tumbled inside her and a light but powerful pleasure began on the top of her vagina, stroking all around the outside and circling around a very sensitive point which she had never felt before.

“Oh god… is that… my c-clitoris??”

The thought made it so much worse, her skin burned with pleasure, her insides were in upheaval as bolts of electric pleasure shot between her nipples and her clit.

“Holy… m-mother of… g-g…” she tried to say, when her experience was suddenly interrupted by the liturgy of the eucharist.

Clair pushed her out into the isle where the rest of her sisters were processing to the altar. Poor Sr. Winifred glanced around nervously,

“C-could they see me?” she wondered, but no one seemed to notice a thing. The sweet taste of the bread and wine calmed her pounding heart and gave comfort to her soul. Soon the priest gave the benediction and the sisters departed to their rooms. Sr. Winifred and Sr. Clair walked slowly back through the courtyard, and when they were sufficiently out of earshot Clair asked,

“Were you alright back there? You look a bit… tense…”

“It’s nothing, just… it felt a bit spooky when the candles went out…”

Claire laughed, “well Halloween is coming up I suppose… and speaking of the devil, look, there’s a black cat.”

The cat slyly approached them and brushed against Sr. Clair’s feet.

“Poor pussy cat…” she said to it, and stooped to pick it up.

“Oh Winnie, let’s keep it!”

“Absolutely not! You know as well as I do that it’s against the rules of our order!”

“Oh you’re just scared… isn’t she? Who could be scared of a sweet pussy cat like you?”

“Clair no… please…”

But Clair only laughed and said, “oh come on sis, don’t be such a bitch about it.”

“Clair!” Winifred exclaimed, and quickly followed her into their room.

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