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The reporter bj

Matt Gutman was busy reporting on the California fires.Which kept his schedule jammed packed. Which meant no fun for him. He was busy getting ready for another live shot on GMA.Hour after his live shot he was driving up to a diner.

While he was there he talked to his supervisor at ABC. Then to a few friends. Checked emails and then texted his wife a steamy text. Which left him horny and full bladder from his breakfast. He went the bathroom he went into the stalls and unzipped his zipper and pulled his cock out and started to piss. After he was through he noticed a hole in the stall. He heard about glory hole before he frequent then before but there was always there was woman behind. But this was new experience for cause he didn’t know it there was a man on the other side of the wall.

His name was forty five year old George Williams a ad executive. He knew from the time he was fifteen he was gay. He sucked off so many guys before. But he didn’t he was going to make a reporter a happiest man on earth.

Matt put his eight and half inch cock through the hole. George grabbed the cock and started sucking. Matt thought this girl is good. George gave the cock the star treatment. This went on for fifteen minutes . All things must come to end.Matt grabbed the stall like its no tomorrow. He moaned so loud that the people in the diner heard it. That’s when his cock shot out twelve jets of cum. George was taken aback by how much cum. Matt and his wife hadn’t have sex in months. Matt calmed from his powerful orgasm after a few composed himself and left the bathroom and paid for his meal and walked to car. George used some of the cum to jerk himself off and came within seconds. He cleaned himself and left the diner.

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