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Turning My Wife

Whilst slightly under the influence of alcohol one evening my beautiful wife and I watched a tv show about wife sharing and we both joked and fantasised about getting in to sharing. It made us both incredibly horney and we had great sex. The truth being that the thought of sharing her made me incredibly horney and I wanted to pursue the idea. In the cold light of day however I was sure she wouldn’t entertain the idea so I would have to chose my moments.

We attended a friends party that weekend and again had a lot to drink. It was a great party and whenever I could I was feeling up my wife to let her know I wanted her. I whispered in her ear that if I was going to share her, which of our friends she would most like to sleep with. She blushed and said that I couldn’t ask her that but I persisted on this path. She turned the tables and asked me which of our friends I thought would most like to sleep with her. Oh that’s easy I said. Paul would love to be with you I said, he is forever looking at you, wanting you. Really she said, how do you know. Oh I know I told her. Though I said to her only half joking, if you decide to have him, be warned that he is massive and thick down there. We both giggled as she choked a little on her drink. We were pretty wasted and later that night when we returned we fucked like maniacs as I pretended to be Paul seducing and fucking her hard. I knew the thought of sharing her was getting through to her as my hands caressed her body from behind and she whispered just how big is he. Massive I said, about nine or ten inches I said and thick. She groaned as I told her as she imagined him taking her. Let’s invite him over I said. I thought she would snap back NO but to my delight she said when ?. Tomorrow night I said. She didn’t answer so in my mind that was the go ahead. The following day, the invite, was not mentioned by my wife but having got this close I was going to invite him and see what happened. That afternoon we started drinking and a few hours later Paul arrived and started drinking with us. My wife looked stunning as usual and I caught her several times looking at Paul’s crotch. I had already decided that when I thought the time was right I was going excuse myself and leave them drinking. We all drank long in to the night and as planned I made my excuses and went to bed. My wife was sitting opposite Paul and was very subtly flashing him her white lace g string. Paul could feel himself getting aroused. My wife stood up to get him a refill and gave him the best show yet of her pussy. He stood up to give her his glass as his pants bulged in front of him. I was watching from the balcony up stairs and was hard as a rock as I watched what unfolded. My my, my drunk wife said as she looked at his pants. Paul grabbed at her and kissed her hard. She gasped and grabbed at his pants to undo them as he pulled her top and bra over her head revealing her firm 34 D breasts. His pants dropped to the floor and she quickly removed her skirt and stood before him in the white lace g string. My god he moaned as he admired my beautiful wife. He bent slightly to remove his shorts and let out his massive cock. MY GOD my wife gasped as she stared at it in shock. Holy shit she said it’s so big. He kissed her again hard and lay her down on the carpet. She dutifully opened her legs as he positioned himself between her legs. She pulled the g string to one side revealing her soaking wet bald pussy. She was literally dripping wet for him. He moved in to take her and parted her pussy lips with the head of his massive cock. Take me she said, Now. Paul moved in to her stretching her pussy wide apart, wider than it had ever been before. If was the biggest cock she had ever taken by a country mile and he took her breath away as he forced himself deeper and deeper inside her she gasped and moaned out loud and immediately started to cum on his massive cock moaning and gasping for breath. Paul started to fuck her and she bit hard on his shoulder as she struggled to take him whilst having explosive orgasms on his thick cock. She was in ecstasy and pain as he pumped in and out of her skilfully using the full length of his dick to take every last inch of my wife. Even I had lost count of how many times he had made her cum as she orgasmed one after another. So caught up in their passion, neither of them gave the slightest thought to how much noise they were making as he literally pounded the fuck out of my wife’s pussy. His breathing began to get heavy and he gasped I’m going to cum. This sent her in to orgasm again and she begged him “fill me up., fucking fill my pussy up”. He rammed forward and jammed himself as deep as he could in my wife’s pussy making her scream. He held himself deep inside her and started to pump his cum so deep in to my wife. She could feel every squirt of cum he pushed in to her making her cum again. Squirt after squirt after squirt he pumped in to her filling her fucked stretched pussy with his hot cum. He rolled off her and they lay there breathless. My god he panted that was amazing. It certainly was she gasped. Now you had better go she said, we were not entirely discreet. Shit he said and quickly gathered his clothes, dressed, kissed her and left. Cupping her poor stretched pussy my wife made her way to our room where I lay on the bed so rock hard for her. She removed the g string and lay on the bed. She opened her legs to show me what he had done to her and his cum started to drip out of her. Jesus babe I said you where fucking amazing. Take me she said, take me back. I climbed between her legs with my cock throbbing and twitching for her. Her soaking cum filled pussy offered no resistance at all as I buried my cock in her and held myself in the warm sticky cum filled mess that was her well and truly fucked pussy. It was so hot,and well, gooey. My cock was twitching and throbbing for her as I tried to fuck what was left of her. Did he stretch you babe I whispered as I fucked her. Yes baby she said that was the biggest cock I have ever taken. It was so thick and went so deep in to me, he made me Cum so hard baby, it hurt so much but I couldn’t stop myself I had to have that massive meat in my pussy. I fucked her as hard as I could and just talking about his massive cock inside her made her cum again. Your going fuck him again aren’t you babe, yes she wrasped, I want you to fuck him again I whispered, whenever and wherever we are I whispered I want that massive cock in your pussy. Again she moaned as yet a another orgasm rocked her. Parties, weddings, whatever we are doing make sure he puts his cock in you at every opportunity. Oh god yes she screamed as I delivered my own load into the squelching mess that was my wife’s battered pussy. The next day Paul messaged her asking if everything was ok. She replied saying everything was apart from being incredibly sore and his cum that was still occasionally leaking out of her. You were amazing he said to her and so were you she replied. A week later with fine weather a big group of us arranged to meet at a pub. We were all there early and I was egging my wife on. 3 or 4 hours in were were all well oiled and I got her to text him. I want you inside me she wrote. His face was a picture as my wife left the table outside and headed in to the Pub she made sure that nobody was in the toilet and dragged Paul in to a cubicle. She had his already rock hard cock out straddled him and lowered herself all the way down his massive shaft. She was orgasming before she hit the bottom gasping for breath whilst trying to be quiet. My god babe he said to her I can’t take it as she rose just once. I’m gonna cum babe I’m sorry he said. She slammed down on him so he was buried to the hilt inside her. Fill me full of cum she whispered in his ear and he unloaded a torrent of cum inside her. The force of which made her cum so hard on his massive cock. Oh my god she said you are so bad as he twitched and and squirted his massive load pumping as deep as he could inside her. My wife lifted herself up and again cupped her pussy as she told him to go quickly. Holding her full pussy she took out her phone, started the video and then moved her hand from her pussy. A torrent of cum began to poor out of her, there must of been a litre of it gushing out of her. The cheeky minx then sent me the video. I was rock hard for her and couldn’t move from the table. She hadn’t finished with him yet either. She told me that she was going to announce that she was leaving early and he would offer to drop her off. She told me to give them at least a couple of hours. I obliged and they left together. He fucked her in our bed for over an hour. The entire session caught on our new discreetly hidden camera just after the hour he had fucked the hell out of her and she told him he had to cum as she was struggling to take anymore. He filled her up for the second time that day before leaving quickly. When I arrived home she was waiting naked on the bed. My clothes flew off and I was on the bed and had my cock inside her in seconds. I could hardly feel her at all just what was left of Paul’s cum swimming around in her ruined pussy. I started to fuck the gooey mess and whispered how was it babe. He made me tap out babe, he fucked me until I could no longer take it and I submitted and then he filled me up again. It hurts so much babe. This sent me over the edge and I added my cum to Paul’s. I pulled out of my wife and looked at the gaping raw cum soaked mess that was my wife’s battered cunt. She was exhausted and just fell to sleep in all that mess. The following day she woke to the sound of herself getting totally fucked on the big screen at the end of the bed as I replayed her the savage railing of her by Paul in our bed. I was rock hard watching it and within 2 minutes she had straddled me and was riding me screaming as she listened to herself getting destroyed by Paul’s massive cock. The screaming was more to do with the pain she was in than my cock but listening to the show she couldn’t help herself as she came hard on me. We literally fucked each other day and night for a week whilst we watched Paul taking her over and over again.

Mid summer and we were to attend a friends wedding. Messages began to flow. You know I will have to have you at the wedding he wrote. You know I want you to have me at the wedding she replied. It was going to be a weekend stay so they would have ample opportunity to fuck each other. This started on the Friday night that we arrived. I went down to the bar and he was knocking on our room door before my drink was poured. He was inside my wife on our bed pounding the fuck out her within a minute. Within five minutes he had made her cum six times and filled her pussy with cum. All on HD video. Ten minutes later he was stood next to me chatting with a drink in his hand. My wife text me a picture of herself lying naked and taken on our bed. “Paul I said get my wife a glass of wine will you, I’m going to get her”. Paul turned bright red. 15 minutes later I was inside my wife on our bed fucking her stretched used gooey pussy and loving it. We both arrived back at the bar within 30 minutes giggling to ourselves that we had on been there half an hour and my wife had already been fucked and cum in twice. We drank on and at 11:00 my wife announced that she was going to bed. I will be half an hour I said. Five minutes later Paul was gone and 8 minutes later he had his massive cock jammed in her again for the second time that night as my slut wife was fucked for a third time. Precisely 30 minutes later I left the bar and entered our room. Once again she lay there naked and opened her legs. His cum was every where and I was inside her and fucking her beautiful used pussy for the fourth time that day. It has to be said that my wife was loving being such a slut. Wow she said four times I have been had today, and we’ve only been here half a day. Yes I said, just think what you can achieve in a day we laughed. First thing in the morning she told me that she had told him she was going to the gym. Room 125 he said. Within minutes he was peeling her gym gear off and roughly fucking my wife on his bed. Don’t cum inside me she panted as he smashed her pussy. He obliged and after a few minutes of rough hard fucking he pulled his throbbing cock out of her and proceeded to cum all over her. He covered her bald pussy stomach and perfect tits in cum. Jesus she said how do you make so much she asked. Thinking of you he replied. Covered in cum she pulled on her gym gear and made her way back to our room. She was soaked and stained as she peeled off the gym gear. I was on her and in her like a shot. I could feel the stickiness of him all over her as fucked her hard to orgasm. Six times she had been had already and I enquired as to how she was. I’m fine she replied, I don’t want this weekend to end. She had a spar treatment at 11:00, the wedding was 12:30 and at 11:45 Paul was pounding the fuck out her again. Again she told him not to cum in her and again her just covered her in cum At 11:55 I was throwing her on the bed as she complained that there was not enough time but I didn’t listen and jammed my cock hard into her and fucked her for the eighth time that weekend. She complained and rushed to get ready. She was so naturally beautiful that a shower and 20 minutes was all she really needed though a message that the ceremony was running late by 30 minutes was welcome. She wore a white g string and a tight white dress with no bra. She was stunning. Have you got a white thong I asked her. Yes she said why?. Because I want all of the men to stare at your ass and you will be able to make out the outline of your tong better than the g string I said. She obliged and when she bent ever so slightly forward you could see her thong line. Perfect I told her. As we gathered for drinks before the wedding all the men were staring at her especially her ass. I was loving it and telling her about all the looks. Stop it she would say you are making me so wet. The ceremony came and went and during the meal she got a text from Paul saying I have to have you. She text him back saying I want your cock inside me. He text back saying go to the toilet and take that thong off and give it to me. OK she said but I will worn you now it’s very wet. Do It Now he text. She made her way to the toilet and removed the thong and put it in her bag as the meal ended and we mingled she took the opportunity to stuff the thong in Paul’s pocket and whispered it’s your fault it’s so wet. A couple of minutes later Paul sent two pictures from the men’s room. One of him sniffing her thong and one with the thong wrapped around his huge huge cock. There is a door to the rear of the building he said make your way outside. She drifted off found the exit and found Paul in a secluded part of the venue with his cock throbbing in his hand. You are a naughty girl he said and pushed her against the wall. He pulled the dress up over her ass and kicked her legs apart. He rammed in to her putting her on to her tiptoes and taking her breath away with a loud moan. He started to thrust in and out of her really hard saying this is what you get for teasing me. She moaned and gasped and came hard on his meat as he took her hard and fast. With her head on his shoulder she looked back and one of the waiters was watching them fuck. Paul pummelled my wife’s pussy and the waiter watched on as he fucked the shit out of my wife. The waiter did not know that my wife could see him watching them and he played with his cock as he watched. Paul grunted a few times and pulled his cock out of my wife and began to spurt cum all over the floor narrowly missing my wife. She straightened herself up And still thongless made her way back to the reception room where she told me what had happened and the audience that they had had. About 30 minutes later he same waiter asked her if he could get her something from the bar. She said yes and he returned. With a large glass of wine. Tell me my wife said to him, did you enjoy the show before ? He blushed holding his tray up to hide his face a little. Your husband is a lucky man he said. Oh honey she said, that’s not my husband and smiled at him. Tell me, what time do you go on break she said. Errrrrrrrrrr 10:00 he stammered. Perhaps you could give me a hand she asked. Sure thing he said. Room 99 she said. At five to ten my wife entered our room, set up the video and stripped naked. At one minute past ten there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and dragged in the nervous 20 year old waiter. She helped him out of his uniform and lay on the bed for him. Take me she said. The young man climbed on top of my wife and wasted no time getting his dick inside her. He pumped away sliding he cock in and out of her. He was quite skilled and was fucking her well she began to moan towards orgasm and began to pant heavily as he quickened his pace. Oh baby she whispered your gonna make me cum. He began to pant heavily and she moaned out loud as she came hard on his dick. Cum inside me she begged and he thrust forward arching his back and pumped his cum inside my wife. Thank you she said that was good kiddo. Now back to work she said. He dressed and left and my wife blew a kiss to the camera. She returned to the party and told me what she had been up too. You are just so bad I told her how many times is that now I asked having lost count. That’s the tenth time I’ve been fucked since we’ve here babe and I love it. Is there anyone else here you want I asked. No she laughed. Her phone pinged and Paul was asking where she was. I’m here by the bar she replied. Then she said i think Paul’s horney again. Well let’s get smashed and I will go to bed and leave you to it. Go back to his room if you want but get as much as you can on your phone. As it happened we both ended back in Paul’s room that night. I pretended to pass out and they both made there way back to our room to my delight. I knew my wife would get the camera going as she loved to watch him fucking her. He went to the toilet and the camera was on. He came out naked as my wife got out of her dress. I’ve been dying to cum inside all day he said. They got on the bed and he was inside her straight away. He had no idea that he was now sturring the young waiters cum and he began to fuck her hard. His massive dick was really starting to hurt her but she loved it and was addicted to it. He fucked her hard for 20 minutes making her cum god knows how many times. She begged him for his cum. Baby please cum in me please baby. He quickened his pace and slammed deep in to her and pumped for all he was worth making her cum hard once again. Once again the amount of cum he produced was nothing short of astonishing. Paul got dressed kissed her and snuck off back to his room. He woke me and told me my wife had gone to bed. I got back to my room and my dutiful wife was waiting for me. I looked at her and said WOW, 11 times, yes she said now let’s make it 12 as I stripped and was already hard for her. She took me like a trooper despite being in a lot of pain having been already fucked 11 times in just over a day and a half. Again I slopped my cock in and out of her battered pussy as she whispered can you feel all of the cum in me baby. Oh god yes I said as I fucked away at her. Give me some more cum baby she whispered. I pump hard and delivered another load in to her. The next morning I was drifting in and out of sleep and was vaguely aware of my wife in the shower. She dries herself off pulled on a black g string and her second set of workout gear. I loved her in workout gear. Every contour of her body exposed. When she bent over the pants were shear and you could totally see her ass and g string. She strapped her phone to her arm and made her way out of the room. She left the reception area and began a jog down the drive and out on to the main road. Traffic that past would honk their horns as they wen past all starring at her ass. As she approached a few shops a young man came out of one of them carrying some milk. Good morning he said. It was the waiter from the wedding hello she said as she stopped next to him. Nice car she said. It belongs to my folks he confessed. Can I interest you in a coffee before I go to work he asked. You can my wife said. 5 minutes later down a path on the way back to the hotel the young waiter was peeling off my wife’s gym gear. They kissed passionately as he got naked and thrust his throbbing cock into her pussy on the back seat of the car. He was quite talented she thought as He fucked her hard for a good ten minutes making her cum hard twice until he was breathless cuming deep deep inside her pussy. They dressed and as they exited the rear of the vehicle my cheeky wife threw her black g string on the back seat leaving a little souvenir of their time together. She kissed him and said she would run back from here. As she jogged down the drive to the hotel she was acutely aware that his cum was now coming out of her and now without any underwear on it would easily soak through her flimsy leggings. As she approached the reception, she saw Paul at his window beckoning her to come to his room. She went in to the hotel and to his room. He was naked and hard as a rock already and the magnificence of his massive cock just made her cream her already cum soaked leggings. He lay flat on the bed and said ride me. She was naked in seconds and literally dripping from her pussy as she straddled him and began to impale herself on his massive shaft. She gasped and moaned as she inched herself on to him. With half of his cock inside her he grabbed her hips and thrust himself all the way in to her taking her breath away in a loud scream. He quickly flipped her on to her back and started fucking her so hard using his full length in and out of her. Every thrust brought a scream from my wife as he pounded away at her. You fucking love it don’t you he wrasped in her ear you fucking love my cock don’t you. Oh god yes she said every time I see you I want you inside me I want your cum inside me, fill me up baby fill my pussy up. He battered her pussy for 2 or 3 minutes more before flooding her with another massive load. We had been at the hotel for two days and my wife had been fucked 14 times. She dressed and left Paul’s room and made her way back to our room. She walked in and stood before me and pulled up her leggings tight as the cum oozed out of the flimsy material. Holy shit I said get naked and get on the bed. She did as she was told and I positioned myself rock hard between her open cum covered legs and pussy. 13 times I said to her, No she said this will be the 15th time and proceeded to tell me about the pounding she had taken from the young waiter and Paul and how she had left he g string in the back of his folks car. For the 15th time that weekend my wife was getting fucked and once more I was sturring my cock in the loose gooey mess of her pussy. What weekend.A week later I had arranged to meet some mates in our local to watch the Rugby. We were chatting about the wedding and Steve announced, I tell you what, next time fuck having a room next to you, you and your misses were at it all weekend ffs, every time I went to my room all I could hear was you two going at it. Little did he know that it was actually 3 different men sticking to my wife. They were all laughing as anyone of them would have given and arm to have my wife. I mean you checked in just before us and by the time we had got to our Room, all we could hear was you too going at it. Anyway he said it must of been a quickly that one as we went straight to the bar and you were already there. They all laughed. Paul was shagging the arse of someone Mike announced, anybody know who ? He asked. Probably one of the waitresses someone said , you know what he’s like. She was a fucking screamer I will tell you that much Mike said. Where is he anyway the question was asked. He will be balls deep in my wife by now I thought. And balls deep he was. When he had arranged to meet he messaged my wife and asked if he could come around when I left. He was now fucking the life out of my wife on our bed and was rampant for her. It had been a week and he was smashing the fuck out of her pussy. He was savagely taking her, holding both her hands above her head and pounding her cunt for all he was worth and really hurting her. He was an animal and she loved it.He’s always late I said he will be here. Tell you what, said Tim it must have been a fuck fest we were having a smoke outside and heard one of the waiters saying he’s just fucked one of the guests at the wedding and that he had seen her fucking another bloke earlier that wasn’t her husband. What I said, so one of the women at the wedding who was married fucked two different blokes that night ?. Yeah that’s what he said. Jesus I said that is one Randy bitch, which one do you think it was ? We discussed all the women we could remember and if they were married or not but there were quite a few that we didn’t know. All the time I knew exactly which dirty slut it was. Paul arrived apologising for being late. I had already been sent a picture of my wife’s pussy flooded with his cum. Paul settled and Mike said come on then, who were you banging at the wedding last week. Paul turned bright red. Who was the screamer he asked again. It was one of the bar staff he said when he composed him self. Nice he said well who was it the next morning he said ?. The same person he said. Which one was it Mike probed. It was the brunette , the one at the main bar. Oh right he said. All the time this was going on I was telling my wife about how many people had heard her getting fucked and the waiter telling his friends that he’d fucked one of the guests. I was loving it. Later on I was talking with Mike as we got a round in. Mike said he’s lying you know. Is he I said. Yeah he said, he may well of fucked a the barmaid at night but it was not her in the morning. When whoever it was was screaming away in the next room, I looked out of my window and that barmaid was walking down the drive just coming to work. So who the hell was he banging and why is he lying about it. Do you think it’s someone we know, ya know like someone’s partner or wife I suggested. It’s got to be he said why else would he lie about it. Ooooooh I said the plot thickens. Later on that evening when I returned home and fucked my wifes well used pussy we laughed at how many people had heard all of the fucking that had happened that weekend and had no idea that it was all my wife. Getting fucked 15 times in a little over two days is a lot of fucking to keep secret.About a week later my wife received a message from the horney waiter she had fucked twice at the wedding. He found me on social media she said. What has he said I asked. He thanked me for the present I left in his parents car. He said his dad asked him what it was. We laughed. What do you tell him we asked. I told him and he couldn’t understand how it covered anything and then told him off for having sex in the car. He’s offering to return it to me. Invite him down I suggested, it’s only half an hour away. I will hide away and you have your fun. Quite excited my wife did invite him down saying she was on her own. He arrived in 45 minutes and within five minutes had his cock jammed in to my wife. He had amazing stamina and fucked her for over 2 hours making her cum many times. He took her in every position and my wife loved it. He tried a couple of times to fuck her ass but she wouldn’t let him. Eventually he asked if he could cum on her tits and take a picture which she let him do. In fact they ended up taking a lot of pictures together. As they lay there quite exhausted she said to him, by the way, who was it you were telling at the wedding that you had fucked me. Someone overheard you she said. Oh right, sorry about that he said. Who was it she asked again. It was just my mate he said. And what did he have to say she asked. He said I should ask you for a away. Did he now, is he as good as you she asked. Not sure really. I will consider it she said. Does he know your here now she asked. Yes he said. Tell him it’s on then. Really he said. Really she replied. They kissed as he left and my wife and I settled back in bed to watch the show they had just put on. By the way she said, there’s a surprise for you at the end. I just loved watching her in action and would have her twice before we finished the video. Your going to have a 3 way are you. I thought you’d like that but I will call it off if you are not cool with it. You go for it babe I said. You have my permission to do ANYTHING with them. A week later I was more excited than my wife. I had also installed cameras all over our room so I could watch from every angle. The boys arrived just after five in the evening. They came in a taxi and immediately started drinking with my beautiful wife. They talked, laughed and drank for over 2 hours and were all very drunk. I watched as my wife hitched up her skirt, removed her thong and said let’s get this show on the road they followed her upstairs like lap dogs as she discarded her clothes on the way and was completely naked as she lay on the bed. The waiters mate said dude do you mind. Go for it he said. He’s friend was ripped too and was quickly naked beside my wife kissing her passionately she stroked his impressive cock and said do you want me baby. Oh god yes he said. Then take me my wife said. He was straight between her open legs probing her pussy with his big dick. Her lips part and he drove himself home. My life let out a lustful gasp and moan as he began to pump away in her pussy. A few stokes in and he gave my wife her first orgasm and he wrasped at yeah baby take it and cum on that dick. The waiter had gotten naked and moved his cock next to my wife’s mouth and she started to suck him. After a few minutes the new guy said Spit Roast time and moved my wife on to all fours whilst she continued to blow the waiter. My wife rocked another orgasm and the new guy said oh baby I’m gonna cum so deep in your pussy and let out a big groan and slammed his cock hard in to my wife and pumped his cum deep in to her she came hard before rolling on to her back and say Waiter, I need service. They swapped places as Waiter mounted my wife and began to fuck her. New brought his cock up to my wife’s mouth and said work it baby work that dick with you mouth. She wanked and sucked meat only stopping to cum hard on waiters dick. New boy was already getting hard again and she really worked him to a solid shaft of meet and told him to get on his back. She stopped waiters pounding and straddled new boy and lowered her self on to his thick meet. She made sure she had every inch of him inside her and then leaned forward exposing her beautiful ass hole. She looked over her shoulder and said this what you wanted wasn’t it. Waiter got behind her and started to probe her asshole. He wiped her juices around her ass hole and started to force his cock in to her ass. She moaned loudly as he inches his way in to her after a minute or so he had buried his entire cock in her ass. She was now stuffed full of cock meet in her pussy and ass and in exploded in to orgasm. They rhythmically start to pound her pussy and ass and she was screaming in ecstasy and coming hard time after time she felt so full as they relentlessly fucked her holes. After five minutes of DPing my wife new boy said Dude let’s swap. They man handled my wife around who looked like she was flagging a bit and swapped positions. They continued to dusk both her holes and to make her scream and cum for the next ten minutes. My wife was like a rag doll between them completely filled with dick and totally fucked. Guys I want your cum she begged I want you to fill me with cum. Both men started to groan and billed to orgasm. Cum in me my wife begged and they simultaneously started to pump their cum in her ass and her pussy she screamed in to orgasm shouting of god I can feel it as they pumped her full. They unplugged their cocks from her ass and pussy and she slumped exhausted to the bed. They had fucked the life out of her in about 40 minutes. My wife lay there panting for breath with cum dripping out of her as they both scrambled to take pictures of their work. My wife didn’t mind the pictures in fact we had discussed what if they got in to circulation or on to a porn site or something like that but she said the thought of thousands of men wanking of pictures of her was quite a turn on. They all made there way down stairs and Waiter called a taxi. Are you not in your parents car my wife asked. No he said, they banned me from using it for after, well you know. Oh my wife said. Sorry about that. It’s ok he said, the ban is almost served. They laughed the taxi arrived and she kissed them both goodbye. Ten minutes later the show was on play back and I was fucking my wifes pussy and ass as we watched and listened to the show. The next morning I asked her what she thought about the night. She asked me how I was with it all and I told her that I loved it. Good she said because I love being a slut for you, and I am a slut for you she reassured me. If you tell me to stop she said I will stop.The following week I would be away. Unfortunately for my wife Paul was away and had been for over a week he was still messaging my wife to tell her how much he ached for her and that his balls were fit to burst but she would be alone. You will have to use your imagination I told her as I left.My wife decided to take a drive one day and decided she would lunch at the hotel of 15 fucks in 2 days with 3 different men. She thought she might get lucky and and bump in to Mark (Waiter) but he was not working. After lunch she took a slow drive towards the near by village. She was admiring the grand housing on the slow drive when she suddenly noticed waiters car, well his folks car anyway up a long drive to a very nice large house. She was sure that was the car he had fucked her in. She parked up and thought she would pay him a surprise visit. She was a little nervous walking up the long drive and her pussy was tingling and getting wet in anticipation of seeing him. She rang the door bell and a very very handsome older man, in his late fifties she thought, answered the door. Hi she said and the house phone rung immediately. I do apologise the man said do come in. He walked off to answer the phone and he apologised to the person on the phone and said he had company. He seemed very posh. He ended the and said I’m sorry my dear how unforgivably rude of me, how can I help you. That’s quite alright my wife said, is Mark at home. Why no he said is he expecting you he quizzed. No not at all my wife said I was just passing and thought I would see if he fancied a drink. Errr well he said he will be gone for the day I’m afraid he’s with his mother and won’t be back until late. I can call him if you like. Oh no she said please, like I said I was just passing. This well spoken older man was so handsome and really looked after himself. She could see he was Marks father. Forgive me he said have we met before. No my wife said I’ve not known Mark long but we have been out a couple of times and I wanted to say hello. I see he said. Like I said she said I was just passing and recognised the car so thought I would just say hello. You recognised the car you say, I see he said. Philip he said and held out his hand. Becka she said and shook his hand. Forgive the intrusion he said but you say you’ve been out a couple of times and you are wearing, well you appear to be married. That’s right my wife said I am happily married Mark and I are friends. Then forgive the suggestion but would you be the lady that left something in the back of my car a few weeks passed. She blushed and said erm yes that would be me, and it was my underwear. If you are wondering, she said , I have a very open and loving marriage that affords me some promiscuous behaviour. My husband is fine with it and winked at Philip. OK then said Philip, can I get to a drink. Do you have wine I asked. Do I have wine he laughed. Follow me. He lead my wife through the house to a door and then down some steps to a very large wine cellar. Wow she said. Now my dear, what can I get you he said. He recommended a couple of bottles and pored them and explained a bit about them. Is the car loan ban up yet she smirked. Err yes he said, all my wife’s idea I’m afraid, she was the one who found your underwear. Is that really classed as underwear in this day and age he asked. You see there does not seem to be, well, very much of it. Yes Philip she said it is most definitely underwear. I can’t imagine what it would cover he said. My wife stood up and reached for the zipper at the back of her skirt. Well let me show you she said and unzipped the short skirt she was wearing and let it fall to the floor. She stood before him in a tight white T Shirt and a white lace g string she held her hands on the air and did a slow 360 turn for him. Good Lord he said absolutely stunning. His pants were bulging out and he was clearly aroused for her. She stepped close to him so she could feel his rock hard cock pushing against her pussy and kissed him. 59 year old year old Philip clasped her tightly and moved her back against the wall whilst undoing his pants he dropped his trousers and shorts and still kissing him my wife’s Hand grasped his cock. Wow she thought, impressive she thought and Rick hard. She was soaking wet for and guided his cock to her wet pussy. She pushed the g string to the side with the tip of his cock and parted her lips with his substantial cock. He thrust in to her making her gasp and moan Oh Philip you naughty boy. He began to fuck her standing up against the cellar wall. With each stroke he put her on to her tip toes, he was good. She had estimated it had been some 25 minutes from meeting her to having his substantial Rick hard cock buried deep inside her. A few more strokes and she started to cum on his dick wrapping one leg around him and moaning loud I’m cumming I’m cumming and came hard on his dick. This handsome old man was fucking her really well and his rhythm soon had her shaking and cumming again. I want you to cum inside me she gasped, fill me with your cum she begged. He continued to fuck her pussy to a third orgasm before his breath quickened and one last ram of his cock deep into her and she felt him spurting his cum inside her. He kissed her as he clenched to squirt every last drop into her. He likes at her and said thank you my dear, it’s been a while. Well you certainly know what your doing my wife said. Can we take this upstairs Philip asked to my wife’s delight. Of course we can she replied. They dressed and he lead her to his bedroom where they set about undressing each other. He was in such good shape she thought again as they stood naked and kissed. My wife dropped to her knees and took his limp cock in her mouth and began to suck and stroke him. Within a couple of minutes he was impressively hard and he lay her on his bed and he mounted her for a second time. He kissed and made love to her. He wasn’t fucking her like the first time but he was very skilfully making love to her. He had her cumming within 2 minutes such was his skill and it was quite beautiful for her. He slid his impressive cock all the way in and out using his full length beautifully. My wife had taken 5 lovers over the passed weeks, me included, and of the countless times she had had sex, this was the first time anyone had made love to her and it was a nice change for her. All of the other times her partners had literally fucked the shit out her. Not that she minded, quite the opposite but Philip was a gentleman and though he had already fucked her hard, he was now loving her like a princess and good god his love making was good. He made love to her for over an hour and made her cum six times before filling her with his second load of cum. They both lay there for a while and kissed and cuddled until my wife got up to use the en-suite. She had to sit on the toilet for a minute or two whilst Philips copious amount of cum exited her very satisfied pussy. She headed back into the room and began to dress. As she picked up the white lace g string she flipped it across to Philip and said here you go, remember me as she headed out without her underwear. She arrived back at her car and text me, Babe, I’ve just been fucked twice by a 59 year old man and he was amazing. I responded, tell me it all now, leave nothing out.She did just that and I had never wanted my wife more. I had only been gone a couple of days and wanted her so bad. I called her that night and made her talk me through her day whilst stoking myself. What are your plans for tomorrow I asked her. I don’t know she said what do you think I should do she asked. I think you should see what grabs your fancy and do it I said, the more obscure the better. Is that a dare she said, absolutely I replied.Now my wife is beautiful with a perfect body. She could go anywhere and there would be dozens of men wanting to fuck her but just like the waiters dad, the pure chance of the encounter, that’s what was making us tick.The next morning was another beautiful day. My wife chose a beautiful white see-through summer dress and wore a red thong that was totally visible through the dress and was Braless. She sent me lots of posing pictures saying I’m going out like this today, do you approve. Oh hell yes I replied. She drove out into a country village and walked around. There was building work going and she thought to her self if all else fails I will get some there I am sure. There was a beautiful church, some shops, 2 pubs, several cafes a library etc. She took an outside seat at a cafe ordered a coffee, put her sunglasses on and pretended to read a book as she watched folk go about their daily business. She replayed the previous days activities in her mind and how wonderfully Philip had fucked her then made love to her and considered trying him again for a minute. She thought of Paul and his massive cock and longed for him fuck the life out of her. She had vowed to herself that Paul would not make her tap out again and no matter what, she would see their next session through to the very end. Nothing much was happening when all of a sudden a school party of kids turned up at the Church. They were greeted by a priest or vicar who looked 40ish who invited them in along with their teacher. About 40 minutes later she watched as they thanked the priest and left. My wife finished her drink and took a walk over to the church she began to walk around slowly looking at the beautiful windows when the priest opened a side door and greeted her. Hello he said can I help at all. Oh she said do forgive me it’s a beautiful church I was just having a look around. Would you like to have a look around he asked. That would be lovely she said. He held the door open for her and followed her in and his eyes were immediately drawn to her ass and the red thong that was clearly visible. As if that wasn’t enough to make your groin twinge she purposely dropped her sun glasses so she could bend over in front of him. Father David then started to tell her about the history of the place always taking care to make sure he was behind her whenever he could be as she always bent over whenever she could to give him a better view of her ass. What’s this she asked as she pointed to two booths side by side. That is the confessional booth he replied. You are a catholic priest she enquired. I am he replied. So you have taken a vow of celibacy she enquired. Indeed I have he realised. She did not know if he was seduceable but she was giving it a damn good go. What’s behind that door she asked. Oh that’s the stairs to the bell tower he said. Can we go up she asked. Ermmm yes if you’d like he said. He opened the door and beckoned her to go first. As soon as she started she was aware that Father David was far enough behind to see right up the knee high flimsy skirt. He stared in lust at my wife’s ass as with each step she climbed her ass chewed on the red lace thong. He was hard as a rock and took his phone from his pocket and began to film my wife and her ass as she climbed the spiral staircase. Father David was hard as a rock as they reached the bell tower. Two huge bells were mounted and the area was quite spacious with a wide bench at one end. Take a look at the view he said to my wife. She had to bend down to look out of the low viewing port sticking her ass right up for him. She had glanced a few times at his crutch and knew how hard he was. Bent over looking out of the window she began to do a little wiggle of her ass before she stood up and closed the gap to Father David. She could feel his hard on against her and closed in to kiss him. Have you been sent to test me he asked my wife. She just started to kiss him and he responded with pure lust. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him as he made his way to the bench. He placed her ass on the edge of the bench and forced her to lie back. Stood between her legs he lifted her ass slightly and removed the red lace thong. She lay back on the bench with her legs wide open for him. He stared at her beautiful silky smooth bald pussy as he wrestled to release his cock. My wife breathed heavily waiting for him to take her. She didn’t look down to see what she would be getting. She felt the head of his cock part her soaking wet lips and the he thrust his full length in to her taking her breath away as she moaned out loud. She wasn’t disappointed he felt big. He thrust in and out of her and moaned and a couple of strokes in he jammed in to her and shot a massive load deep into her pussy gasping and moaning as he came in her. He got control of his breath and panted out I’m sorry, I’ve never done this before. My wife sat up and pulled her dress off over her head so she was completely naked. She moved him back slightly and dropped to her knees. His impressive cock was starting to soften and she took it in her mouth. She sucked and cleaned the cum from his dick and expertly began to work him with one hand on his balls and the other on his shaft working him back and forth in her mouth. He moaned as she worked and sucked him back to fully hard and erect. She sat back on the edge of the bench and lay back and opened her legs wide for him. He moved in on her again and buried his cock in her cum filled pussy. He held on to her legs as he fucked in to her with vigour. He pounded her to her first orgasm and she came hard on his dick. Fuck me Farther she said fuck me hard. For someone who had no experience he really could fuck, rocking her to a second and third orgasm. He moaned and pounded away at her pussy watching himself thrust in and out of her. She was thinking that he had 40 odd years of lust and cum to get out and hoped he would keep going. He didn’t disappoint as he kept pounding her. She came again, 4 times, a minute later again 5 times. She could not believe this was his first, well second time having sex, he was fucking her that well. He may have not been telling the truth but the thought that she had taken his virginity really gave her a kick. He made her cum two more times before he growled and pumped a second load of cum deep inside her. They caught their breath and my wife sat up and they kissed. You were amazing she said to him. He blushed and handed her her clothes. He turned away as if to give her some privacy as she put on the red lace thong and dress. They made their way back down in to the main church and my wife said Father and pointed to the confessional booth and entered it 30 seconds later Father David entered the second booth. My cheeky wife said Bless me farther for I have sinned and pushed the read lace thong in to his booth. She got up and left the booth and the church. She Hurried back to where she had parked her car through the now busier streets ever so aware of the priests cum exiting her well fucked pussy and dribbling down her legs. She was Giggling to herself that three of the men she had fucked had her underwear as a souvenir and made a mental note that on her days out she should really bring some extra underwear with her if leaving a souvenir was going to be a thing.I text my wife in the early evening and said how was your day. She replied today baby I fucked a 40 year old virgin priest in a church bell tower…………….Twice !. I loved her so much as she gave me every detail.The following day she got up showered and decided that it would be a health day. She donned her extremely tight work out gear and set off running the 2 miles to the local gym. She set off and as always got the usual amount of attention from passing cars and vans as she ran down the pavement. She always liked to walk the last couple of hundred yards to catch her breath. As she walked towards the gym a homeless guy asked for some change. I have none she apologised but said here, let me get you something to eat and went in to a convenience store and bought a sandwich. She handed the man in his late twenties she thought the sandwich. God bless you the man said. I think he did yesterday my wife said and giggled to herself as she went in to the gym. She worked out at the glass fronted gym watching the homeless man. Someone handed him a drink and someone else gave him a T-shirt to wear that he changed into. A wise idea she thought as he did smell quite bad. She finished her workout and bought a second sandwich from the canteen and a drink and went outside and gave them to the homeless guy. Thank you so much he said, I will save them until I get home later. Home she said we’re is it you live then. Actually he said it’s just around the back let me show you. He got up and started to walk around the back of the complex of various shops and establishments. Feeling really awkward because she didn’t want to follow him but he said it’s just around here as he was walking off. Not wishing to be rude she followed and as the man pointed to a shelter that he had made out of pallets sheets and cardboard he pulled back a cover and put his food and drink inside where she could see a dirty old mattress and several sleeping bags. He looked back at my wife and said I would offer you a cup of Tea but the power is out ass he pulled up a crate to sit on. Would you like a tour he said. She smiled and said that’s ok he pulled up a second crate and asked her to sit. She sat and he said I suppose you want to know how I ended up like this. Not at my wife replied as she looked at his home. Take a look around he said and held the cover back. She knelt on all fours and looked in making the material of her leggings stretch across hers ass and turn shear. Homeless guy stared at her thong clad ass in amazement thinking that it was purple in colour. My wife looked around and though it was quite roomy it certainly did smell quite pungent. You need to let some fresh air in here she said. And he pegged the sheet door back. Right she said wait here I will be back in a minute. She disappeared for 5 minutes and returned with a carrier bag with 4 bottles of wine. She sat back on her crate and handed him a bottle. They both spent the next 2 hours drinking the wine and getting a little drunk. Do you think the house has had enough fresh air now he said. My wife crawled all of the way in this time and lay on the mattress and said much better. Now shut the door. He got in and lay next to her. She slipped her hand into her tight leggings and brought out a pack of 3 condoms and handed them to him. Here she said try one of these on for me and proceeded to strip. She peeled her top and leggings off and slid out of the purple thong. Homeless guy struggled but eventually got his clothes off. Jesus this guy stinks my wife thought. Naked she lay before him as he ripped open the condom and rolled it down his full erect cock. He got between my wife’s legs and said am l dreaming. Fuck me she said. He moved in cock in hand and rubbed it around her soaking wet cunt. She held her legs up to let him in and he pushed his cock all the way in to her pussy and lay on top of her. Jesus this guy stank she thought as he began to pump away at her. He had a good size cock on him and she knew he would make her cum that’s it baby she said fuck my pussy. The smell was disgusting as was the mattress he was fucking her on and she felt like a proper cheap whore as he fucked her pussy. He managed a good five minutes and as she could feel him about to cum she burst into orgasm moaning loudly. He shot his load with a big grunt before rolling off her. Jesus the smell she thought. He lay there for a minute fully expecting her to leave immediately but she lay there catching her breath. He removed the condom and through it in a skip outside. There were some youths outside who saw him and shouted nice one mate as they had clearly heard him fucking my wife. He lay back down next to my wife who turned on her side towards him. There was no way she was going to blow him so she reached down and began to massage his cock and balls. Despite how disgusting it was the feeling of being a cheap filthy whore made her want more sex. She worked him and worked him he tried to kiss her but she wouldn’t kiss him he was foul. She got him rock hard again and he put on the second condom but split it. Shit he said as he grabbed the last one. Let me do it she said. She slowly rolled the last condom over his sizeable cock and straddled. Smell was terrible but the slut in her rode him like a race horse. She came on his dick again and was screaming with pleasure and lust. His rammey dirty hands groped and squeezed her tits as she groaned to another orgasm. They were both sweaty profusely and the stench was horrible. He groaned again and start ton buck her as he shot his load again. She came hard again on his cock and screamed with delight before rolling off him completely satisfied. He through the condom in the bin before joining her again on the dirty mattress. She lay there panting with her head spinning with the wine she had drunk and the stench she was breathing in. She had been with the homeless guy for a good few hours now and was knackered. She felt him cuddling up to her before she drifted off. She woke god knows how long later and it was dark outside still woozy she stirred a little before the aroma and stench hit her again. He was lying on his side next to her with his massive rock hard cock resting on her leg. He kissed around her her breast and began to suck on her nipple. She was instantly aroused and let out a little moan of approval. He carried on with his mouth and massaged her other breast with his hand. She was moaning more and more she could feel the sticky end of his cock on her bare leg when he lifted his head to look at her. He moved in, his breath was horrible but she was completely consumed by lust. He darted to kiss her and she was trying to sop him him but he persisted and she gave in and they kissed passionately. He groped at her breast and held her head and was like a sex starved animal. She felt her orgasm building with the roughness of the mauling. Once more he got between her legs but there were no more condoms. This dirty smelly homeless guy was trying to bareback fuck her and she was scared she broke free of the horrible foul kiss and moaned out loud as he made her come. He thrust forward with his dirty bare cock straight in to her dripping wet pussy and buried the full length into her. She gasped a loud moan and he singed her again. His bare dirty cock felt so good inside her and she did not want to resist anymore. He kissed her hard and began to pump her pussy bareback. She couldn’t believe this dirty filthy stinking man was fucking her bare back but the disgusting aroma and lust of the situation she had gotten into was so over whelming let alone the fact that this Grotty man was a great lover with a massive dirty dick. He fucked her vigorously and made her cum so hard she just kept moaning yes baby oh god fuck my pussy. He had her screaming and cumming time and time again. Don’t stop she begged him don’t stop. He smashed her pussy with his filthy cock for all he was worth. You want more baby he said to her, oh god yes she said give it to me you dirty bastard give it to me. He held her legs in the air and pummelled her as she begged for his cock, she was dripping for him. He let go of her legs and pulled his filthy cock out of her. No she cried. He quickly turned her on to her stomach and spread her legs. With his dirty cum covered cock in hand he quickly guided it in to her ass and began to vigorously fuck his dirty bareback cock in her ass. She screamed out loud yesssssss baby fuck my ass fuck it hard. He pounded her ass hole and she could tell he was close. Cum in my pussy baby she begged, I want you to fill my pussy. He pulled out of her ass and whipped her over and buried his stinking cock back in her pussy. Oh baby she screamed cum with me and fill me up she gasped. He started to gasp and she began to moan loud this built to intensely unt they both screamed and came together. She could feel his dirty cum pumping in to her pussy. Her legs shuck violently as he kept pumping his mess into her. Oh jesus she panted as he released the last of his ample load into her. He rolled off her and she took his cock in her hand and began to suck it. It was foul in her mouth and tasted disgusting but she loved it she sucked every last drop of cum from him and licked and cleaned the entire length of his shaft. They lay there in each other’s arms for a minute catching their breath. Still she made no move to leave. And then she whispered can I stay with you tonight. Oh god yes he said.It was then that a blue flashing light and a siren sounded just once. A hand pulled back the cover and a torch shone in. Are you two finished a voice said. Get dressed and come out please. My wife’s heart was pounding out of her chest. Oh fuck fuck fuck she thought. They both dressed and stepped out of the shelter. You are both under arrest for having sex in a public place and causing a disturbance he said. They were both cuffed and put in the back of a police car and taken to the station. They were booked in for processing. My wife was taken to a holding room whilst the homeless guy was put in a cell. My wife looked at herself in the mirror and grinned. She was dirty, covered in grime and dirt. The crotch of her leggings where soak and stained with the cum that had come out of her. When she had dressed she had left the purple thong on purpose for her homeless lover, the forth man to receive her underwear as a trophy. Her arms were mucky her face had dirt all over it and she smelt so bad. A police man came in and asked her to sit down whilst he took a statement. You’ve given you name as Becka Smith of no fixed abode. That’s right she said. That’s not true is it. We know Ralph is homeless we’ve met him many times but a young women like you wearing expensive gym gear with the latest iPhone is not of no fixed abode. What are you charging Ralph with she asked. We probably won’t Charge him as he’s not going to turn up at court and pay a fine is he. Well in that case she said, it’s hardly fair for you to charge me is it. I will level wit you he said. We are going to let you go for that exact reason but can you tell me one thing. I will try she said. What the hell is a well to do good looking women like you Doing having unprotected sex with a homeless bum in the middle of a village. Officer she said the first two times Ralph fucked me were protected. We simply ran out of protection and I couldn’t help myself. Can I go now. She called her husband who wasn’t travelling back that day and said how far off are you. I’m home he said. Pick me up from the police station she said. What’s up he said are you ok. Yes she said I’m fine. He pulled up at the police station and she jumped in his car. Jesus babe what the fuck have you been up to. She told me the entire story on the way home. We got in to the bedroom and she stripped naked and Jesus did she smell. I could see that the cum soaked leggings had begun to stick to her as it had dried. I’m going to shower she said. I blocked her way to the shower and stripped. Get on the fucking bed you dirty whore I said and she did as I asked. Jumped on to her Jesus Christ she stank. We kissed passionately and I got my cock straight in to her I could still feel the cool cum from Ralph that was left in her and I fucked her hard. The stench was terrible but hypnotic and I got it, I just understood her. I dumped a weeks worth of cum inside her whilst telling her how much I loved her. The next day we get ourselves checked out at a clinic before going underwear shopping for my wife. Well we couldn’t have her running out of souvenirs could we.

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