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Wife’s Weekend of Control (originally written in 3 parts)

Wife’s Weekend of Control (part 1)

Normally I have full control, but she has been so good I hand over control for one weekend. We pack our bags to get away for a weekend of uninterrupted fun, I see her packing toys to include a strap-on normally reserved for her girl friend, and know I am in for a long weekend. We get to the hotel and she tells me that we are going to go out for drinks and try to pick up a friend to bring back with us. Getting ready I can see she keeps smiling to herself, I know her… this is going to be a fun but long night. The bar we go to is busy, couples everywhere dancing and drinking. Working our way to the bar I start to notice a lot of male couples, that’s when I realize she has taken us to a gay bar. Finding one seat at the bar she sits down, the whole time she is touching my ass, and making sure everyone knows I belong to her. We order drinks and it doesn’t take long before two good looking men walk up and start talking with me. My wife takes charge, we all talk have a few more drinks, then I hear her say “Would the two of you like to come to our room”. I flush realizing she intends to bring 2 men back to our room that have no interest in her.  Remembering my promise to relinquish my control over the weekend I don’t say anything. Both men whisper to each other then agree to follow us to our room. As we drive back to the hotel my wife reaches over putting her hand in my pants, gently stroking me she says “This is going to be fun”, those are the last words we speak before pulling up to the hotel. Normally at this point in our weekend get always I have my wife go to the bathroom and prepare for the evening, she has learned well from me, handing me my outfit for the night she says go get ready. I come out in he outfit she has requested and our two new friends just smile and reach out touching me all over as I walk to my wife. The smile on her face makes her more beautiful and scarier than I have ever seen her. Motioning me to the bed she tells me to lay on the bed and not to move. I do as I am told while she heads to the bathroom, the two men start to undress, once they are completely nude they come over, and inspect me. Touching me all over and whispering I see them grow hard and amazingly I do as well. The door to the bathroom opens, my wife steps out her strap-on protruding in front of her, and no other clothes. Both men lay on the bed next to me as she walks over to me leaning in to kiss me. She has used the toy on me several times to great affect, but never in front of other people. Without works she clicks open the top to the lube, covering the toy designed to penetrate me and hit that wonderful p-spot. Then her hand moves to me I feel the cool lube as she rubs my ass, slipping one finger then two inside me. I’m so fixated on her that it takes a loud gasp and moan for me to realize the two men next to me are having sex watching as I am about to get taken by my wife. That is when I feel the pressure of her toy working its way into me, she grabs me by the hair forcing me to make eye contact, we kiss passionately as she penetrates me. She releases me from our kiss as she thrust fully inside me forcing a moan from my lips I have never made before. I watch as her hips pump and match rhythm with our two new friends, every deep thrust making my cock jump with pleasure. She keeps hitting my p-spot perfectly, before long I understand how she feels as I beg for her to let me cum. She smiles evilly as she smacks my ass “No you fucking wait” she commands, and I whimper. “SMACK” she spanks me again hard, “What was that?” She commands, and I answer “Yes Ma’am I’ll wait” she drives her toy deep kissing me “Good boy”. Before long I can’t help myself and the begging continues, she smiles like this is what she was hoping for, with a cold low voice she says “It’s your turn to get punished.” I don’t know what she has in store for me but the moans from our two friends get louder. She starts to pound me harder and harder, involuntarily I begin to dribble cum from her hitting my p-spot. She slaps my ass hard calling me a bad boy, then without warn I come back to the moment and realize both men are on either side of me, their hard cocks in hand. They are jerking hard and fast as my ass is getting used, then a wave of warmth covers me as cum sprays all over me I hear my wife command “Cum Slut!” I grasp my cum covered cock and with very few strokes I cum adding to the mess already on me. My body shaking I collapse back against the bed still unsure if this is all my wonderful wife has in store for me, but not caring and closing my eyes to wait for my next command.

Wife’s Weekend of Control (part 2)

As I lay there with my eyes closed I hear my wife tell our new friends “I think my slut has had enough for tonight. Be back here tomorrow night for some more fun.” Both men agree, I stand up to say good night to our new friends, both of them get dressed, say thank you for the fun, and smack my ass as they walk for the door. Once they are gone my wife leads me to the shower, we wash each other off, making out, and finally go to bed passing out almost immediately. The next day we relax, my wife keeps stroking me, pushing me to the edge of cumming then stopping. Finally there is a knock on the door our two friends are back and ready for more fun. As the door closes my wife gives them the signal, both men start groping me, and undressing me. I close my eyes enjoying the two pairs of hands caressing me, then I feel a mouth engulfing my cock. Looking down I see one of the men sucking me, then he turns sucking the other man. As the mouth wraps my cock again I feel my wife come behind me and starts playing with my ass, lubing me up. She then goes back to the other side of the room to watch, she begins to strip, before putting her strap-on back on, but its not the 6.5” one from the night before, tonight its the 8”. All of a sudden a feel a finger in me, one of the guys moved behind me fingering me, as the other sucks me. I don’t have time to cum because my wife calls me to the bed, she grabs me by the hair forcing me down to eat her out. I feel her shaking as she gets off, “Get on the bed slut” she orders. I do as I am told, she puts me doggy style, feeling her position her toy, the head presses against my tight hole. Then one of the guys gets under me, playing with my balls, licking me cock, with no warning the strap-on is all the way inside me. I can’t hold back anymore, as my wife pounds be I release my cum all over our new friends tongue, while our other friend jerks off. My wife spanks me “I didn’t say you could cum yet!” She continues spanking me until my ass is red and sore, “You need to be punished.” Pulling out of me she moves to the dresser getting the blindfold, I nervously shake as the world goes black. “The blindfold will come off when your punishment begins”, “Yes Ma’am” I respond with obvious nervousness inflected in my tone. I hear the lube bottle open again, I begin to prepare for what is to come imagining that my wife is getting an even large toy. Then I feel the 8.5” strap-on back in me, then my wife grabs a fistful of my hair, pulling my head back slightly, with her other hand she slips a finger in my mouth. “Open up”, I do without question, that’s when for the first time I feel a cock forced in my mouth, and the blindfold falls away. There is no protesting my wife holds me by the hair and with every thrust my wife makes the cock is forced down my throat, then it goes deeper as the other guy fucks the one in my mouth. My eyes water as I’m forced to take every nice of cock forced inside me, I can hardly see what is going on, but I notice the guy is not fucking his boyfriend any more. That’s when I feel a hot sticky load spray on my ass adding to the lube as my wife fucks it into my ass. The man in my mouth says “I’m going to cum” not sure if I will be forced to swallow I shutter, my wife says “Now for your real punishment”, the cock with draws from my mouth. With out warning cum covers my face and the cock goes back in my mouth. “Cum for me slut!” My wife yells as she jerks me off and fucks me at the same time. I cum hard, embarrassed and degraded as cum drips from my face. Then she with draw from my abused ass, I’m finally allowed to take the cock out of my mouth, I collapse on the bed. Still not knowing if this is all she has in store for me before she allows me to shower.

Wife’s Weekend of Control (part 3)

I lay still listening to everyone breathing heavily after the excitement and fun. That is when I feel a cock press against my lips again, as my lips part the head pushes over my lips and down my throat. One of the guys has straddled my face slowly fucking my open mouth going so deep I feel his balls slapping my chin. Cum still all over my face I can’t open my eyes to see what is going on. As my mouth is filled I feel a tongue on my cock explore every inch of me forcing my legs apart to settle in and pleasure me. I open one eye just enough to see my wife sitting naked playing with herself as I get used for the pleasure of these two men. I feel the tongue travel up my stomach and chest, then I can hear the two men kiss over top of me. These sensations, this whole experience so new to me, my body is on fire with anticipation wondering what my wife has for me next. I feel the man that was pleasuring me, his cock rubbing on mine as he kisses his boyfriend. He pulls back that’s when I feel the head of his cock slip easily inside me after the pounding my wife just gave me. A muffled groan of pleasure escapes out of me involuntarily as the first cock to be in my ass plunges balls deep into my abused hole. I glance at my wife just long enough to see her biting her lower lip in ecstasy at her husband being used, like he has used her so many times. Her body shaking as she orgasms over and over using her skillful fingers to pleasure herself. Before long the man using my throat as his on personal fuck hole begins to buck faster, I feel as his cock begins to spasm, and I get my first taste of cum as I am forced to swallow every drop. With a sign he rolls off me, spent from his fun. I hardly have time to get a deep breath and my wife straddles my face, as she grinds on my tongue reverse cowgirl style so she can still watch my ass being used, she cums hard her thighs squeezing down on my head. The guy fucking my ass picks up his pace his balls making a slapping sound as they bounce of my butt. Then he throws my legs over his shoulders driving his cock as deep as he can faster and faster, until with as much force as be can he cums deep inside me. After a few seconds he pulls out, I feel cum dribble out as be joins his boyfriend, both of them spent but still enjoying the show. My wife moves from my face to ride my hard cock, she spins around, riding me fast, leaning in she kisses me “Are you ready to cum one last time for tonight?” With out hesitation I answer “Yes please Ma’am!” She grinds and rides me faster and faster. I know it wont take me long and just as I think I can’t hold it and longer she moans out “CUM” and at the same time we both orgasm. I feel her pussy milking every drop of cum out of me as I pull her hips down so I get good and deep. She isn’t quite done with me though in one last act of control she straddles my face once again and I taste a mixture of her erotic flavor and my cum as she works across my tongue, I’m forced to swallow my 2nd load of the evening. With this one last act she sends our friends home and she lovingly cleans me up, we get in bed naked, satisfied, and completely in love. As I drift to sleep my beautiful wife kisses me “Thank you Sir for letting me have a weekend of control” and we both fall asleep.

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