A Boat Trip-part1

copywrite 2004
A Boat Trip by Screw3

Lisa was celebrating passing the bar exam by having a couple of drinks at Tiny’s Raw Bar. It was close to midnight when she finally left Tiny’s and started for home. When she woke the next morning she realized by the swaying surface she was not in her bed at home, but on a boat. She tried to get up so she could find a head and take a piss. Lisa could not move she was manacled. She yelled, “Hey, I have to piss. Somebody come here and let me piss.”
A woman entered the cabin. “Your awake, good. I guess we can let you use the head.” The tall buffed woman carried a Glock and released the manacles holding her legs but not the ones holding her hands. “OK, now follow my instructions. Walk straight ahead three steps and then turn left and open the door.”
Lisa did as she was told and entered the head and sat on the toilet. The woman slapped her face, “I did not say you could sit down. You do what you are told and when you are told.”
Lisa was already pissing. “I can’t get up, I’m peeing.”
The woman slapped her across her naked tits. “You are not listening. Stand up and call me mistress or I will hit you again.”
Lisa was frightened, not by the words, but by the smile on Mistress face as she said she would hit her again. Her piss ran down her legs and onto the floor. “Now you may sit and when you finish you will lick the floor clean of your piss.”
Lisa was shocked and frightened again by that malicious grin. As she knelt down and started to lick up her own piss she started to gag. “If you puke you will lick that up too.”
Lisa obeyed. She had never felt so frightened in her life. This was something she did not understand. “You may clean yourself and brush your teeth. “Master, you may come in now.”
Lisa looked up and all she could concentraate on was the largest cock she had ever seen. She thought that is too big for me to ever take. The cock had to be at least a foot long and at least four inches around and it was flaccid just hanging there.
“Ah Lisa, I see you have met Mistress and I am to be called Master. Your new name is Slut. What is your name?”
“My name is Lisa.”
Master then took a metal device out of his belt. This and a face mask was all that he was wearing on his 6’6″ frame. He screwed this onto her left nipple and then took another one and put it on her right nipple. He tightened them both a little.
“Now Slut, what is your name?”
Lisa bit her lip, “My name is Slut.”
He tightened both of the nipple clamps a little more. “How impolite you are Slut. Answer properly or I may tighten these clamps so much your nipples will be cut off those tits of yours. Now what is your name?”
Lisa was frightened by him and also by the fact that she was starting to feel her body reacting to this treatment. Her pussy was startening to warm up and moisten. “My name is Slut, master.”
“That is more like it Slut. Sit on the toilet again Slut.”
She sat down and watched his cock as it approached her face. Lisa knew what was expected of her and was even wanting to try to do what he wanted. “Would you like me to suck your dick, Master?”
“Yes, that would be nice slut. Sult, you really like being a slut don’t you?”
She had his cock in his mouth and felt it stiffen and grow in her mouth and was licking the head of it. She kept trying to suck it more. He loosened the nipple clamps as he massaged her tits. Lisa gagged as he started to move her head forward and back fucking her mouth. Mistress came over and began sucking his balls while she massaged Lisa’s clit. Her clit reacted by enlarging and her love juice squirted on Mistress’s finger. Master then picked her up off the toilet and he pulled out of her mouth. He sat down on the toilet.
“Now slut what do you want me to do?”
Lisa was squirming and horny herself by now. “I would like you to fuck me, Master. I want you to fuck me now, Master.” Maybe if I please them I will get out of this alive.
He took her and sat her on his cock facing away from him. Lisa was not sure if that cock would fit into her cunt, but first the head and then more and more entered her. The walls of her vagina expanded and contracted around him as she began to spasm in an Orgasm greater than any she had experienced before. Mistress stood before Lisa her pussy rubbing against Lisa’s face.
“Master, may I eat Mistress’ pussy?”
As he lifted her up and rubbed his fingers to make them damp with her cum, then he put his middle finger in her asshole. The sphincter fought against it at first then he squeezed her still tender nipples. “Mistress, tighten the nipple clamps again. Now stop fighting me, slut.”
She tried to relaxe her sphincter as he stuck a second finger into her asshole. She let this in by wiggling her ass. “Very good slut. You are a quick learner. Now what do you want me to do?
Lisa was terrified. No man had ever put a cock in her ass before and Master’s tool was so big. Mistress tightened the clamps on her nipples. “Fuck me in the ass, Master. Please fuck my ass.”
His cock entered her ass as she wriggled back down on him. “Now you may suck Mistress’ cunt slut. If you ask nicely.”
Lisa had never known so much pain before. Master’s hand came down on her pussy as she licked Mistress’ clit. “I told you to ask my permission.” Master pinched her swollen clit.
“Master, may I eat Mistress’ pussy, please?”
“Yes, slut you may eat her. Do agood job too.”
Eventually all three of them came and Lisa was fed and allowed to take a nap. She awakened to see an image of her on the large TV set in her room. Master was sitting on the bed, “I thought you might like to see yourself on the TV slut.”
As master started she saw what had gone on last night before she had fallen asleep. Lisa knew by the glazed look in her eyes that she must have been drugged, probably in a drink at Tiny’s. There were three men and she was begging them to fuck her and let her suck them off. They were replaced by two women who she was being eaten by and eating their cunts in turn while the men were screwing them as they could recover. The others were wearing masks, but Lisa’s face was visible in almost every shot. “Slut you are now a porno star. Lawyers do like screwing people, don’t they slut?”
Lisa started to object then thought better of it. “Yes Master we do like screwing people.”
“Now slut, we will not release this tape for public viewing unless you make trouble or do not come when I call. Is that clear?”
Lisa was now terrified of ending her career before she even started. “Yes Master, I understand. Would you like to fuck me now, Master?”
“No, slut you have to be ready to go your way. We have tied back up at the dock. You will be pleased to know that you have been chosen to be a rainmaker at your new firm.We will arrange for our associates to give you their business. Of course you will have to provide other than legal services for them when I tell you. Is that clear slut.”
“Yes Master, you are being very generous to your slut.”
To be continued

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