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My Asian Sex Doll

I was driving back to the house I shared with my dad after another night of failed attempts of getting action. Since my divorce three months earlier, I haven’t fucked a wet pussy, so I got out early and went with some pals to the city to try our luck in getting some action — unfortunately we were out of luck that night. In fact, my plan was to avoid the party my dad was giving to his most important client Mr. Wang, so at least part of the night was good.

My dad moved with me after my divorce to transform my house – which I was lucky to keep after the divorce thanks to those blessed pre-nups — into a bachelor pad. In reality it became a bachelor fortress. My mother died a few years before and my dad finally realized he was still young (he was in his mid fifties) and that he had grieved enough. He was a successful marketing executive, so soon enough my house became the party central to entertain his clients — every weekend there was some client to entertain. Since I am in architecture and engineering, his parties soon became a bore to me and I took the basement as my bachelor pad and left him the other three floors. To help myself get some sleep during the weekends, I soundproofed my part of the house and even provided a separate entryway so I did not have to deal with his guests. Only the stairs of the first floor where both had our offices connected to my part of the house.

When I got home I noticed that it was quiet as I expected. It was already 3 in the morning, and usually the parties ended one or two hour earlier. I drove the car to my private driveway and went into my floor. My floor was designed as one of those city flats — the only walls in the 2,500 square feet apartment were the bathroom enclosure. The rest was open space with furniture and rugs delimiting the areas for living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining area. Since no one ever went to the basement — not even my dad – I did not notice something at first. There was someone on my bed!

I called the person out, but got no response. I got closer to wake up the intruder and kick his ass out of my floor when I realized the intruder was a woman. She had a red and golden Chinese dress with a slit that showed her well formed legs up to her waist. She was short, no more than five feet-two inches tall and from her dress and shoes, she was of a high social position. Her black hair was in elaborated buns with no hair undone. She was lying on her stomach and the tight dress drew her figure perfectly. Her small round ass looked fabulous and her body was in great shape. I looked at her face and recognized no other than Mrs. Wang.

What the hell was she doing on my bed? She was one of the reasons I avoided my dad’s parties. Most of his clients guys in their sixties and seventies who loved to show their trophy wives — women who could be their daughters. These women were often horny as fuck and cheated their rich but old husbands with whoever could keep an erection — gardeners, butlers, delivery guys, anyone. Many times they had insinuated me, and I ended fucking two or three when I was younger while their husbands were playing golf with my old man. But Mrs. Wang was different. I met her during a business meeting my dad asked me to go with him. She was around 25 and the definition of a proper Asian wife — well educated, shy with strangers, and extremely proper. She won’t speak unless her 65 years old husband allowed her to do so and unlike the other trophy wives I had met before, Mrs. Wang always treated her husband with respect and admiration — almost love. The night I met her I could not take my eyes away from her and I remember jerking off twice fantasizing on fucking her. So, what the fuck was she doing on my bed? More importantly, how did she get there? No one ever went downstairs — it was the basement after all – and even my dad barely went to my part of the house. We usually talked either on the first floor where our offices were or on the main floor where the entertaining happened. I sat on the bed next to her and noticed the big empty champagne bottle on the floor. One glass with some lipstick on it was on the night table, so apparently Mrs. Wang drank the whole thing. I knew she would be completely out at least for a few hours and that she would wake up with a hell of a hangover. She was totally dressed, so I assumed she was looking for a quiet place to drink her champagne and found the stairway.

She looked so sexy, sleeping on my bed that my mind began to run. There was a young, attractive Chinese woman on my bed, completely passed out and I was horny as hell with a three months need for pussy. She was the subject of my wildest sexual fantasies, and there she was, ready and available to be fucked at will for at least four or five hours. Even if she woke up, no one would hear upstairs– the whole floor was sound proofed and her husband, if he stayed in the house, was on the third floor, too far away to hear her screams anyway. My cock was reacting to my thoughts, getting hard as steel within seconds forming an obscene tent on my trousers. Just in case, I made sure both the main entrance and the staircase door were closed: I wanted to enjoy the moment with Mrs. Wang.

I realized that undressing her would be a hassle, but I wanted her whole body. It took me some time to take off the tight red dress, but it was worthwhile. She was perfect. Her breasts were small, perfect pear shaped B-cups and her body slim and athletic. I remembered that her husband commented with pride that she had been part of the Chinese gymnastic team in her teens and she still kept in competition form. Her skin had no blemishes. I looked at her pussy and it was nicely trimmed with a small bush of black hair as is traditional in Asian women. I could feel my cock trying to rip my pants, so I undressed freeing my throbbing penis dripping with pre-cum. By reflex, I went to the Asian doll’s mouth and rubbed the dark head all over her red lips. To my surprise, she opened her mouth and began licking the head with the most delicate movements I had felt in my life.

She was well trained — and I was needy. I could not hold much — after a few licks my balls sent the signal and my cock began to pump jizz. Shot after shot went into her mouth, pooling on her cheeks and then trickling out of the border of her lips staining my bedsheets. After cumming for an eternity, I looked at the picture on my bed and realized this moment was something I needed to keep forever. I looked for both of my cameras — video and still – and took a bunch of photos of the naked Mrs. Wang with my semen drooling from her lips. After a few minutes my cock was ready again, so I took the video camera and began fingering her pussy while recording the whole thing as a POV video. Apparently, I was not the only one with a dry spell. After a few minutes, Mrs. Wang’s pussy was completely wet and I could hear her low moans. I fingered her slowly feeling her tight pussy pressing my finger until my desire took over. I put the camera on a tripod so it recorded everything from an angle and positioned myself ready to penetrate her.

My cock began entering my little doll’s pussy and I could feel her tightness immediately. I penetrated her slowly, feeling every fold and crease of her wet and tight pussy on my cock. Her moans were slightly louder but were longer and her breathing was faster. Soon, I was nailing her balls deep, inserting my whole length inside her, kissing her breasts, her neck, and her face. With every deep thrust, I could feel the air coming out of her mouth with a moan and the splashing sound of our genitals. I kept the slow pace, fucking her deep and hard until I felt her orgasm approaching. Her body began to tense and I fucked her harder. Soon I could feel her pussy pulsating all around my cock and her juices bathing it. That was as much as I could hold, shooting my cum hard and deep into her pussy. I stayed in until I went soft, kissing Mrs. Wang. I thought that would be all for the night, but my cock had other plans. Lying on bed with the woman I had just raped in her sleep, it began to stir up again. Her pussy was not enough — I had always liked her ass and she was still in deep sleep.

Have you ever moved a drunk person? I was lucky Mrs. Wang was small and light, otherwise it would had been impossible for me to move her around. Positioning her to fuck her small ass was a challenge I conquered with the help of some pillows. Once in position for the fucking to be recorded, I lubed her small ass and my cock and began raping her from behind. I was afraid my cock would rip her small asshole, but since she was completely drunk, she was beyond relaxation. It took just a few thrusts to impale her tight ass. God it was tight! I could hear her sobbing lowly and grabbing the sheets in her sleep, so I went easier into her. I kept immobile with my cock deep inside her ass, kissing her neck and brushing her nipples which looked like two pencil erasers. After a few minutes of allowing my sleeping sex doll to adjust to the invader in her backside, I began to move slowly savoring every second of it. One of my hands went to her pussy while the other kept busy pinching her hard nipples and her soft small breasts. Deep into Mrs. Wang, I could feel her body reacting to my administration and her moans were now louder, her breathing faster and her hands were almost ripping my bedclothes. I took her hands and putting them on her back, I increased the speed of my hips, making our bodies to make smacking sounds every time I buried balls deep in her ass. It was fantastic, but even as I had cummed twice already, I knew I wanted to cum again. This time, I changed the pace, almost removing myself before impaling the poor Mrs. Wang. That change of pace only allowed me to last a few minutes more but they were the best minutes of my life. When I finally could not hold anymore, I buried deep into her and released a third load inside her. I could feel my sex doll having another orgasm and I kept fingering her pussy while my spent cock deflated naturally inside her tight back hole until Mrs. Wang came again, covering my hand with her fluids.

After fucking my Asian guest in all her holes I was spent, but satisfied. I stood and put the camera away before returning to bed next to my still slept sex doll. I lied next to her, cuddling with her, caressing her breasts and her tummy, which I knew was full of months worth of my sperm. Doing that I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was past noon and Mrs. Wang had left already. There was a small note on my night table that read “Thank you for the sex, but please keep it as our secret… Ying”

Was she awake the whole time? I do not know… I have not seen Mrs. Wang since then, but I overheard a few weeks ago that Mr. Wang was happy because at his age he got his wife pregnant…

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