A Closet Encounter – part 2

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So I called her up to arrange to see her to discuss my thoughts. A short time later we got together, same thing, I brought the beverage and she made the meal. We made some small talk and after a few beers, she asked me “so what are you thinking?”. Now, remember, we are very close and open with each other, but this one I wasn’t sure how she would react. I think I drank another beer and then proceed to tell her a plan that I thought up.

I told her that I would like to “watch” her and her boyfriend go at it. Yep, I spit it out. I thought, what the Hell, I share everything with this girl!!! She was quiet for a (very long) moment. I thought the night was ruined… then she said, he would never go for that.

Okay, so she didn’t say that “she” wouldn’t go for that, only “he” wouldn’t! So I got up from the table and walked into her bedroom, it was a very small house of one floor so the bed room was right next to the kitchen. I walked over to her closet and opened it up. Geeze, what a mess in there…laundry and a ton of crap filled the floor. I said to her, as she followed me, “what if we clean this out and I hide in here while you do it with him. We’ll leave it opened a crack so I can see. Now she responded quickly, “you’re nuts”!! “That will never work”.

I said really? Why not? “when we are in here screwing each other, I certainly don’t look over at the closet, do you?”. She said oh course not but how long can you stay in there? I said, tell him that you are leaving on a business trip, and you can only see him for an hour and then you need to jump in the shower and get to the airport. That will get him out of here quickly after he does the nasty to you.

She was still unsure, and said she wanted to think about it. I said sure no problem.

A few days later she called me at work. She said she thought about my idea and still thinks I’m crazy but wants to give it a try… I almost fell on the floor! So we planned to get together to finalize a plan.

About a month later we had a date set to carry this thing out. I remember how scared and excited I was at the same time! Wow, I miss those days….

I left work a little early that day as she told her boyfriend to come over around six. I arrived at her house about 45 minutes early. When she opened the door, I could see she was nervous too but she was dressed to the hilt…that little slut….I could see her nipples were already hard through her tee shirt. She had smaller tits, but her nipples were super sensitive and large. She let me in and led me over to the closet, it was all cleaned out and ready for me. I got on my knees and crawled in to see if it was going to work. Seemed to be plenty of room for me. I got out, we chatted a little on final preparation then I crawled back in for the final event. I was so excited I wanted to fuck her right then and there!! I adjusted the crack in the closet so I had full view of the bed. She adjusted a few lights so I could get the best view. She said she was so nervous that she might have to bail out. I tried to calm her down and said look at the closet, can you even see me in here. She said no…then we heard his truck pull up the driveway. I said, okay we’re on!

I heard him knock on the door. She opened it up and let him in. There was silence for a few moments, she later told me she starting making out with him right in the door and ran her hand over his crotch to remind him that this was a quickie.

He came in and walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. He was a numbskull but I have to tell you, what a strange feeling to hear the conversation of this girl of known for years have a very intimate conversation with another guy. I was almost uneasy about it..I guess that’s just human. Anyway, I heard her say that she has to get ready in an hour and later told me she stood in front of him and pulled off her shirt and pants. He said, “wow, you weren’t kidding, you are in a hurry”. She then took his hand and led him into the bedroom. She stopped just a few feet from the cracked closet door. I could see her in her bra and panties. She put her arms around him and starting kissing him fully right in front of me. For being so nervous a few minutes ago, she looked like a pro right now.. at first this kind of hurt me a little. A reaction I didn’t expect but then I realized she was doing this for me and I started to get excited, really excited.

Still standing, she reached down and started to unbuckle his pants. She pushed the pants down to his feet and he stepped out of them while pulling his shirt over his head. He was in good shape, a good 5 years older than me. He wore just white cotton briefs. I was shaking watching this unfold.. I guess I couldn’t believe she was so comfortable. Maybe I wasn’t the only guy she had been so close too. Anyway, she now drew her long painted finger nails under the elastic of his briefs and slowly lowered them at the same time she sank to the floor on her knees in front of him. Literally, three feet from me, this hot slut was about to suck this guy off right in front of me. I could see her face perfectly, she ran her tongue across her lips seductively. She looked up at him then placed the very tip of his almost hard cock to her lips ever so gently. Then she pulled away a few inches and along with that was a spider hair of his pre cum dangling in-between them. I swear I almost shot a load in my pants. She looked so damn good I couldn’t imagine any more!!!

His cock was nice looking, not huge but a pleasant size. I was then certain that I must be bi sexual because I want to be right next to her licking that pre cum. She then proceeded to suck him off in full earnest. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes. At that point, while she impaled her head onto his shaft, her eyes shifted and looked right at me…. holly shit, she looked like a million bucks and she was doing this all for me.

This went on for a few minutes, then I could see him start to tense up, she just kept sucking his member like there was a reward in it for her! Then as his final moment arrived, she pulled back, continuing to jerk him with her hand, letting him shoot his beautiful load in her mouth and all over her face…in her hair, on her chest, it was all over. At close to that moment, I blew a wad in my own pants, trying so hard to keep myself quiet. She then, very expertly, started licking her fingers and wiping the precious stuff off her face. Her lover was panting hard, looking down at her. She stood up, put one finger up to his closed mouth and told him to get on the bed and she’d be right back. Okay, now I was worried, she left the room, he laid on the bed still breathing hard. I could hear her go into the bathroom, water running. Thankfully, she returned shortly. Now completely naked, she leaned over her mans crotch and started licking him again. She started to talking to him, telling him she wants to be fucked really hard. It was a little hard to see past her bent over ass and suddenly it must have dawned on her as she swung in between his legs so I had a side view. She starting licking his balls and he was starting to show signs of getting hard for her again. Then he started to draw his feet up offering her easier access to his balls. I could believe what she did next…. She placed a hand under each of his legs and pushed them up even more. I thought, only one time did she lick my anus out of all the years I’d known her. Yep, sure enough, there she was, sticking her tongue in-between his cheeks. That lucky bastard!!! If I wasn’t such a perve he would never be getting this treatment. Well, that did it, he was hard as a rock again!

She now rolled onto her, suddenly, spreading her legs wide. She told him to take her now… “do me hard and fill me with your sperm” . Of course there was no argument from him. She was playing with her nipples as he positioned himself to mount her. His cock was raging red and it looked mean! I looked at her face as he entered her. Her mouth f
ell open and she sucked in a gulp of air…she looked
like she had wanted this moment her whole life. I was jealous, this guy was making her feel the way I always wanted to make her feel. He started stuffing that giant piece of man meat in and out of her like there was no tomorrow and she just seemed to beg for more. I had a freaking hard on again!! This guy was unbelievable, he was fucking her so hard the bed was actually jumping up and down.!

I looked up at her face again, she now tilted her head toward the closet and was looking at me…she had a grin that spoke volumes too me. She stared at me and licked her lips, then she said to her lover.. ” I love your big cock fucking my brains out… fuck me hard and let me feel your sperm fill my hole!” She looked back over in my direction and just smiled. I was ready to rip that fucking door off it’s hinges and stick my cock down her throat but I know I couldn’t.

After many hard poundings, her lover once again started to tense up. She screamed at him, I’m cumming fill my hole now!!! He grunted and screamed out, driving his cock deep into her beautiful hole. He pulled his cock out and it was still spurting his white fluid. Several shots hit her belly and tits…. Holly shit this guy was a stud or something.

Then my luck got better. I was startled at first… I heard a very loud repetitive beeping coming from his pants laying on the floor 3 feet away. He looked toward the pile and said ‘shit” got to go hon.

He jumped up still huffing like he was going to drop dead, starting getting dressed in a hurry. He leaned over to her still lying in the bed and gave her a quick kiss, and told her to have a good trip and to call him when she returned. He reached in his pocket for his keys and out the door he flew!

My heart was racing, what the Hell was that?…. then she spoke, “fire department” , “he’s a volunteer”. She then looked over at me and told me to come out. I slowly pushed open the door and stood up stretching my legs. “take your clothes off” she said.

I pulled off my drenched shirt and my cream filled pants and underwear. My dick was getting hard again. “Did you enjoy what you saw?”… I shook my head up and down.
She started to spread her legs. “Do you like what you see now?” indicating for me to look at her pussy spread open for me. It was beautiful…bright red, swollen, pouting lips and best of all, dripping with all that white creamy juice remaining from her lover.
I said it’s beautiful. I said I can’t believe you went through that for me. She reached out and took my hand and pulled me toward her face. “Kiss me”. I opened my mouth to hers and we kissed deeply for several minutes. She reached up and held both my cheeks with her hands, looked at me and told me to lick her clean. She gently applied pressure to the top of my shoulder and pushed me toward her honey pot, spreading her legs wide for me.

There was cream everywhere..this guy was unreal. I started on her tummy to lick. I had tasted my own cum before, but this was a hundred times better… my cock was pounding hard. I continued to clean every drop I could get. When the treasure was gone from her outside, I proceed to open mouth her pussy hole and suck the sperm that filled her cavity. She moaned and lightly squirmed. She told me to turn around and get on top of her to put my cock in her mouth. I did just that, and with two minutes I stuffed her throat full of my own cream. She then motioned me up off the bed. Without saying a word, facing each other, she kissed me and spat all of my juice back into my mouth, something we had done several times over the past several years, but this time seemed to be so much more. With one or two gulps, I swallowed my own sperm. We broke our kiss and she stared at me as I enjoyed the last of my drops and I licked anything I missed from her lips and chin. She smiled and closed her eyes and I proceed to clean her entire face and neck.

She was beautiful that day. Not sure why I didn’t marry that girl, God she was hot!

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  1. I throughly enjoyed this story, my dick is throbbing, wishing I could be the next one in that closet.

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  2. Rich

    Hey jay, Been a long time since I’ve signed on. Glad you enjoyed.

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  3. creamypussyeater

    I would love to be so lucky

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