A Fantasy of Submission

I want to be spanked.  I need to be spanked.  I wake up with my pussy throbbing and soaking wet with thoughts of you dominating me…

I can only presume I am a classic case of a woman who is dominate in life but wants desperately to be a submissive in the bedroom.  Being that I am the kind of woman who intimidates those around her, unintentionally, of course, I simply want to experience what it’s like to be disciplined and completely controlled.

I fantasize…

We’re sitting on the couch having a normal relaxing day and I begin to pester you.  You’ve never spanked me before, though I suspect you have a Dom in you, I have not yet met him.  I have seen glimpses of him, but like me, I think you’ve been a little afraid to explore that side of you.  I keep poking and pestering you hoping you’ll finally get mad enough to take me over your knee and give me the paddling I so desperately need and deserve.  I can tell you’re getting frustrated as you plead with me to stop being such a brat.  I finally challenge you, “What are you gonna do about it?”

“I am going to take you over my knee and paddle your ass!”

“Yeah, right!  You don’t have the balls!  You are not man enough!”

As if a light switch has been flicked in your brain, I see the transition and I wonder if the “man enough” comment was really necessary because it certainly wasn’t true.  You calmly, but sternly, tell me to go to our bedroom, remove all my clothing and bend over the bed.  A little frightened, but highly aroused, I comply.

It seems like I have been naked and exposed with my upper body lying across the bed forever when you finally enter the bedroom.  I see something in your hand but I sense that I don’t dare move.

WHACK!  Pain surges through me as the ping-pong paddle that was in your hand aggressively meets my tender ass flesh.  A spanking virgin, I scream out in pain.

You proceed to speak, “You’ve taunted me long enough.  I hope you know what you’ve got yourself into.  We’re now in a Dom/Sub relationship whether you like it or not.  You’ve opened Pandora’s box and there’s no going back.  You will receive a stern punishment today to teach you that you never speak to your Dom like you just spoke to me.  From today on, you will be punished for misbehavior, or simply because I feel you need to be put in your place.”

Fear and pleasure well up inside me.  My pussy is throbbing and saturated.   “Yes, yes, yes, I want you to punish me.  To do to me what you desire, to explore the lines between pleasure and pain blurring them into one.”

Lost in my own thoughts I am quickly brought back to reality when I feel something cold slide down my ass crack.  Lube!?  I thought you were punishing me?  Now you want to have anal sex?  I don’t understand.

Ahh…you slide your thumb into my ass…oh, that feels so good.  Quickly, you pull it out…ow!  UGH…not the HUGE anal plug!  I didn’t even know you knew I had this one.  It’s too big.  You shove the plug inside as my ass gives way to the intrusion.  I gasp and yell out in pain.  “OW!!”

“What did you just say??  Did you really think you could protest?  Did you really think you could talk without permission?  Oh, little Sub, you have so much to learn!”

You open your closet and I hear the snap of your belt.

Oh my god, you’re really going to spank me with a belt??  Fear wells up inside me as frightened tears run down my checks and I feel myself start to shiver uncontrollably.



Oh god NO, it hurts too much!  I don’t want this!  STOP!  I changed my mind.  As the pain is registering in my brain, my pussy continues to throb and ache longing for release.  My ass is on fire, my anus stuffed and burning from the extremely large butt plug.  Lost in the pain-pleasure experience, I hear you say, “I guess we’re starting over.  I said COUNT!”

SWAT!  You hold nothing back as your belt cracks down on my ass again taking my breath away.

“One Sir!”

SWAT!  SWAT!  SWAT!  SWAT!  SWAT!  Five more explosive swats from the belt slice across my ass.  I can sense that whatever caused you to hold the Dom in all these years is coming out as the force of the belt slices across my ass.  The pain is excruciating and I fear I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into.  I want to beg you to stop.  I don’t want this anymore.  Tears run down my face.  My body shivers.  Yet, my pussy and my arousal has never been so alive.

“I realize you’re in pain darling.  I realize you might be wondering what you got yourself into.  But sweetheart, you’ve taunted me and begged me for this for a while and now, you’re just going to have to deal with it.  I had not intended to take my belt to you today.  I thought you’d read enough about the Dom/Sub relationship to understand that you don’t speak unless given permission.  I need you to understand I own you now.  I can and will punish you as I see fit.  Today, I break you, push you beyond all limits, so you know exactly what to expect when you disobey.   We are done now with my belt, but not with your punishment.  You are wearing the butt plug so that when the paddle hits your ass, you will feel the blow deep within.  If you’re a good little Sub, you will receive only 15 more hits from the paddle.  You must lie still.  You may not speak beyond counting.  You will start with one.  You speak, forget to count, or move, we’ll start over and I may use my belt for all 15 swats.”

WHAM!  The paddle hits right across my ass and sends a weird mixed message of extreme pain and pleasure to my brain.  The anal plug feels like it is being driven beyond borders within me sending a pleasurable sensation like no other.  The paddle’s blow is severe and again it seemed obvious that the intensity of the blow is based upon the years your inner-Dom has been captive.  I pray your punishments won’t always be so severe.  Oh shit, I hear you speaking to me and I realize that I haven’t counted.  “One Sir!”  But, it’s too late and I feel the sting as your belt rapid fires 3 sharp slices to my ass.

“I see your tears.  Do you really enjoy being in this much pain?  Count dammit!”

SWAT!  “One Sir”  SWAT! “Two Sir”….SWAT!  SWAT!  SWAT!  I am barely coherent as I muster the words to state, “Fifteen Sir”.  I am sobbing now.  Scared.  Shivering.  My ass has never hurt so badly.  My anus is throbbing with the large butt plug lodged inside.  Yet, my pussy is so wet it has made a huge wet spot on the side of the bed.

Your hands caress my ass flesh and gently pull the butt plug from my anus.  Oh yes, it’s over!  I feel a sense of pride that I have withstood your punishment.  I am sure you’ll make love to me now.  I have learned my lesson and will not goad you into a punishment any time soon.

Wait, what?  What did you just say?  Enema?  What?  No!!

“Please honey, please, please, please!  I don’t want this!  I changed my mind.  Let’s just get back to normal.  Enema’s petrify me.  I’m sorry.  Let me blow you.  I’ll give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had!”   I plead.  I beg.  But as I do, I see the determined and angry look on your face.  I am both petrified and aroused.  How is that even possible, I wonder??

You swat me with your hand HARD in my tender ass.  “What did I say about speaking to me without permission?  Kneel down and do as I tell you.  You do not have a choice in this matter.”

Panic wells up inside me.  No, no, no, I don’t want an enema.  My body betrays me as my throbbing pussy aches to be pleasured.  I bend down on the bathroom floor on the towels and blankets you’ve put out for me.  My ass is in the air and I am trembling.  I feel more cold lube placed around my anus and I wonder why I need lube for a small enema probe when I glimpse the size of the probe you intend you use; it’s as large as your penis.  I gasp and begin to sob.  Just what have I gotten myself into?   I silently plead.  No, no, no, please…NO!  I am so scared.  I don’t want this.  I’m sorry.  I see your face and I know I must do as I am told.

I follow the instructions you give me.  I push out as your insert the probe my anus protesting and sending signals of extreme pain to my brain.  Finally the probe is fully inserted inside and all I want to do is scream, “Take it out!”  but fear stunts my words as I hear the snap of the enema clamp and I know I will soon be filled with soapy fluid.  The fluid is warm and feels weird as it enters me.  It’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  Ah…kind of pleasurable.  I wonder if anyone has ever had an orgasm during an enema.  I think if you touched my clit, I just might.  Oh wait, ugh, a cramp hits HARD…”Stop, it’s too much!  I am cramping.  PLEASE!”  Oh shit, I just spoke!  Oh no!  Patient and as if you’ve forgotten your own rule, you talk me through the cramp and the fear as you explain that I WILL take the entire bag of fluid.  Oh god, what have I done?   And just to ensure I realize you haven’t forgotten your own rule you reach around and pinch my nipples HARD!  The pain is intense and I fight back the urge to yell out.

Feeling swollen and full, the fluid stops and I am eager to be done when I feel you quickly pull out the probe and just as quickly insert the anal plug again.  OW!  WTF?  I can’t hold this!  You explain to me that I will keep this fluid inside me for 20 minutes.  After the 20 minutes is up, I may relieve myself and join you in the bedroom where you will fuck my ass and cum deep inside.  You warn me that if I touch myself during this 20 minutes, my punishment will be even more severe.  I wonder how that’s possible.  For 5 of the 20 minutes, you kiss me passionately, pinching my nipples, and tipping the sensation back to more pleasure than pain.  Then you leave and I am left with my aching body; aching both in pain and pleasure.  I sob quietly wondering what I got myself into yet, in a strange way, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

After my time is up, I meet you in the bedroom where you place me on the bed and tie me spread-eagle in my stomach.  I am completely vulnerable, scared, and still incredibly aroused.  Cold lube slides down my ass crack again as I feel the head of your throbbing cock pressing against my ass.  As with before, I begin to push out but before I can you force yourself deep inside my forbidden zone.  I cry out.

“Remember darling, this is punishment.”

You begin to thrust in and out in long, deep forceful movements.  The Dom in you angry at being pent up all these years and hungry to get out drives you forward slamming into my burning ass with no concern for my pain.

“OW!”  Anal sex has always been somewhat pleasurable for me but this isn’t.  This is carnal.  This is anger.  This is…fuck…vibration explodes at my clit.  You’ve place a vibrator on my clit and now I feel you pressing my Lelo inside me.  Your dick is thrusting too hard into my ass.  My Lelo is deep within my pussy and vibrating its various rhythms on my clit.  Then I feel your dick pulsating in my ass as I hear you scream out in pleasure.  All the sensations well up inside me and I cum.  I don’t just cum.  I cum over and over and over again; pulsating uncontrollably.  The sensation is beyond words; beyond worlds.  Pleasure-pain combines and I am taken to a place of sensation that I’ve only fantasized about.  All at once all the pain was worth the pleasure.  All the fear increased the sensation and I realize that being your Sub is exactly as it should be and I start plotting my next bratty moment.

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