A gift to the wife.

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I finally did get around to asking the wife if she’d ever had a fantasy dream, she blushed and said no but I think I figured it out. My drinkin buddy was over and we three, (me, bud, and wife) were drinking and playing poker, I jokingly suggested a hand or two of strip poker, surprisingly they both said ok immediately, this surprised me because my wife was always a bit timid about anybody seeing her goodies. I have always thought of my wife’s tits as perfect, I’d guess about a 34b like a nice sized orange, perky nipples facing upwards just a bit and firm as heck for 35 years of age. My bud lost a hand and his shirt came off, Wife lost next and socks came off, (she only had on socks, white terry clothed robe and panties I found out later.) I think I lost next hand and then my bud lost (or won depending on your perspective I guess) 3 times in a row. He sat there on the couch with a 4-inch longer cock than mine standing straight up towards the ceiling. I KNOW my wife was looking, I had not seen one that big in my life and at that point I hoped my wife hadn’t yet either. I then started putting 2 and 2 together, 10 inches standing right up, glassy look in wife’s eyes and a blush at my inquiry about fantasy time. No one said anything about it, we just kept idle talk. I was sitting in a chair and my wife on a footstool, she got up and bent over to kiss me, started tonguing me a little more passionately than usual I thought. He had stood up and was standing behind my wife and looked at me as if to say can I take a peek? With his facial expressions, she was still sucking my face well and I nodded to him ok. I figured he’d lift her terry cloth robe and gaze at her fine ass, but when she went UMPH I didn’t have to try to figure out where his cock was, buried deep inside her sweet pussy. She almost bit my tongue off! He didn’t stop shoving all the way home, she didn’t stop kissing me either, no one stopped anything nor said a word, I figured I owed my wife because I could only give her 6″ and she should experience 10″ at least once in her life. This went on for a few till my wife rattled and shook all over, I knew she came pretty well. He stopped and sat back down on the couch, I asked my wife your all done? She didn’t say yes but she didn’t say no either. She climbed onto his lap and facing him slid that cock right back into her, she rode it like she’d been there before. She must of came 2 more times before stopping, he still hadn’t cum, my wife’s pretty fine and I cant hold it if she doesn’t want you to, your gonna cum if her mind is set to it! She got up, he stood up still hard as a rock, got dressed and left with out Cumming or saying a word. The wife and I sucked and fucked our brains out after he left. Never mentioning my gift to her.
I found out they next day while we were sitting having a few brews he says that he can’t cum when he gets embarrassed, and that’s why he left. I guess I’ll tell that nights story next time.

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