A Girl, Her Father and Her Best Friend

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“Hi daddy, I just got home. Hope you don’t mind, but I brought Taylor with me. She said that she wanted to meet you because you look good and she likes the way I talk about my daddy.”

“Just what did you tell her Autumn?” “Well, I told her that you are teaching me all about sex.” “What exactly about sex Autumn?” “Just that you are teaching me how to please a man and how to make him feel good and that you are showing me too.”

“And Taylor, you want to be taught also?” “Yes sir I do.” “So, if that’s the case why are you still wearing your clothes. The first thing you should realize is that a man likes a woman to be butt naked.”

The girls both take off their clothes at the same time. Taylor is 15 years old and 5′ 9″ with a 34C chest and small waist. Autumn’s father is feasting his eyes on her breasts. He calls her over and has her feel his erection through his pants. “You see Taylor, I’m hard already. Use your body to your advantage.” “Yes sir.”

“Autum come over here and show Taylor how to give a good blow job.” “Ok daddy.” Autumn get’s on her knees in front of him and puts his big hard throbbing cock in her mouth. She begins to suck on it slowly at first while her head goes back and forth, also slowly. He moans at the feeling. Now she is going faster, not to fast and sucking harder. She starts to lick it all over and under and around the head. She starts sucking again.

He stops her and tells Taylor to do it. Autumn moves and Taylor gets on her knees in front of him. She is nervous as she takes his dick into her mouth. “It’s ok Taylor just do it like i did it”, Autumn encourages her. Taylor begins to move her head back and forth. He tell her to suck it at the same time. She starts sucking it and realizes that she likes it. She sucks him harder and moves her head faster. Licks him all over and puts him back in her mouth. she is moaning and groaning and really getting into it.

As Autumn watches she starts to finger herself. This show is making her so wet but at the same time she is getting jealous because she can tell that her father is really enjoying it.

“Thats right Taylor. I know this is the 1st dick you ever sucked and you are sucking it good sweatheart. Keep it up and I just might bust off in your pretty lil mouth. mmmmmm this is good baby, just like I like it. Autumn come over here so I can suck on your juicy titties while Taylor is sucking my cock.”

Autumn walks over to her father and sits on the table beside where he and Taylor are and she positions her nipple right in front of his mouth. He pulls her to him and starts to suck on her titty. He is sucking good and loves the feel of his daughters tender young flesh in his mouth. Just thinking about it and the blow job his is getting makes him bust out a big load of cum in and all over Taylors mouth and face. “MMMMM MMMMM MMMM that was good, he says.”

He tells Taylor to go in the bathroom to get cleaned up but not to get dressed yet. She obeys.

He pulls Autumn over to him and gives her a passionate kiss for bringing Taylor home with her. “Autumn, I want you to please Taylor when she comes back.” “What do you mean Daddy?” “I mean just what I said. Please her, make sure she cums. I’m going to watch.” “Oh, ok Daddy.”

Taylor comes out of the bathroom cleaned and refreshed and stands by him. “Taylor lay on the bed with Autumn.” “Ok sir.”

When she is joined by Taylor, Autumn reaches over to her and pulls her closer and begins to kiss her. Taylor is hesistant at first but then decides not to fight it. Their kissing is getting hotter and hotter and they start to grind their wet pussies against eachothers legs.

He is watching this with his dick rock hard again and stroking it.

Autumn breaks off the kiss and moves down to suck on Taylor’s titty. Taylor likes the way that feels. Autumn likes doing it. Autumn moves to the other tit and starts to suck on that. He is watching the scene and stroking his rock hard cock.

Autumn reaches down and puts a finger between Taylor’s wet pussy lips as she continues to suck on her bountiful tit. Taylor groans at the feeling of being fingered and begins to move her hips. Autumn knows that Taylor has never touched herself before so she senses that she will cum quickly. So Autumn moves down and starts to feast on her pussy. Taylor is overwhelmed by the feeling and grabs Alexis’s head trying to remove it but Autumn will not budge and continues to feast. Taylor is in agonizing pleasure over the feeling of her pussy being eaten. She can not control the feeling as it takes her over. With her hands now holding Autumn’s head firmly in place she cannot help herself as wonderfully erotic sensations start to shoot through her. “Oh – My – Goodness – This – Feels – So – Good!” she screams as her body bucks wildly.

Hi is so hard from watching his daughter eat out Taylor that he continues to beat his cock at a fast pace. He decides to stop because he doesn’t want to cum this way.

“Taylor now you should make Autumn feel as good as she made u feel.” “I think I can do that sir.” She now changes places with Autumn and starts to suck on her titty. She really likes the feeling of a nipple in her mouth and she takes her time to savour the feeling. She sucks her other breast and then makes her way down to Autumn’s pussy. She has never thought about doing this before but figures why not. “It sure felt good when Autumn did it to me.” She puts her head between Autumn’s legs and gives her pussy a tentative lick which makes Autumn moan. She licks it again and then puts her lips completely over Autumn’s pussy covering it and sticking her tongue inside. Autumn is now holding her head and grinding against her mouth. “That’s right Taylor, I knew you could do it.” He says to her. Autumn is saying “Damn gurl, eat that pussy, you know just how to do. Man this is feeling so good. Mmmmm, mmmm Taylor.”

Taylor is realizing that she really likes to do this too because she can feel herself getting wetter. She continues to eat Autumn and shoving her tongue in her hole. A few more shoves of her tongue in Alexis’s hole has Autumn thrusting about violently on the bed as she cums wildly.

He wishes that he was recording this with his video camera.

He joins the girls on the bed, his cock throbbing and tell Autumn to position herself doggy style over Taylor with Taylor laying on her back with a couple of pillows under her butt to prop up her pussy. He positons himself between Taylor’s legs and behind Autumn. He is going to fuck some pussy and some ass. He begins by slowly inserting his dick into Taylor. He knows he can’t go to fast because she is a virgin. She is in pain but taking it.

He gets it in a little further and then a little further. He feels the wall and he breaks it. She yelps. “That was the worst part Taylor, now it will get better.” She says ok. He moves in more slowly and slower still like that until he is completely inside. He now moves out slowly and in slowly. He is holding Autumn’s ass as he fucks Taylor and it feels so good and tight that he just wants to ram her pussy hard but knowshe can’t because she is still practically a virgin.

So he removes his dick and inserts it into Autumn’s ass and savours the feeling. Now he is going to fuck. He begins to pump her ass hard and fast. His body is slamming into her ass. He is fucking his little girls ass hard. But he doesn’t want to cum. So he stops and inserts his dick back into Taylor’s pussy. This pussy and ass fucking is just to much. He thinks “Why didn’t I get the recorder out. This is some good shit.” He is fucking her a little faster now. She is moaning. He doesn’t know if it’s pain or pleasure. He asks Taylor and she tells him it is good and that she want’s more.

He pulls it out and she wimpers. He puts it back into Autumn’s ass and starts fucking that ass wildly an
d slapping it to. He pumps it and pumps it and pumps it real hard. Autumn is screaming for hi
m to fuck her ass right.

He pulls out and gets back into Taylor’s tight pussy. MMM MMM he likes the fit. He starts to pump and pump her hard so hard until he starts to feel that he is going to cum. He knows he has to pull out because he is not wearing a condom. He pulls out and inserts himself quickly into Autumn’s ass and pumps her until he starts to cum so hard that it renders him motionless.

He gets off of Autumn and sit on the bed. He tells the girls to go into the shower. They go in and he hears the water start. When he goes to join them he sees them lathering eachother up, but mostly feeliing on eachothers titties. He wonders if he has it in him and his question is answered by the rise of his dick.

He steps into the shower and they begin to lather him up and he enjoys the feeling of 4 young hands all over his body. He leans down and passionately kisses Taylor. Then he turns and does the same to Autumn. He puts his tongue deep in her mouth.

He thinks, “Autumn is just like her mother used to be years ago. That’s why I love fucking her young pussy so much.”

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