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Taking Care of Uncle Pedro (Part 3)

After our bathroom session, we bathed together and Uncle Pedro went straight to bed. Sheila and I talked for a while, each one surprised about the other. Sheila was telling me about how fucking our uncle had been a fantasy for years, but that she never had the courage of making it a reality. She looked at me and added that there was another fantasy she wanted my help with, but that it was a secret. I was interested, so I agreed even if I had no idea what Sheila could be capable of doing.

As is common in the Dominican Republic, that evening we had a blackout. To round up, we had one of those tropical shower storms that started early and apparently never ends. Sheila knew where our grandmother stored the candles and everything for the blackouts, so she prepared everything that evening. After preparing dinner on the emergency stove and feeding our uncle, she asked us to go with her to my uncle’s room.

There she had lighted scented candles, giving the room a romantic environment. She undressed and asked us to do the same, which I did first before helping Uncle Pedro to remove his shirt and pants. His cock was already getting large and when I went to caress it, Sheila tapped me on my shoulder and told me “No, Mariela, don’t get him hard… It’s part of my plan…” I smiled and followed her instructions — after all, I wanted to know what Sheila’s plan was.

There was a cushioned rocking chair facing the bed, which she offered to our uncle. As soon as he sat on the rocking chair, she tied him with some sheets. I went there to stop her, but she began to explain her plan.

“Uncle, Mariela, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you anything first, but we are going to enjoy this. Uncle, I tied you to the chair because I have a fantasy I want to make real. I had always wondered how much a man can stand before cumming without anyone touching him. That is why I tied you to the chair. Since you cannot use your hands to jerk off, I want you to stay here while Mariela and I give you a show until you cum. So sit back, relax, and enjoy” Uncle Pedro realized he did not have much choice on the issue, so he relaxed and prepared to enjoy the show his two naked nieces were going to give him.

I had no idea what “show” was Sheila referring to until she came close to me and dropped the bomb: “Mariela, have you ever had sex with another woman? I haven’t done it, and I will like you to be my first…” My eyes wanted to pop out of my sockets. I had never kissed a girl in my life, neither had the desire of doing it, but the woman in front of me was Sheila, my favorite cousin. I couldn’t say no to her, so for response I got closer to her. She bend down to kiss me on my lips softly, so softly that it turned me on. I looked at our Uncle and his cock was fully erect and he had a wide smile on his face. “Go on girls, this is something I would pay to watch!”

Sheila smiled and both of us went to the bed. We embraced and explored our bodies with our hands. I touched her big breasts and rubbed her puffy nipples while she returned the favor on my erect ones. We went from kissing softly to passionate kisses. I could feel my pussy flowing with its juices and I bet Sheila’s pussy was soaking wet too, so I put my finger into her vertical smile to test. She let a soft moan escape her mouth and began rocking her hips to feel my finger. “Oh Mariela, fuck me please…” I inserted another finger and increased the pace, but she asked me to slow down. I went slow, going deeper with my fingers. I could feel her pussy juices flowing like a river and her smell was intoxicating. I looked at her face and Sheila had eyes closed with her mouth ajar in a constant moan. Turning to see our uncle’s reaction, he was smiling at the scene while rocking the chair. His cock was bobbling with each swing, almost hitting his abdomen at the end of the movement. It seemed bigger than I had noticed and it was dripping clear pre-cum as if he was peeing and. I wanted to fuck him right there, but he told to continue working Sheila. “She is almost there” he said smiling “and she was a show to watch this morning.”

I smiled back it was and went back to Sheila. To allow our uncle to watch better, I pushed Sheila to the bed, so she was on her back. I told her to spread her legs as much as she could, so uncle could see her juicy pussy being fingered. I went to her side and continued the fingering while my mouth went to her nipples. That was driving her completely nuts, thrusting her hips up so I could send my fingers deeper on every move. Her moans were changing to grunts that were increasing in volume and her body moved violently. She was buckling like one of those rodeo horses, almost throwing me out of the bed. I did my best to keep the pace, feeling how her pussy was contracting around my fingers. Her orgasm was closer and her grunts were now screams. Suddenly, I felt her pussy closing around my fingers, her back arched violently and her mouth opened wide making a sound that was more a howling that a human sound. Her fingers were nailed on the mattress, and all her muscles were tense like steel. I had never seen anything like that before, but I kept my fingers buried in her pussy. Slowly, Sheila’s back went down and I sensed her muscles relaxing, her pussy muscles relaxing last. She was gasping for air, finally opening her eyes and smiling at me. “Thank you Mariela, thank you” she said caressing my face. I did the same and kissed her on her lips. I removed my soaked fingers and tasted her juices. They were different of what I expected, but I liked her taste.

“That was incredible” we heard our uncle voice from the rocking chair “but there are two of us waiting for release” Sheila smiled and told me to go on my back to return the favor. I did so and as soon I was in position, she kissed my lips and continued kissing my neck, my chest, and my breasts. I closed my eyes, feeling her mouth exploring my nipples, biting them softly, then her tongue caressing them. I could hear my own moans as if they were from someone else far away. Sheila kept going down, caressing my abdomen and kissing my mound. My legs opened as a reflex, showing my shaved pussy that I was sure was glistening with my juices, reflecting the candle lights in the room.

Instead of fingering me, Sheila began licking my pussy and as soon I felt her wet tongue, my body jumped with pleasure. By instinct I grabbed her head and pressed her on my pussy. She complied, fucking me with her tongue fast and furious. I was in complete ecstasy, with my eyes closed, feeling the pleasure Sheila was giving me. I could feel my orgasm building up, and I tried to hold it, to make it last. Soon I could not hold the pleasure of orgasm anymore and let it flow. My body went hard as rock and I felt electricity through my veins. I felt my pussy squirting hard and my hands holding something I later realized was Sheila’s head. Wave after wave of pleasure invaded me until I collapsed, releasing my grip on Sheila and opening my eyes. When I saw Sheila, I could not hold a laugh — her face was completely wet with my fluids and she was taking them away with her fingers, licking them. “Um, you taste good, cousin” she said after tasting her fingers.

“EHEM, EHEM! What do you girls plan to do with me?” Uncle Pedro said loud enough to make us remember he was still there. There with a monstrous erection that wanted to explode in any way possible. His long, fat cock was swollen and furious. The shaft veins were easily noticeable even with the dim candle lights we were using. The head looked like a tennis ball and the whole length was glistening with pre-cum. “Girls, I REALLY want to cum!”

“Sheila, I have an idea!” I got off the bed and knelt at uncle’s right side and told Sheila to do the same on the left side. “I saw this in a porn clip on the Web. Just lick his cock — no sucking, just licking!” I said before using the tip of my tongue to lick the side of the engorged cock all the way from the base to the tip of the head. Our poor uncle grunted with pleasure and kicked the floor. Sheila did the same and soon both of us were licking our uncle’s cock. He tried to relax, but there is no man alive that could hold too long while enduring the treatment Sheila and I were giving to that cock. I would lick the shaft and Sheila would take of the head, licking with the tip of her tongue and surprising him now and then using the whole surface of the tongue. Then, we will switch with me tickling the frenulum with the tip of my tongue. I could see he won’t last long and let Sheila know with a tap on her shoulder. Both began to lick his cock head to end the torture. His breathing was now fast and you could notice the tension on his muscles. His mouth was open on a mix of words, grunts, and moans. With a final deep grunt his cock began shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum all over our faces. It was not as much as the that morning when I sucked him — it was his third ejaculation of the day — but it was enough to paint both Sheila’s forehead and my chin. He was still dripping cum, so I put uncle Pedro’s cock in my mouth and sucked it, drinking his remaining semen until the last drop.

I kept that dick in my mouth until it was empty and beginning to deflate. Sheila had already untied him and they were kissing passionately before I joined kissing him first and them Sheila. We were exhausted, so we simply blew the candles off and went to bed all three together with Uncle Pedro right in the middle.

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