A Hero Returns by Screw3

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A Hero Returns by Screw3

I had been wounded fighting in the desert and returned home. It wasn’t serious enough to incapacitate me from being able to work but I got a ¾ pension since I could no longer serve the military. I had a commission and had been in long enough to have become a first lieutenant in the Army. On my return home I could not find my little black book and the one I had compiled in service was of no use at home. My family was away on vacation, but during my search I discovered my sister’s yearbook from college and it had a list of names, addresses and phone numbers . She was only two years younger than me, but that seemed fair to me. What could sis do, shoot me?
The first five I called had either moved or gotten married. Then I got lucky and if they still looked like their pictures reasonably fortunate. Three were in and I got two to agree to go out with me. Unfortunately the best looking one, at least from her picture she was, admitted she preferred women to men. I picked up Katie on Friday night and we had a nice night and made plans to go out the following Wednesday. Saturday night I picked up Clara at her house that was next door to Katie’s.
Clara was better looking than her pictures and we got into my car and started to chat. Clara was going to Law School and was going back to New York City where she was attending Columbia. We had a nice dinner and I asked if she wanted to go dancing. Clara then said that we could dance at my house and it would save me money. That was fine by me as I didn’t want to waste money and dinner had cost $50 with the tip. Then came my surprise.
We had just closed the door when Clara turned and came into my arms and kissed me. I think she wanted to do a tonsillectomy the way her tongue probed my mouth, unfortunately they had been removed about eighteen years ago. “Dick, I had a big crush on you years ago and I want to satisfy that yen right now. Where is your bedroom?”
From the way she kissed him he knew she had a talented mouth after he sucked his cock till he came he was absolutely sure. She kept on sucking till he got hard again then slid down and steered him into her asshole and then rode him up and down, Clara kept Dicks cock tight in her ass yet still managed to move up and down on him. Dick was stunned with the amount of cum he shot into her ass after having his cock sucked dry before.
“Clara, If you sold your ass it would be worth a small fortune.”
She laughed, “Would it bother you if I did just that as the way to pay for an Ivy League education because that is how I do it. I am one of the highest paid call girls in New York City. I come home for my monthlies when I am not attending classes. I wonder what some of those judges that have paid 2000 dollars to fuck me will say when I appear in their court. I have only six more months of classes and then I will leave the life behind me. Are you shocked?”
“Shocked, no, amazed, yes. No wonder you are so good at this.”
“No, I never come from them and you made me cum twice and realize that I was still human and could do this for fun. Did you make it with Vicki?”
“Vicki, who is Vicki?”
“I saw your Hummer and she walked out of the house next door to mine. Then you and Vicki walked out.”
“No that was Katie, wasn’t it? I called and asked for Katie.”
Clara laughed, “I guess little Vicki decided she wanted you too.”
“Nothing much happened, Clara. That is interesting information. The last time I saw Vicki she was trying to hang out with her big sister and had pigtails and stuck her tongue out and me and my friends. She certainly has grown up. Will I need your services as a lawyer for going out with a kid?”
Clara smiled, “Hardly, she has to be about 20 years old.”
“Where is Katie, married?”
“Hardly, she is a missionary sister-nurse. She keeps telling me that she is praying for my soul.”
I will tell you about Wednesday night with Vicki-Katie in my next story.

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