A Hero Returns3 by Screw3

Hero Returns 3 by Screw3

At the end of part 2 Vicki asked Dick a decorated war hero on ¾ pay after being wounded in Iraq. “Well Vicki we can repeat what we have done or try something else. For example there are other positions that we can use.” Dick kept fingering Vicki to keep her hot and she responded by letting out a little more juice from her cunt.
“Oh, there are so many things. What would you like to do? You have done so much for me already.”
Dick did not say a word, but took his fingers damp from her pussy juice and put it into her still virginal ass. Vicki squirmed a little and the finger slid in easily and started to rotate inside it. “Oh, Dick, that feels funny, funny good not funny ha, ha. It hurts, but not as much as when you took my virginity.”
Dick put another finger in and moved them apart and back stretching her sphincter. He rubbed his dick to lubricate it with the juices coming from her cunt. He put the head in and she tried moved herself back and forth to alternately take his cock in her pussy deeper and the fingers in her ass. Just before she would come again he pulled his damp cock out and turned her onto her stomach and moved it so she was kneeling in front of him. He took his left hand and moved her hand to her pussy then replaced the fingers of his right hand that had been stretching her asshole out and put the head of his dick into her. “Yes Dick, put your dick into my asshole and fuck it. OUCH, no, don’t stop. Make it feel good like after you broke my cherry.”
Dick started playing with her nipples and holding them let him push harder. Her hand was pushing wildly against her clit. She came screaming wildly as his cum shot into her ass. They went to the bathroom after finishing and as she went into the bowl she sucked him clean.
“Dick, I will do anything for you. I would even become like Clara for you and give you the money I earn. Just as long as you will keep fucking me like that. Say something. I want you again.”
He was hard again from her sucking him clean. He lowered the cover on the toilet seat and sat down and pulled her down facing him. Vicki took Dick’s cock in her hand and led into her pussy and then he moved her up and down with pinches on her butt until she got the idea. She came again but Dick was still as hard as a rock as he led her by the hand back to the bed where he straddled her and slid his cock between her tits and started moving up and down. When his cock touched her lips she tried to take it in her mouth. He took her hands and moved them so they were forcing her nipples to rub his prick When Dick was ready to come he took his cock and rose and began fucking her mouth, in and out and she gagged at first then took the whole thing and tried to swallow all of it but some leaked out. Dick wiped her face with his fingers and then fed the fingers to her.
Dick finally spoke, “Now it is time to get some sleep.”
“Dick, I meant it what can I do for you? I am yours, you own me. I don’t care if I have to share you with someone else, or many others. I just want you to fuck me, use me.”
Dick thought a moment, “Vicki my dear, I will give you a chance to do what you say. This is Wednesday. Call me when you have another woman to share me with. Now let’s go to sleep.”
Vicki though to herself, I did this to myself and gave him the idea. Who am I going to get that he will enjoy, but won’t be a real threat. I guess she will have to be married or at least engaged.
To be continued

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