A Hero ReturnsII by Screw3

A Hero Returns II by Screw3

On Wednesday night Dick picked Katie-Vicki at her house. There were no lights on in Clara’s house so Dick figured she was back in New York City earning her tuition for Law School as a call girl. She was dressed nicely in a skirt, blouse and sweater wearing a pair of low heeled shoes that were high enough to make her calves have a nice shape and her ass to swing just a little as Dick walked behind her.
“Where are we going to eat, Dick?”
“Do you like Antonio’s?”
Vicki had only eaten there with her parents and had enjoyed it. “Yes, that is an excellent choice.”
“Good Katie, I made reservations there. I think it’s the best restaurant in this town. The rest are really diners.”
Dick ordered the large antipasto for two and Vicki-Katie ordered the Veal Piccatta and Dick got Ossa Bucco. He also ordered a bottle of Chianti and two glasses. The waiter gave them a funny look, but he brought the two glasses. Then Sheriff Johnson came in, “Dick Courtney, how did you sneak into town without me knowing about it. When I tell the mayor he will want to set up a public celebration. This is a town election year and we would want to associate ourselves with our returning hero. Ms Vicki, I didn’t realize you were twenty-one, but tonight is not the time to make a fuss while you are with Dick here. I will call you, Dick, after I talk to the mayor. Good night you two and enjoy yourselves.”
Vicki was blushing, “I’m sorry Dick, but I wanted to go out with you. Katie had moved out a few years ago.”
“I thought you were a little young to be Katie. The last time I remember seeing you, you had pigtails and freckles.”
“I still have freckles on me. The face ones have mostly faded unless I am out in the sun.”
They finished their meal with ordinary talk about what each had been doing since Dick had left. He downplayed his getting several medals while fighting in the last three wars. He even said that Granada did not last as long as a sneeze. They were both full so only had espresso and took the dessert that was included with the meal with them in boxes.
“Vicki, I was going to suggest going for drinks and dancing. Since you won’t be twenty-one for another two months that seems out of the question.”
“Well I hate to ruin your plans. If we go to your house I assume we can dance to some records. Do you have anything to drink at home? At least a beer?”
Dick drove Vicki to his house. She walked into the rec room with him and he went out to get some drinks. He fixed her a potent Southern Comfort and apple juice and made himself a rather weak scotch and water. He brought the fixings and put them behind the wet bar. “Here I think you will enjoy this more than a beer.”
“Hmmm, this tastes very good Dick.” Vicki found there were few records in the house. “Doesn’t seem like much to dance too. We could play a board game or something. Can I have another one of these things. What is it called?”
“I guess it is close to an apple blossom. I am glad you like it. Have you ever played poker?” He asked as he took out a deck of cards and some chips.
“Yes, we have played that at the college dorm. You better watch out, I am pretty good at that game.”
They played a few hands with the chips and Dick said as he refilled her glass for the third time and his for a second. “Drink up the apple juice is good for you.”
“Yes, and I feel very warm. Can you lower the temp?”
“Sure, but if you are warm why not play strip poker?”
“Explain how we would play that?”
“Well I will give you the blue and red chips and I will take the white. Whoever gets five of the other person’s chips he can take off one piece of the other’s clothing. Whoever loses can choose what the other person is to take off. We each ante up 1 chip and then the bets can be 1 or 2 chips. Ok?
It was obvious that any inhibitions Vicki might have had were gone in the Southern Comfort’s smooth sweet taste. “Sure, Dick, dealer’s choice?”
“Absolutely, and you can deal first.”
“Dick, do you know Texas Hold-em? Pot limit?”
Sure, my favorite. We can stay with that if you like?”
“Goody” She dealt them each 2 down cards. Dick opened with a 1 chip bet and Vicki called. He had two aces and Vicki had king and Queen of Hearts. The flop, 3 community cards were laid face up and there was an ace and the king of Clubs as well as the 5 of Diamonds. Dick bet 2 chips and Vicki raised him since she had paired the high card in the flop. Dick called. When Fourth Street was laid down there was the king of Spades. Dick checked and Vicki bet 5 chips and Dick called. Vicki had 3 kings, but Dick had a full house and he called. The next card was a queen of spades and Dick bet 5 chips and Vicki raised 5 more and Dick called There were now 28 chips in the pot. The River card was a 6 of hearts which did not help either of them. Dick bet 10 chips and Vicki bet 38 Dick called. Vicki showed her hand a full house of kings over Queens, “What do you want me to remove?’
Dick replied, “Oh you are making it my choice.”, as he turned over his aces. What ten pieces of clothing do you want me to take off?”
Vicki started counting, 2 shoes, 2 stockings, 1 sweater, 1 blouse, 1 skirt, 1 bra and 1 pair of panties. She smiled, “I guess it doesn’t matter I only have 9 pieces of clothing. One hand and I am going to be bare assed naked.”
Vicki walked over to him, “Start stripping me, Dick.”
He took off her shoes then her stocking. Vicki felt strange as his hands went to her hips to lower first her right and then her left hip to remove the stockings. The thought of being naked before a man for the first time in her life was exciting her and she could feel her nipples growing and tightening. Then he removed her sweater, then her blouse and he kissed the little hollow below her neck and above her collar bone. Vicki felt a warmth and dampness in her groin. He lowered the zipper on her skirt after unbuttoning the button on the side. The skirt fell to the floor and he kissed the inside of her thigh right next to her panties. Then he unsnapped her bra and kissed both nipples. “Dick, you are driving me crazy.”
Dick said nothing as he removed her panties and let one finger reach into the area of her labia, separating them as he knelt down and kissed her between the labia. “Dick be gentle I am a virgin.”
He said nothing, but he kept licking her clit and his finger reached into her till he felt the membrane. “Dick, you still have all your clothes on.”
He stood up and put her hands on the buttons of his shirt as he took his necktie off. She removed his shirt. He lifted his arms and she removed his T-shirt rubbing her breasts against him. Then she opened his belt and the button holding the pants together at the top. She reached for his zipper, but he stopped her and pushed her head down. “You want me to unzipper you with my mouth?”
Dick nodded his head up and down. His silence was increasing her desire. She lowered the zipper and her mouth could feel Dick’s erect dick. She went wild and pulled the top of his briefs down with her mouth and took his 7″ cock in her mouth and tried blowing on it. Dick laughed, “You have to suck on it and lick it with your tongue”
Vicki gagged, “Swallow it or just keep sucking. You want to suck me and take my cum in your mouth.”
Vicki nodded and kept licking and sucking until he shot his load of cum into her. He kissed her and gave her a half glass of the potent drink. “There that wasn’t bad was it?”
“It was wonderful, but I’m still a virgin. Almost 20, I have to be the oldest virgin in town and I don’t want to be.”
Dick took her into his bedroom and lay a towel down. “You cant be serious Dick your dick is too soft to do anything. I am going to be a virgin forever. Take me Dick, somehow.”
Dick laughed, “Say it in street talk. Talk dirty to me and I will tell you what to do.”
“Dick I want to go all the way.”
“Come on Vicki you know the words. Say them if you want me to do it.”
“The f word, I never use that word.” Dic
k nodded. “All right Dick will you fuck me. I want you to fuck me so much.”
Dick hand
ed her a condom that he ripped open with his teeth. “Suck my cock till it is hard, then put the rubber on and I will fuck you.”
“Oh goody, that sounds like fun. I like sucking your prick.”
Vicki put her lips on his cock and ran her tongue around the he head and the rim and felt it harden and grow at her touch. She took it into her mouth and started sucking and sucking. Dick said, “Now put the rubber on so I can fuck you, otherwise I may cum in your mouth again.”
“Oh. No, I want you to fuck me then I won’t be a virgin anymore.”
Dick had to explain how to unroll the condom on him leaving a space in front. He fingered her to get her juices flowing again. “Yes Dick, oh yes, yes. Now put your cock in me and fuck me.”
Dick put the head of his dick at her cunt opening and pushed in. “Ouch.”
“This will hurt a little then it will get better much better.”
He pulled himself up so that just the head of his dick was inside her then pushed into her quickly breaking her hymen which evinced a much louder scream. He was past the barrier and began going in and out of her slowly. “Yes Dick. It is getting better and better. Fuck me harder make me cum Dick.”
Dick increased his pace and stuck a finger in and out of her asshole at the same time and she came and her legs locked around him with her heels beating on his back. Vicki come twice the second time Dick did too.
“Oh Dick that was wonderful can we do it again.”
They did and Vicki said, :What else can we do?”

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