A Neighbor part 2 by Screw3

Copy Write 2004
A Neighbor 2 by Screw3
We were sitting in the bed after screwing our brains out and Bill is still fingering my clit. I only told him one lie, I really am a doctor, but those who know about the Master and his yacht, might have guessed that I replaced the Slut and became the new Slut. Therefore, it had been only a month since I had sex, but after that adventure I was as horny as if it had been a year. Bill turns to me, “I never thought I would meet a doctor that acts like a slut.”
I fought it, but the Master had programmed me when anyone called me or referred to me as a slut I had to get spanked. I lay across his lap my cunt on his thigh, “Spank me.”
He hit me softly, “Harder, Bill, Sir.” Then he hit me too hard for the first shot and I could feel the burn. “No, Sir, in between those two at the beginning. Make my ass pink all over, maybe ten slaps, then harder. Let me get used to it.”
I couldn’t see his face, but I’d bet it had a shocked look. Then he hit me ten times turning my ass the right color and he knew it. He hit me hard and I started to warm up. My nipple got hard and my cunt moist. I could feel his cock on my tits as it grew so I knew it was getting to him too. When I felt a drop of pre cum as he spanked me hard for the twentieth time I came and moved onto his lap facing away from him. My hands went to my clit as he pinched my tender buns. When he pinched my nipples I came and my muscles contracted around his cock which was completely inside me. He shot a huge warm load of cum into me and that lifted me even higher. We collapsed together and took turns pissing and then slept with him wrapped around me like a pair of spoons.
He woke before me since he was in my ass when I woke. The head of his dick was in and I moved back into him. He reacted by moving his cock further into me. It wasn’t long before we both came and I felt his warm cum enter my ass. We fell asleep and I was happy to sleep in the wet of his cum. In the morning he wiped it and I licked it off his fingers and the sheet.
As I had the day off we went together to his friends house on Long Island for a picnic. There were two other couples beside the host and his girl friend. Ed, our host, and Bill were chatting in the kitchen and he told Ed that his pet name for me was Doctor Slut. That was all I needed to join them and ask them both to spank me. Everyone else was on the patio while I stripped naked for the two of them in a crouch with my hands on my knees. This exposed my butt cheeks, asshole and pussy. Bill slapped my left butt with his left hand while Ed started on the right one. I got horny right away and grabbed Ed’s pants and unzipped them and took his dick in my mouth while Bill entered my pussy. I stopped sucking Ed’s dick long enough to tell them what I wanted was to have Bill on the ground in my cunt and let Ed fuck my ass. Ed’s girl, Amy, came in and started to ask what was going on here. She walked over and I grabbed her and pulled her bikini bottom down and started tonguing her clit. She moaned out so loudly Tim, one of the others came in and started fucking Amy from behind using her own juices from my sucking to moisten her asshole and his prick.
We moved into the family room and the others joined using a general free for all. When the men were resting all of us girls got into a daisy chain mouth to pussy. This turned the men back on and they each picked different partners. Bill was getting sucked off by Wendy, Harry’s wife. Harry was fucking Hillary, Tim’s girl friend, Ed was fucking my ass, and Tim and Amy were sucking each other. We switched partners all afternoon. When I asked Harry to spank me everyone stopped to watch. Then all the women wanted to be spanked or at least they did after they each gave me a couple of shots on the butt. My ass was now so sore I ate standing up when we finally took a break. Needless to say the steaks had burned to a crisp on the grill so we had Chinese delivered. I had trouble on the ride back squirming on the seat to try to alleviate the pain of sitting.
We went back to Bill’s apartment and he fucked me in the ass at least two more times that night. I hoped he wanted to rest on Sunday.
To be continued

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