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Sex addict farm chapter one

Chapter one

I have since fucked and been fucked by various lovers and waiting to have a cock enter my hole is always exciting and sometimes after fucking to leave the cock inside to go limb and sometimes if lucky to revive it from limb to strength is a sweet sensation.

Although I was 19 years old, I enjoyed fucking and to have four bareback cocks one after the other and with each to leave behind their cum seeds in my experience makes the woman feel naughty. The seeds from the first cock moistens the pussy and is the best lubricator for other cocks to go in to give pleasure upon pleasure in that receiving pussy.

I had the pleasure of being fucked on a farm by several men from one family. I did not fuck them at the same time but got to fuck them all a few times sometimes on the same day. There was the 69 years old grandfather who was horny after seeing his older grandson fucking me in the back of the land rover. I saw him but the grandson was busy fucking and did not see his granddad watch his cock going in and out of my pussy.  I watched him looking and when our eyes met he walked quietly away. I had enjoyed him watching as Charlie, then 20 was the older of his two grandsons. 

I am interested in farming and came for gain experience on their farm. I had been working with the youngest on the farm 18 years old Danny in the diary early one morning and I watched as he handled the cows teats for the automatic milking machine. This was before it all went robotic. He came to watch me doing my side of milking cows and when I stood up and asked what next. Danny felt my breast and asked if I wanted a quick one.  I knew he wanted to fuck me by the way he was always so close to me.  I had been on their farm for 3 days and I was eyeing up their father. I heard him fuck his wife, Zoey last night and this morning she still looked bored. So I was thinking of testing him out when we both went to the cattle auction.   However, as Danny was willing to release my pussy tension, we found a good bale and he was already stiff and hard so I spat on his slim but long cock to lubricate it and tasted his cock with my tongue but I really was desperate for him to enter me and so I unbuttoned my dungaree and slipped out of it. He kissed my nipple and wanted to suck but I said next time, just slip in the cock please. When he entered with his slim cock it was delightful and while I was worried that his cock will not fill my well fucked hole it was beautiful to feel the nerves in my pussy close around his offering. We enjoyed our fuck while some of the cows look on. When we both finally came, I jumped up to get ready for the auction glad that he gave me the pleasure of his cock and seed. The fuck with him was quick and I thought he was actually a decent fucker and I knew he would improve after regular practice.

That was why I ended up having to fuck Charlie the next day, as he must have heard from Danny that he and I had been fucking in the milking parlour. He asked if I mind being fucked by him too, as he heard Danny and I had been at it, in the morning and the evening before. I told him as there was no long-term arrangements with Danny and that was when I had agreed to fuck Charlie. 

Charlie and I met in the land rover at the back of the shed and we enjoyed the kissing and then he fingered me before he asked to place his cock in which was fine by me and so we rocked the cock in and out with lots of pleasure before his cum inside. Charlie’s cock was heavier in my cunt and he had such stamina and bang in and out of my wet cunt and his cock head rammed hard against the side of my cunt and when he started to cum he called his seeds ‘little Charlies’. I told him they were welcomed to flood my cunt and we both held on tight until he was finished. He withdrew his cock which was limp and he asked to taste my cunt filled with his ‘little Charlies’ and he tongued my cunt which was very nice after being fucked and before it closed. 

As I knew his granddad had watched, I went to find the granddad, Alex in the shed where he was listening to the radio. He looked away when I entered but when I said to him does he want to feel my tits and probably let me suck him off. Alex answered why did I want to tease him, which was not true. He thought I should be satisfied with Charlie and Danny both pounding my pussy. I told Alex that it was true that Charlie and I had just finished fucking but my pussy wants him if he thinks he wants to fuck. So, I told him I saw the look in his eyes and it turned me on and asked that he should feel my nipples. Alex learnt forward on his chair and pulled my top up and felt my hard nipples and he kissed and sucked it hard.  I felt for his lap and let my fingers caress his cock. He stopped my hand feeling his cock and he said he would be gentler than the boys which I said was fine. The old man had a good size cock and when it was hard it was a decent girth that would make a virgin wince. I allowed the old man to suck on my nipples till his cock was very hard and I went down on my knees to take his cock all in my mouth. I kissed and sucked at his cock head and he kept on feeling my nipples. 

Then I sat on his lap letting my cunt face his cock and let it enter my slippery cunt. I raised up and down on his cock until I can sit and let its depth fill me and Alex watched me and said he wants the missionary style this time. I got on the carpet in the shed and he mounted me and fucked almost as wild as his son Brian who we had fucked on the way back from the auction. Alex fucked and groaned all through the fun. He raised himself off slightly so that he can crouch to suck again on my tits still with his cock hard and moving in and out of my pussy slowly. He got quicker and his sweat pour out of him and then pushed even harder inside my so wet pussy and he gushed his cum inside me. My back was sour from the friction on the shed carpet but my pussy was satisfied at last.

Alex then joked and said he hoped I was not getting pregnant with this cock and his grandsons. I told him not to worry, that I had it in hand. 

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